Back in the sun + meals, fitness

Hi friends! How’s your weekend going? Hope you’re haven a great one so far. <3 

I went from living and breathing March Madness to counting down the months until b-ball season starts again. Basketball season is officially over for us since the Cats lost last night. It was a tough game, but I am so proud of them.

Wildcat family

(And hoping one day we’ll make it back to Tucson and will have tickets again. Definitely missed going to games!)

We ended up changing our connecting flight into San Diego so we’d be able to watch the game at home. Originally, we were supposed to have a 4-hour layover in Houston and spend half of the game, trying to stream the game on the plane home, but were so excited that there was an earlier connecting flight. Trying to stream the game on the plane could have been kind of stressful, and let’s be real, I’m already a stress ball of nerves on planes. (Though it is better when the Pilot is with me because I feel like he could land the plane if he needed to, and I can ask him about every tiny sound the plane makes haha. I’m sure he loooooves flying with me.)

Speaking of flying, the Pilot took our nephew Caden out while we were in Little Rock. It was a great guys’ adventure, and one of the many fun events we did while we were there. 

Flying with caden

We also ate SO much good food. Little Rock is really getting into the local food scene, and everything we ate there was amazing, with lots of locally-sourced ingredients. A favorite was Root Cafe, which includes produce and meats from local farms.

Root decor


Root cafe

Here’s the shitake mushroom burger on gluten-free bread:


and the glorious cookie we shared. 


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