I’m your Bob

Hey! Happy humpday!!! I’m way excited for the holiday weekend because the pilot has Friday and Monday off work and I think we may be going to Orlando 😉

Last night was a doozy, and I ruined my dinner by snacking on two coffee cups of Envirokids peanut butter balls with hemp milk before teaching spin.


It was a nice, sweaty spin sesh and I had a coconut water for electrolytes on the way to the other gym to train my clients.


I also packed a macaroon-flavored Larabar, but was still full from the cereal so I didn’t eat it:


My two appointments last night were a lot of fun. One of my clients said that I was a lot like Bob. I was like, “Who’s Bob????” and she said, “From Biggest Loser! You train a lot like he does… the only difference is that I don’t have a crush on you. He’s hot” I’m definitely more of a laid-back trainer… no Jillian, that’s for sure (even though I do like her).

When I got home, the pilot was munching his chicken in spicy peanut sauce (which he loved) and I had the famous 10 o’clock dinner.

Sweet potato rounds (I used the 1/2 sweet potato leftover from my lunch raw pasta and baked it during the day, popped them into the fridge to be waiting for me after work)


And an esalada with romaine, a southwest Sunshine burger, red bell pepper, cilantro and salsa


Such a fast and delicious meal!


This morning, I slept in a little because I kept waking up from crazy nightmares and because I was FREEZING– the pilot turned the AC wayyyyyyy down!

I had a Cullen juice to start the day:


And a little while later, an Ezek english muffin with AB and strawberry preserves and a nanner with AB:


Musings on proper fueling (Disclaimer: If you are currently struggling with ED or are in recovery and think that reading about calorie intake/exercise levels may result in a trigger effect or is a sensitive issue, please skip this particular musing. I don’t ever want to offend or influence others, just share my experiences and what has worked for me and what hasn’t. Everyone is different and knows how certain things affect their bodies and minds—it’s up to us to use our best judgment):

On Wednesdays, I usually eat more than usual because I teach two aerobics classes (spin and Zumba) at night. For the month of July, starting today, I’ll be teaching three aerobics classes on Wednesdays (morning spin, afternoon spin and Zumba) and two classes on Mondays (spin and Zumba) instead of my usual one class— I’ll still be teaching my one spin class on Tuesday. So on Monday and Wednesday, my fuel intake is going to have to increase to maintain my weight and protect my metabolism. I have spent the past two years working to repair a metabolism that I damaged from not properly fueling my activity levels.

Two summers ago, I spent the summer after graduation with the pilot in NC. We had been doing the long distance thing for a year while I finished school in Arizona and he lived in NC, so I wanted to spend some time with him before out August wedding. He worked all day, I couldn’t get a job knowing we’d be leaving in 3 months, and I didn’t know anyone in the squadron. So I killed the time during the day by hanging out at the gym, taking aerobics classes, doing weights, lounging poolside and drinking protein smoothies from the smoothie bar. I made a LOT of gym friends (who were active duty military or wives that didn’t work) and we would take yoga and step in the morning, then spin in the afternoon. Even though I knew I was burning a mad amount of calories, I wasn’t eating enough to support the activities I was doing—it seems like common sense, but not eating enough had NEVER been one of my problems! I ate when I was hungry and still had balanced meals and snacks, but it wasn’t enough for all of the exercising I was doing. My weight stayed stable –I think my body kicked into dancer mode, because I was used to dancing for 4-5 hours every day- but after we moved to Valdosta, my metabolism was seriously screwed up.

There was NO way I could maintain my NC fitness fun since I was working a full-time 70-80 hr/week (not joking) and had 1 hour in the morning to get my workout in (which, now I know is MORE than enough time for a good workout). I did 30-45 minutes of cardio and a little bit of weights every day, but felt like my pants kept getting tighter and tighter even though I was on my feet at work all day. It was definitely frustrating and I knew that I would have to repair my metabolism to stay at a healthy, happy weight and not have to restrict calories in the process.

Since I was still keeping a food journal at the time, each month I added more calories to my daily intake. Slowly, but surely, I have improved my calorie and nutrient intake to higher level, which supports the teaching, running and weight training I do, and have been able to wear the same jeans size in the process.

So for now, I’m going to add in some food to each meal and snack on Wednesdays (and eat more on Mondays) to make sure that I don’t damage my metabolism by eating the same amount and working out more. I learned the hard way that properly fueling your activity levels is SO important, because when those activity levels decrease it can be difficult to maintain what you’ve accomplished. After losing such a significant amount of weight, I was so afraid to gain it back…. I was used to feeling energetic, confident, and HEALTHY and definitely didn’t want to go back to the way I felt before.

It’s funny how nutrition can be such a balancing act. You definitely need to know your body, what works for you and what doesn’t. I always say that nutrition is an art and not a science, and this example fully proves that 😉

Well I’m off to teach spin class #1! I’ll be back after lunch 😀



image  Congrats to the Summer Shape Up girls who got all three points for yesterday!  Heather K., Leslie E., Meghan N. and Erika L.!!!! AWESOME job! 😀