Hi guys! How’s the day going? Hope you’re having a great afternoon so far. <3

Liv and I made it back here late last night, and while we had an amazing time with the fam, it definitely feels good to be home. Once again, she was incredible on the plane -I just had to ask her to use an inside voice when she said, “YES! We’re flying! Here we goooooooo!” haha- and we were so happy to see the man of the house,


+ Bell and Caro again. Bell has been a stage 5 clinger and hasn’t left my side since we’ve returned.

For our last morning in Tucson, we were treated to a little beauty shop treatment from the madre,

Beauty shop

and I also got to visit Fed by Threads to place the order for our Kale Yeah tees. Their flagship store is everything I expected: a beautiful, open space filled with sustainable clothing.

Fed by threads  1 of 1 4

Fed by threads  1 of 1 3

Fed by threads  1 of 1 2

Fed by threads  1 of 1

With Alok, one of the owners. :)

Fed by threads  1 of 1 5

The shirts are officially in process (getting shipped and then printed), and I’m so so excited to send them out to you!! 

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Friday Faves

sabino canyon.jpg

Hi from Tucson!! Liv and I got here yesterday morning, after an early Orange Theory class -it was hard to wake up, but I always love to get in an early workout on travel days- and packstravaganza. My last flight alone with Liv was when she was 4 months old (to Vegas!), and just as […]

Weekend in the desert


Hi! How was your weekend? Ours was a fun whirlwind of travel adventures: we made a roadtrip to Tucson. Of course, it was full of the usual T-town adventures: time spent with the fam and friends, Arizona basketball, dinner at my dad’s house, and a glorious yoga class at Session.  The best?  Seeing these little […]

Some Tucson weekend pics

nanas cake (1 of 1).jpg

Hi guys! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend <3 We’re having a great time with the family here in Tucson. I haven’t exactly been wearing my blogging pants this weekend; as much as I love taking photos, my camera has stayed in my purse. Here are a couple that I snapped during the festivities: Nana’s […]

Last weekend in T-town

sim (1 of 1)-4.jpg

Our last one “living” in Tucson, for now Friday, the Pilot took my brothers, Livi and me to fly the A-10 simulator. Livi loved it and I did two full rolls before crashing. Chicken salad, picnic-style on the patio. Photo on a tile that the movers broke :/ Tiny fishtail: Saying “see ya later” to […]

Friday Faves


Hi guys! Happy Friday <3 Sorry for disappearing yesterday. I was hit with a nasty virus and spent most of the day sleeping.  I finally moved from the bed to the couch during Liv’s nap time for some kombucha and magazine reading. Feeling much better today Some faves from the week: 41 random facts about […]

Tucson Faves: the fitness and shopping

tucson faves (1 of 1)-2.jpg

Hi guys! We’re in the middle of getting the house packed up, so I knew today would be a perfect morning for this post. This is one of my Tucson Faves posts, which I’ve been working on pretty much since we’ve moved here As a Tucson native, I pride myself on knowing the city pretttyyyy […]

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