Friday Faves


Hi friends! Happy Friday. With the Tucson trip and Veteran’s Day holiday, this week went by so quickly! We have some fun plans for the weekend and somehow a race day snuck up on my calendar. I will be running, but certainly not racing. It’s been a little while, and while I’m dreading the early wakeup, […]

On a boat

ocean (1 of 1).jpg

Hi guys! How’s your day going so far?? We’ve had a pretty glorious morning. The weather was beautiful, the Pilot had a day off work, so we rented a boat to explore Mission Bay. We knew Liv was going to be a fan, but she LOVED it. She even helped the Pilot out with some […]

How safe and effective are hot fitness classes?


Hi! How’s the morning going? Hope you’re having a great one so far!  I’ve received quite a few requests for a monthly workout calendar for November. We’re going to have something a little different this month leading up to the holiday: Give PLANKS. I’ll send the pre-turkey-day plan out tomorrow. If you’d like to receive […]

Friday Faves (+ happy birthday, Pilot)


Hi! Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? We have a fun event this Saturday, and today is the Pilot’s birthday! Livi and I are going to make a cake, and per her request, we have a piñata ready to go. Last year, his birthday was pure shenanigans. We had a surprise party […]

spin ftw + sweet potato cauliflower mash

photo 5-5.JPG

Hey! How’s your day going? Hope it’s been a great one so far. Thank you so much for the awesome feedback on this morning’s squat post. It took me a while to put together, so I’m to hear you enjoyed it! I hope you can use it as an easy guide to switch up your […]

Friday Faves (+ a giveaway)


Hi! TGIF. Hope you’ve had a wonderful week and have some fun plans to look forward to this weekend! We have a couple of fun things in the works, and I’m so excited to see Gone Girl this weekend. I know it probably won’t live up to the book, but… Ben Affleck. Some faves from the […]

Focus On: IIFYM


(If It Fits Your Macros) I’ve received a few requests to talk about macro counting, especially since it’s surged in popularity on Instagram, particularly in the past year or so. You may have seen a picture of a giant donut covered in frosting + sprinkles, or a double-stuffed pizza and the hashtag “IIFYM,” which stands […]

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