Running-only playlist


Hi friends! How is your Sunday going? I’m so stoked to spend it relaxing. Absolutely nothing on the schedule, and it’s our first full day with the three of us home since our return from Italy. My body is also grateful for a down day after yesterday’s running and teaching extravaganza. Before work, I met […]

Summer Workout Playlist


I wrote this post earlier but somehow missed the critical “press publish” step. Derp. Since I’m off work on Mondays, it always feels like a nice relaxing day, but this week is even more fun because the Pilot took some leave. He has 90-something days, and while he obviously can’t use them all -how dreamy […]

Pool, pull-ups and a [zumba] playlist


After an awesome breakfast, (pancakes, berries and eggs) We grabbed our swim stuff and left for a morning adventure – it was a perfect day for a swim! In standard Gina fashion, I messed up the times at our gym to use the pool. I thought the pool class started at 10:30, but turns out […]

Taking a hike + NEW Stretch Playlist


Sometimes it just feels good to get outside. More night flights for the Pilot, and Liv was hit with a bug plus the teething monster. One morning, after spending 4 hours snuggling and trying to comfort the inconsolable, the Pilot woke up, came downstairs, and I asked him if he’d watch Livi while I took […]

12/10: Meals and fitness for the week + holiday workout songs

race chirt (1 of 1).jpg

Considering how bad I felt after my last half, my legs are feeling pretty good(ish) today. We’ll talk tomorrow, though: the official test of post-race soreness. Thank you so much for all of your awesome comments on the race. It feels good to know that I put myself out there, and while I didn’t run […]

Breakfast for lunch


Some pics from our Friday: Met with some friends for lunch at AJs. This salad was INCREDIBLE- greens, goat cheese, balsamic, dried cranberries, blackberries and candied almonds  Paused during playtime for a 30 second snuggle   and since Liv took two 2-hour naps (!!!), I did a lot around the house, made the October workout […]

Let’s do this thang


It was a crazy, long day, even longer with a travel snafu + 3 hours of driving on top of flying all day. But, I made it! After an awesome dinner with the ZOOMA girls (thanks for letting me crash the party!) FaceTime with my loves, getting my clothes set out   and my playlist […]

Sweet potato brownies


Hey! How’s your day going so far? Lots of sweet potatoes in our house lately. For Livi, for Bell and for us. 100% correct: sweet potato brownies. I’ve seen a lot of recipes for vegetables in desserts lately, and as amazing as they look, I couldn’t get behind it. Beans shouldn’t be anywhere near my […]

Music Monday playlist

smushy face.jpg

Good morning! Happy new week to ya I think we all woke up with a case of the “smushy face” over here. Sometimes when Bella wakes up, half of her face is smushed up and we’ll call her smushy face. I slept horribly last night. I have no idea if it was the wine or […]

Doing work


Some random things about work lately: -When you work in the weight room, you have to empty out the towel bins. They’re sleek silver mesh trash can type things, and you carry it into one of the spa laundry rooms to empty the bin for housekeeping. You walk back to the weight room with said […]

Seis de Mayo


= National day for tamales with eggs and beans for breakfast It’s a good combo in the morning if you’re, um, moving a little slowly after the previous night’s festivities. Things didn’t get too crazy over here –I just had a couple sips of margarita- but we had a blast hanging out at our friend […]

Take it off

witch hair

It was about time to go from this: (what I call my “witch hair” – too long and thick to manage) to this.   I lost about 5 lbs in hair this morning. As much as I love the convenience of the messy bun, I’m so excited to be able to wear my hair down […]

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