Friday Faves + discussion

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Have anything fun on the horizon this weekend? I’m excited to hang out with the fam, make dinner at home (so.much.takeout.this week), and make a beach trip. It will be the same as pretty much every weekend, and it sounds pretty glorious. Also, did you know National Margarita Day is Sunday? I’ll be whipping up a concoction to celebrate and share with ya. :)

Here are some of the things I’m loving from the week and around the web:

Salt lamp

The salt lamp that madre brought. She’s very familiar with my obsession with salt lamps (we have this one, which we used as a nursery nightlight when Liv was teeny, and lots of these candle holders) and she saw the above one at the gem show, and picked it as a gift. I LOVE IT. Romantic, hippie and beautiful; all things that are good. 

Dinner at Travail. During our blogger trip this week, we were treated to a legendary dinner at Travail, which is one of Food Network’s top 10 restaurants. They opened the restaurant for our group, and the chefs surprised us with course after course of delightful dishes and drinks. Here are some of the courses we enjoyed:

Travail Since they originated as a Kickstarter, they have their supporters’ names written on the wall.

IMG 2189

It was an incredible meal, and if I find myself in Minneapolis again, I’d love to make my way back. It’s gourmet and whimsical fare that would also be perfect for a date night. 

IMG 2195IMG 2203

While I was there, I also joined Kim for a lovely breakfast at French Meadow. Blue corn pancake, we must meet again.

IMG 2161 

Because being healthy means not always being healthy (

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Friday Faves


Hi friends! Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? Any fun plans or Super Bowl festivities on the horizon? I’m not a huge football plan -college basketball is my favorite sport- but I always look forward to the food. It’s going to be allthewineandpizza on Sunday. In standard Friday fashion, here are some […]

Friday Faves

sabino canyon.jpg

Hi from Tucson!! Liv and I got here yesterday morning, after an early Orange Theory class -it was hard to wake up, but I always love to get in an early workout on travel days- and packstravaganza. My last flight alone with Liv was when she was 4 months old (to Vegas!), and just as […]

Recovery mode + Friday Faves


Hi! Happy Friday! Thank you for all of the wonderful “get well” wishes. I appreciate them so much! My thumb is pretty sore today -and I’m pretty bummed that activity is pretty limited for now- but thankful that it’s on the mend. A pretty blah morning turned into a beautiful afternoon and evening. After Liv’s […]

Friday Faves


Is it really Friday already? I think every week should include a 3-day weekend What are you up to the next couple of days? Word on the street is that I’m running 13 miles this weekend. Pray for my soul. Also, Kyle and Meg, our friend Lindy (and Luna!!) will be here! I can hardly […]

Friday Faves

tulips (1 of 1)-2.jpg

 TGIFF. (<– yes, there is an extra “F” there.) So excited for the weekend! When Livi wakes up, it will determine how the rest of the day will go. She’ll either wake up feeling much better (fingers crossed), or same/worse which means a visit to the ped is in order. I really hope the she […]

Friday Faves

wsu week 1 checkins.jpg

-Your amazing Winter Shape Up check-ins!! This first week has been such a blast!! Anne and I have absolutely loved reading your check-ins on Twitter, our blogs and the WSU Facebook group. The pics (especially the sweaty workout pics) are always my favorites I can easily say you rocked out the first week of the […]

1/10: Friday Faves

bfast (1 of 1)-11.jpg

  -These lilies the Pilot picked up. He said Livi helped him pick them out, and they’ve bloomed so beautifully! Being surprised with flowers never gets old.   -This post about the friendship dating scene.  -This swimsuit. I’ve been in the market for a new one-piece to wear when I take Livi to the beach, […]

12/27: Friday Faves

candles (1 of 1).jpg

24 rules for being a human being in 2014. <– definitely worth a read These cute votive candles. Helps indecisive people like me try a bunch of new fragrances with minimal commitment, and they were a RueLaLa sale. Friday Faves has slowly become “Gina’s favorite candle this week.”  Livi’s Freshly Picked moccs. I’ve been wanting […]

11/22: Friday Faves


-An amazing party with amazing friends.  (My neck is doing something intense haha) Last night was my little “see ya, later” party, which came at the perfect time because worksickness kicked in a little this week. The shenanigans of the locker room were the best ever, and something I miss the most. The hostess with […]

11/15: Friday Faves

sights (1 of 1).jpg

-An amazing time at the Stitch Fix headquarters with a lovely group of blogger friends (Jenna, Julie, Kacia aka CocoRo and Raechel). Everything was incredible, from the behind-the-scenes look at how the fixes are styled and shipped, the glorious dinners, to the wonderful low-key night at the house, drinking wine and chatting. It was a […]

11/8: Friday Faves

the girls2.JPG

-Girls’ night! A couple of my friends were interested in checking out the classes at the National Laser Institute, so made took a road trip to Scottsdale to check out one of their events. Not only did they wine and dine the heck out of us, we all had a blast. We spent the night […]

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