Get more out of your leg workout

Hi! Hope you’ve had an amazing day so far <3

A pic of Bell, because she looked so pretty standing in the hallway:

Photo 181

We’ve had a great morning over here:

a Bodypump class, 

Photo 180

(found these printed Reebok leggings in the depths of my closet! On sale right now, too.)

Liv’s yoga class, and some errands that were left over from yesterday. 

It’s SQUAT DAY today :) How’s the squat challenge going? Keep it up with your awesome check-ins, tweets and Instagram pics. We’re halfway through the challenge already! Since I’ve received some requests for more leg workouts and tips, I thought I’d do a little post with some ways to get more out of your leg strength training session.

Kick up your leg workout

Here are some ideas to take it to the next level:

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Compound crusher workout


  Hi guys! Hope you’re enjoying your day so far <3 It’s been an interesting week. I fully believe that the full moon affects energy/mood/toddler behavior. During naptime, I usually blitz through the to-do list, but this week, I watched a couple episodes of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and the finale of So You Think You Can Dance. […]

Les Mills BODYPUMP Instructor training


What a weekend!! If you’ve stopped by the blog this weekend, then you already know that I was in BodyPump instructor training. It was an invigorating, inspiring, and exhausting experience; simultaneously similar and entirely different than any training I’ve completed. Under the Group Fitness umbrella, there are many little spokes: their own unique worlds, and […]

While you were BodyPumping…


Hi guys!  It hurts to type this. I’m finishing up BodyPump instructor training this weekend and every muscle in my body is crying (tears of happiness, of course). I’ll post a full recap when the training is over for those of you who have been considering certification, but I will say that it has been […]

something a group fitness certification won’t teach you

your group fitness cert wont teach you.jpg

Once upon a time -I’m being vague here because I don’t want to directly call out the company/studio- some blogging friends and I went to take a fitness class as part of an event. The studio knew we were bloggers, were wonderfully kind and accommodating, and made a point to let the instructor know that […]

NASM Personal Training Study Guide

me and bell decorating.jpg

Hi friends! Hope you’re having an amazing morning <3 Holy giveaway! I love all of the entries coming in so far. Glad you’re as excited about the 10 Days of Giveaways as I am Last night, the Pilot and I got to work putting up our Christmas lights after Livi was asleep.  (Bell was a […]

Taming the snack monster


Hi friends How’s your day going? Lately I’ve been doing something fun that I haven’t done in a while: training a client on a distance basis. Recently, I got an email asking for some guidance, and decided to go for it since this particular individual knows how to lift weights and is already comfortable working […]

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