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Hi friends! How’s the morning going? Hope you’re having a lovely day. Don’t forget to check in with your workout here for Winter Shape Up! I’m so stoked you guys are loving the full barre video

Check out the STEAM after spin last night! We packed the house and it was an awesome, sweaty session. I was feeling a little blah while I was driving to teach -I think we all have those nights- and as soon as I saw the packed class and started the music, it was everything I needed. 

Steamy spin

(We steamed up all of the mirrors and windows!) 

This morning, I’m off to the gym for a short run and some leg work. I used to hate the treadmill for solo runs (= more than than the 30 minutes max I do in Orangetheory), but I discovered two valuable things: 1) the POSH podcast and 2) how to read my Kindle while running. This is a skill I’ve been working on for years, and I’m not sure what it works all of a sudden, but I finally figured out how to read and run at the same time. Lifechanger. Now that it’s been written, I’ll probably fall off the treadmill today haha.

Some adventures from lately:

Sunday night’s delicious dinner. 


We got Pizza Nova, which was a very wise decision. I asked them to crack an egg in the middle of my gf margherita pizza, and also enjoyed some TJ’s Meritage with it


and a side of Superbowl fighting. I only watched the last 10 minutes of the game, and even though I was not invested in either team, I was shocked. I was like, ‘They’re fighting! Why are they fighting?! Liv, LOOK AWAY!” 

PS. Grocery shopping during the Superbowl is the most Zen thing ever. It was EMPTY so I had plenty of time to fully assess all of the new products. For the record, the new crunchy broccoli is really good!


Lastly, a picture with my favorite noodle at brunch. Great Maple may be one of the greatest things ever. (<— If you visit San Diego, this is a must. Just make sure to make a reservation online in advance.) 

At great maple

(Liv appropriately thinks pictures are lame when that kind of French toast is on the table.)

Hope you have a wonderful morning <3 See ya later today with a quick and amazing dessert recipe. 



Are you a sweat-er when you work out? Do you like when classes are hot and steamy, or notsomuch? I am a serious sweat-er. It’s kind of ridiculous, and I also think it’s because I drink a ton of water. I also loooooove super sweaty workout classes. 

Today’s workout jam:

Something to do: this Barre ab burner, featuring some of my favorite Barre-inspired core strengthening moves. 

Fiesta Friday! New Zumba video (Don Juan)

Hi friends! Happy Friday! I’m so happy you liked the Focus On post– I always love to write about different class formats! I also love guest posts about fitness topics/classes that I’m not as familiar with, so if you’re interesting in writing one I haven’t covered, please let me know. Yesterday, I had the chance […]

Hurry for the curry

I ran 9 miles yesterday morning. It was awesome.   And by awesome, I mean terrible. I just didn’t have my running mojo. It was a rough night of sleep -I always do that to myself when I know I have to wake up early- and when I got in the car, I realized I’d […]

Cranberry avocado salad

It’s rare for me to have a case of the moan-days, since I love being able to spend the day with Liv. We’ll do the usual thing (play, read books, go on a fun adventure. meet up with friends or just take it easy) and yesterday, I only had one thing in mind that I […]

NEW Arm Burner

Welp, we ended up at Urgent Care with the Pilot and his twisted ankle.  The good news is that it wasn’t busy at all, the Pilot has a pair of crutches, and Liv was a champ, even though it was past her bedtime. She had her first real dose of a movie- they were playing […]

9/7: Friday Faves + Your Pics

-Rose, in the form of my all-time favorite tea  (Tulsi sweet rose- try it, you’ll love it) and this little bracelet from H&M- $6!   -Girls’ night. I took two of the lovely ladies in my life (madre and nana!) and also met up with some girls from work to see our friend Susan perform […]

September HIIT IT Workout

Can you believe it’s September already?! (turning leaves or bad watering job? I’m gonna go ahead and guess the latter) While it’s definitely bittersweet to see summer ending as fall begins -even though Fall doesn’t reallllly start in Tucson until at least Halloween- September always makes me think of football games, apple recipes, jeans and… […]

Indian Spaghetti

Rainy night, Indian food on the couch = not too shabby. We made a little stop at Saffron to get takeout for dinner, and per usual, it was everything I could wish for. I’m so excited that we found an Indian restaurant in Tucson that we LOVE. Chicken tikka masala, dal mahkani and chicken vindaloo […]

7/20: Friday Faves

-A killer interval workout with Meggie We went for a little run, did some BodyRock-esque intervals (50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest) of single leg jump squat,, jump forward and back burpees, core domination, side lunges, repeat 3 times, and then some upper arm strength training. The end. -Hopefully today will be my last day […]


Dinner at our house has been pretty chill the past couple of nights. Since there have been at least 10 people eating at any one time (my family is huge!), we’ve just been setting out different meal components, building plates and munching as we please. When I got home from work, my mom, nana and […]

Walking into spiderwebs

How’s your weekend going so far? Yesterday was Family Friday at the squadron bar. It was great to catch up with the wives (the theme was Hawaiian BBQ) and hold Livi while she sucked on cantaloupe- she LOVED it- and we all had a lot of fun. Last night was also my last Friday night […]


Have you tried this stuff before? Vegemite! It’s huge in Australia, and I’ve become good friends with a girl who is staying in Tucson from Australia for a while. Yesterday, I asked her if she liked Vegemite, and she said, “I have tubes of it in my room! I’ll bring you one.” Today we had […]

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