IDEA 2014: What I learned

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 Hi guys! How’s your Monday going? Thank you so much for all of the beautiful anniversary wishes. We appreciate them so much!
This year’s IDEA World Fitness Convention had a lot of what I expected: informational sessions and lectures with top educators in the industry, a chance to hang out with some of my closest blog friends, and that I would likely overdo it on the first day and be sore the rest of the time (when in Rome). 
There were also quite a few new surprises:
-a keynote speech that had the entire room weeping and inspired. I thought there was no way they’d be able to top last year’s.
-an additional conference layer with emphasis on blogging. (BlogFest was such a blast!) and
-a PLAN for how I’m going to approach and improve the classes I teach, in addition to the renewed motivation and inspiration.
A re-cap of the conference and sessions I attended wouldn’t begin to scratch the surface of the amazing and awe-inspiring experience. Instead, I thought I’d post some of the things I learned + some of the things I already knew, yet were further cemented in my mind and heart after attending.
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Blog friends(With Courtney, Cassey, Julie and Heather!) 

Some things I learned:

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Reader’s Request: portion control and sizes


Real talk: Serving size per bag of plantain chips: 1 Serving size per bag of trail mix: 3 Serving size per bag of turkey jerky: 1 (AHH PERKY JERKY IS SO GOOD) Please tell me I’m not alone. For this reader’s request, I thought that we could talk about portion control. As you can see […]

motivation + inspiration

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Hi guys! How’s your day going so far? It’s been a good one over here, cranking away at some edits and stopping for a walk along Newport. They have the most awesome unique stores, especially this one called “Sunshine Daydream” with all things tie dye, incense and Budhha. Needless to say, it’s a happy place […]

Fitness Instructor Cliches

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Hi guys! How’s your day going? So happy you liked the pizza/flatbread recipe! Let me know if you give it a try. The past few days have been interesting. I’ve had to avoid the temptation to use my left hand in daily life (or face the stinging consequence). That means avoiding exercises that involve gripping […]

Resistance band loop leg workout


(that’s a mouthful, eh?) The resistance band loop is one of my favorite barre tools. It looks so innocent, but it BURNs. It’s an awesome way to target your outer thighs (abductor muscles) and your glute medius. I also like that similar to other types of resistance bands, there are varying levels of difficulty. Once […]

Focus On: Carb Cycling (what is it and how does it work?)

Carb Cycling: what is it, and does it work?

Recently, I got a question about carb cycling and how my eating changes depending on whether I’m in my losing or maintenance mode. There is a lot of hubbub in the fitness world about carb cycling and macro counting, so here’s a little post with my two cents. For those who may be curious about […]

Blog friend date part 2 + last week’s workouts

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Hi guys! Happy Sunday! How’s your weekend been? We started ours off by spending Friday morning with these lovely ladies: (Janae and Brooke!) I was so excited when I found out they’d be here in San Diego, especially since I LOVE Janae’s blog. The first time I emailed to ask her to guest post, I […]

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