the beet, gratitude, and halloween house

Hi friends! How are ya this morning? I hope that those of you who are enjoying a long weekend are enjoying the day off. I’m double dipping in the teaching pool (barre and Spin!) and also getting a much-needed haircut. I have officially reached what I call “witch hair” and even though it is Halloween time, it has to go haha. 

What did you do this weekend? Any fun fitness events or local adventures? I’d love to hear about them.

I FINALLY got my computer screen fixed after dropping it a couple of months ago. I hesitated to get it fixed because Apple said they’d need to take my computer for 5 days. I could never find a good time to do it, especially since I have all of my blogging software, important drafts, and logins on one computer. I talked to a local computer repair man in PB, and he let me pay for the missing screen, ordered it, and as soon as it arrived, he fixed my computer in 45 minutes. It was AMAZING. While my computer got a facelift, I walked around PB and enjoyed this enormous smoothie from the Mad Beet:  

IMG 3292

All of their menu options are puns on music artists’ names. This is the Kenny Spinachesney, with Sun Warrior protein. (Why do smoothies taste better when they’re $10 and someone else makes it?)

Mad beet

The Pilot got back late Friday night, and I headed to Betsy’s as soon as he got home to help her throw her first online Beautycounter social. They are so much fun to throw on Facebook; you just pour a glass of wine and enjoy sharing info about this inspirational company and all of the products. (Love this article that came out this weekend.) Of course, we chatted long after the party was over, and I headed home.

IMG 3299

Saturday morning was Livi’s ballet class, errands, and relaxing around the house. Saturday night we were invited to enjoy dinner at Cafe Gratitude, which is one my favorite vegan restaurants. (I love their San Francisco location!) I was so excited to return, and as expected, everything was delicious.

FullSizeRender 63

Everything in the restaurant is certified organic with a focus on local ingredients, and entirely plant-based. Any “cheese” you see on the menu is likely made with a cashew or nut puree.

Each menu option is a positive affirmation, so it starts with “I AM” and follows with something like this:

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