Welcome back, Cobb

Hi friends! Hope you’ve had a wonderful day! It’s been a bit of a busy week already. Yesterday, I went to go to see the doc for some heart palpitations I’d been experiencing. I’ve had them on and off for a couple days along with some extreme nausea and fatigue. They wanted me to go in and monitor me and the baby to make sure everything is ok. Thankfully, all is good. I just have to be mindful of how I’m feeling over the next couple of days. It can always been off-putting when you don’t feel like yourself, but when you have someone else depending on you (and your body!) it can be a little scary. I got to see little miss dance around the screen, and felt instantly relieved. After a few hours, they gave me the “all clear” to go home, but I have an appointment with the midwife today. 


(When you wear a random snakeskin sports bra under your dress for the day thinking no one will see it.. that worked out really well for me.)

Some pics from lately:

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Summer Shape Up 2015: Week 3 Workouts and Meal Ideas


 Hi friends! Happy Week 3 of Summer Shape Up! Thank you so much for all of your awesome check-ins this past week. Way to crush it! Keep up the awesome intensity and hard work. It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through! For all of the Summer Shape Up details, check out this post.  Before we […]

Om-thirty + Friday Faves


 Hi! Happy Friday! Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend. I’m off to Yoga Journal and am always thrilled to deepen my practice, learn from powerhouse instructors, and be surrounded by that pure, yoga energy. (Oh, and I’m totally getting the belly henna tattooed haha.) Before we get this Friday Faves party started, […]

Get more out of your core workout


Hi friends! How’s the day going? Hope you’re having a great afternoon. The NBA draft is tomorrow (!) so this basketball nerd has ESPN on non-stop. Arizona has four players in the draft and I can’t wait to see what teams I’ll start caring about haha.  Today, let’s talk about the core! Summer is officially […]

My summer bucket list


Last year, I shared my summer bucket list and thought I’d create another one for this year. There are so many fun outdoor and summer events here in SD, and I’m looking forward to time outside with the fam and pups, enjoying the beach as much as possible, and reveling in the season of sand castles, […]

West Maui Eats


Hi friends! How’s the morning going? Hope you’re having a great day. In the spirit of reviving Indian Food Wednesday, I’m making channa masala, veggies, gf naan and basmati rice for dinner tonight. It’s nice to have some kitchen motivation since I’ve been feeling blah about food since our vacation. Everything we had in Maui […]

Would you eat cricket flour?


[+ other unique protein sources] Heyyyy. How’s your day going? I’m slowly crawling out from the black hole of tiredness that a red-eye flight will do to you. We all slept about 3 hours on the first flight, and then got home from the airport, ate breakfast, then Liv and I took a nice, long […]

Aloha from Hawaii + Friday Faves


Aloha friends! Happy Friday! Hope you’re up to some fun adventures and enjoying some relaxing this weekend. My #1 fave of the week: we’re in Maui for our family-moon, and having an incredible time.  We have a list with all of your suggestions -you always have the best recommendations!- for things to do and eat […]

Expanding horizons with Blue Apron


This post is sponsored by Blue Apron. I’m fortunate that I haven’t had many aversions lately when it comes to food. First trimester was a little rough, but after that, almost everything became appealing again. The one thing that doesn’t sound appealing all the time: cooking. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m extra tired, or […]

The latest Stitch Fix

bella approves (1 of 1).jpg

what I’ll be packing for Hawaii. Hi friends! How’s the day going? Hope you’re having a lovely one. It’s been so much fun to read through how your goals are going for 2015! Keep ‘em coming. This afternoon, I thought I’d share the latest fix, especially since it was a home run! Sometimes they are […]

Pre-SSU plan


Hello! How’s the day going? We were greeted this morning with a bright red strawberry from our little garden.  Livi and shared it and it was tart! Maybe we picked it too early? Mom and nana are still here, and we’re having a blast with them. Every time they visit I try to convince them […]

Orange you so nice


Hey! How’s your afternoon going? So happy to hear you enjoyed the wedding pics from this morning; special events are always fun to document and share. While we were in VA, we spent a little bit of time in Richmond, but most of it was in Orange. We spent one night in Richmond (for Ryan’s […]

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