Banana split protein shake, Cashew protein bites, and Chocolate protein cake for one

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Oh friends, I have THREE new protein-packed recipes to share with ya.

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These are some of the new pre- and post-workout goods I’ve been using lately. DailyBurn offered to send me some of their supplements to check out, and I was excited to give the pre-workout and protein powder a whirl. The Pre tastes like a tropical punch -and dissolves easily, so no powdery pockets exploding in your face- and also includes a dose of caffeine + beta-alanine, branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), and creatine to enhance performance.. I was interested to learn that many companies who source BCAAs do so from freaky sources (like… bird feathers… gagggg), and DailyBurn uses BCAAs naturally-derived from botanical sources. I don’t use the PRE very often -it gives me a TON of energy- but it’s perfect for the mornings when I have to teach and am moving a little slowly.

As far as the Fuel-6 goes, I consider myself a bit of a protein powder connoisseur. I’ve tried a shelve’s worth of plant-based protein options, and always enjoy comparing them. I grabbed a pack and whisked it into some water. Next, I examined its appearance, gave the glass a gentle swirl as I stuck my nose into the glass for a full sniff (ok, just kidding) and took a sip. 

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Persimmon and goji berry smoothie

A superfood-packed protein smoothie using one of fall's most delicious fruits: the persimmon!

  SO MUCH fall produce to be excited about! From the squash everything to the apple varieties, it’s definitely a diverse group of delicious options. My very favorite: the persimmon. I didn’t have my first persimmon until we were living in Valdosta, and I bought one on a whim. At first I was like “how […]

Treadmill total toaster workout

A high intensity treadmill workout incorporating sprint and tempo drills. Awesome way to improve speed and power! Segmented into training blocks to make the time fly by.

Hi! How’s your morning going? Kind of a huge fan of this shorter week; the weekend is almost already here   Still going strong: the green juice and green tea combo. (Juice with apple, spinach, cucumber, lemon, mint and ginger. The mint makes it taste so cooling and refreshing!) Can’t really say the same about […]

Banana split smoothie

banana split smoothie (1 of 1).jpg

Hi! Happy Wednesday to ya How’s the day going so far? This week has already been a lot of fun. I took Livi to her yoga class and we planted some herbs in the garden. I might eat my words later, but I feel like you really have to work to kill plants here. Succulents […]

Homemade healthy Orange Julius


Hi Thanks for all of the love with my last post! I appreciate the kind words so much. I’m still feeling pretty refreshed and awesome after yesterday, too <3  Whenever I visit a new spot, try a new restaurant, or whenever someone else cooks something and I get to eat it, I’m inspired to try […]

Juice thirty


Hiiii How’s your day been? Livi has a bit of a cold, so we’ve been laying low over here. My madre came over for a little while so I could drop off our tax documents, and I brought back La Parrilla soup for the the three of us. Their chicken and rice soup is the […]

Green Glowing Juice


Hi friends! Hope you’re having a great day. Loving all of the Winter Shape Up check-ins!! Be sure to check in on the Workout 1 post every day this week with your workout and how you feel. I’ll pick the first round of giveaway winners this Sunday night. This morning was spent doing taxes with […]

Vitamin C smoothie


Hi friends! I’m off to Boston this morning for a fun Reebok event. This post was supposed to go up much earlier, but as I was about to upload, we had a bit of a… situation. One of the engines in the plane malfunctioned and we made an emergency landing in Dallas. It was the […]

Apple pie smoothie


Even though it’s close to 100 degrees, I can still feel a hint of fall in the air. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I’m gonna roll with it   Even though the weather in Tucson is always a little late to the “it’s autumn now!” party, there are always fun events to look forward […]

NEW hotel room circuit


Whenever I get back from vacation, I’m always kind of scared to resume my full teaching schedule again. Even after just a week off, I can feel the difference and am usually sluggish, especially during Zumba. This week: not the case at all. Maybe 9 days of carb loading in Italy will do that for […]

My version of the Bowl of the Gods


You knows it’s serious when you can’t stop thinking about a smoothie bowl. I don’t even love smoothie bowls all that much. Sure, I like them, and it’s a way to shake up the breakfast routine, but what can be sooooo special about eating your smoothie like a soup? Apparently a lot of things. I’ve […]

Homemade Kombucha


Even though I made kombucha at 105degrees, it’s always freaked me out to make it at home. I pictured our house being overrun by scoby mushrooms, engulfed in a vinegar aroma. I also thought the Pilot thought it would be the final ticket to the “my wife is a little ‘out there’” town. But, guess […]

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