Friday Faves (+ Pilot is back!)

 Hi friends! HAPPY FRIDAY :) Any fun plans for the weekend? We don’t have anything crazy going on, but I’m excited to hit up the farmer’s market and watch some of the Oscar winners that we haven’t seen. (The Theory of Everything is happening tonight.)

Something exciting about today: the Pilot is home! He was gone this week for work. Liv and I had a blast during our girls’ week, but we definitely missed him. At night, especially after Liv is asleep, it feels pretty lonely. We were so excited to see him again. <3

Tom is home

In standard Friday fare, here are some faves from the week and around the web! I always love hearing your faves, too, if you’d like to shout them out or link them up below!

Goat cheddar. Picked this beauty up at Trader Joe’s and it’s amazing on a brown rice tortilla with marinara, zucchini and red pepper flakes. 


Like I needed another reason to love Xtina.

Pink Peonies. I live under a rock because I just found this blog this past week, and it is gorgeous. Next time I need outfit inspiration, I’m heading here.

Coconut milk at Starbucks! I got this delicious decaf coconut milk latte with one pump of vanilla. I’ve read some online critiques about the coconut milk they use, and while I love fresh homemade coconut milk as much as the next person, STARBUCKS HAS COCONUT MILK. I’m not kicking a latte horse in the mouth. 

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A photo an hour


Hi friends! Happy almost-the-weekend!! Hope you’re enjoying the morning so far. <3 Don’t forget to order the book and cookies giveaway! Book. Cookies. All you really need in life. So last time I was going to do more of a “day in the life” style post, I gashed the heck out of my hand. Since […]

Taking back Sunday


(sadly not the band) Hi friends! Happy Monday! How’s the morning going? I can’t believe that Winter Shape Up is over (unless you’re repeating the fun for an additional 4 weeks). Thank you again to those of you who participated, and for your awesome check-ins, support for each other, and fantastic energy along the way. […]

cheers to the v-day weekend


Hiiiii How’s the day going? Hope that those of you who are off work today are enjoying the holiday! I taught BODYPUMP this am, Liv had her gymnastic class, and I’m hoping we can make a little beach stop. We can never stay away for too long. Valentine’s weekend was filled with the good stuff. […]

Nice to Seasons again

on a date.JPG

Hi friends! How’s the day going? Hope you’re having a lovely morning. A little later posting today; I’ve been trying to figure out how to fix something I screwed up on the blog yesterday. I was editing the menus (up top) so the recipe links will show an image and paragraph, and in the process, […]

steam + spin


Hi friends! How’s the morning going? Hope you’re having a lovely day. Don’t forget to check in with your workout here for Winter Shape Up! I’m so stoked you guys are loving the full barre video.  Check out the STEAM after spin last night! We packed the house and it was an awesome, sweaty session. […]

Friday Faves


Hi friends! Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? Any fun plans or Super Bowl festivities on the horizon? I’m not a huge football plan -college basketball is my favorite sport- but I always look forward to the food. It’s going to be allthewineandpizza on Sunday. In standard Friday fashion, here are some […]

Homemade Bitchin’ bowl


We all knew it had to happen, right? Ever since I first tried this lovely creation a couple of weeks ago, I knew I had to endeavor making one at home. It’s really everything you could wish for: satisfying brown rice (you can also add black beans here), crisp chopped veggies, spicy Bitchin’ Sauce (that’s […]

that weird kale girl


Hi! Happy Monday! How was the weekend? Any fun adventures?  (Hanging out with my favorite little ballerina) Friday afternoon, Liv and I had a lunch date with Whitney and Wynston. True Foods is always the answer. (I get the same thing 99.97% of the time: kale salad, add salmon, sweet potato hash.) Later that night, […]

Around the weekend


Hi guys! How was your weekend? Hope you had a great one!  Usually after a roadtrip, we would come back and straight-up chill the days following. For some reason, we felt super productive this weekend and got quite a bit done around the house. We emptied out and organized the pantries, grocery shopped and meal […]

market fresh


Hi friends! How’s the day going? Thank you so, so much for your wonderful comments, tweets, emails and texts about the launch of “HIIT It!” It’s an exciting day, and so thankful to all of you. This weekend was a fun and relaxing one, with lots of time spent outside. Sunday afternoon, we decided to […]

Friday Faves


Hi! Happy Friday! How’s your year going? We spent New Years Eve together as a little family. I feel like New Years is so different each year: last year, we were at a friend’s party; the year before, I was uncomfortably pregnant and SO ready to meet Liv; and the two years before that, the […]

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