Creating habits you can, and want, to keep

Hi friends! Happy humpday! Are we halfway through the week already?! So happy you’re excited about our Squatember challenge. :) I did the barre burner last night after teaching, and the legs are a liiiitle sore today. New post up on the Family page here!

So lately, I’ve been sucked into the “Check out this article!” type posts on my Facebook feed. I’m convinced that Facebook gets into your brain, because it somehow shouts out certain purses or tops I’d been looking at (tricky, tricky), and also knows we’re expecting a little one. I’ve ended up reading quite a few “Worst parenting advice ever” and “Best parenting advice” themed articles, especially lately. I’m definitely curious to learn about what has worked for other parents, fully knowing that it’s different for everyone. I’m still curious. In one of the articles about surviving with a newborn, the author said something like, “If you can’t do it forever, don’t start.” This is so true, because if you turn bedtime into this crazy multi-step ritual, the baby is going to expect it after a certain amount of time, and when certain pieces aren’t there, the world crumbles apart. 

It’s very similar for health and fitness:

“Create habits you can, and want, to keep”

New balance 1 of 1 2

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Bring on the madness

March Madness is officially heeeeeeere. I look forward to this all year, and it always go by so quickly! Trying to savor it. I’ve spent some time this morning working on my bracket, and do this every time a Sportscenter announcer says they believe Arizona will make it to the Final Four.   (This is […]

a Zumba nightmare

Hi friends! How’s the morning going? I had the craziest dream last night. I was about to teach a PACKED Zumba class, went to plug in my phone, and realized that none of my Zumba songs were on there. I magically found one song, which we danced to, and then I was scrolling through my […]

Everything and nothing

Happy Wednesday! What are you up to today? Don’t forget to check in with today’s workout here (<— click to comment) and enter our Skyscapes giveaway! Last night, we didn’t have anything on the plan, so that called for one thing: beach We quickly learned that taking a toddler to “put our feet in” means […]

Meals, fitness, yoga on the beach

Hi guys! How’s your weekend going? We’re really enjoying our first official weekend here in San Diego. There is SO MUCH cool stuff to check out and explore. Yesterday, I took a dontation-based yoga class on the beach led by Steve Hubbard aka NamaSteve. [Edited to say: the photos from the yoga class were taken […]

Date night and doc

I think the post title pretty much says it all. (jalapeño prickly pear margarita!)  How’s your week going so far? The other night, the Pilot and I had an amazing date night at the Flying V at Loew’s Ventana. We go to Sunday brunch at the resort fairly often -it’s one of our all-time favorite […]

Meet Goldie

Meet Goldie!  (The moment was that exciting.) Isn’t she a beauty?! I LOVED all of your name suggestions for our new home gym family member. Spinderella was a close second, but I just loved the ring that Goldie had to it (after Johnny Goldberg, the creator of the spin bike). I can’t wait to test […]

Tucson’s new lulu

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, then you know I used to work at lululemon. I LOVED working at lulu, but it wasn’t in my long-term goals. Also, I would joke that I made negative dollars – that discount was oh-so glorious. As a military wife, unless you’re a teacher or nurse, […]

Failure to plan

Holy Garmin entries! Keep ’em coming So happy that you’re excited about the giveaway- it’s one of my favorite pieces of running gear. Yesterday, I went on my first official training run with Liv at Sabino Canyon. Nature is one of my favorite gyms, especially in this sweet spot of not-too-hoot-or-cold-just-right weather. We did about […]

A little this and that

I used to dread Mondays and feel apathetic towards Tuesdays, and now I love them. They’re like the extra part of my weekend and I get to stay home with Liv. I thankful to be able to stay home a few days each week, but also work away from home a few- i’s a good […]

Protein pancakes for the week

I feel like we ate a very grown-up little kid dinner last night: Maybe the ketchup is what takes it over the edge. My new kale salad obsession (which is a post in itself- see the jalapeño?!), butternut squash with ketchup and chicken sausage. (+ wine while I watched Girls, which was just as quirky, […]

The Mayans were laughing

Hi! Happy Friday <3 So many fun and good things happening lately, and lots to look forward to. -Last night we met up with some friends at the zoo to check out the Christmas lights. The light display around the zoo property was absolutely gorgeous -some even blinked to Trans-Siberian Orchestra music- and Liv especially […]

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