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Hi guys! Hope you’re having a great afternoon <3

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Stitch Fix (<— referral link) post, and it’s because it’s been a little while since my last great one. I’ve kept a couple of pieces here and there, but nothing that would take up an entire post. I have a pretty amazing picture (that will never be posted) of me trying on some cargo mom jorts. That’s the beauty of Stitch Fix; you try everything on at home, keep what you like and sent the rest back. When I posted a pic from my recent fix on Instagram, I got some requests to share the details, so here they are :)

I’ve minimized my wardrobe and have been experimenting with a capule-ish style of living, which has prevented random shopping purchases. I think the only things I’ve bought since the great closet clean out were the skull tank (to wear around the house and to the beach) and a thrifted dress for $5. For my staple wardrobe, there were some classic pieces I was looking to add to the mix. With my last box, I requested some of the things that I hadn’t found for summer staples (like a denim jacket, neutral maxi dress and neutral dressy top), and Stitch Fix hit a home run. I loved everything! It included a variety of high-quality and versatile pieces that would also transition well into the fall season.

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Here are the latest Stitch Fix wins:

A grey and cream Tart dress.

Tart dress  1 of 1

An awesome black Tart dress with flutter sleeves. It fits well, and is one of those perfect dress-up or dress-down LBDs:

Black dress  1 of 1

This cobalt tank top with NEW black skinnies.

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