Dear pregnant self


Laying on your stomach will feel just as great as you remember

smoked salmon will taste as good

as wine will be just as wonderful.. even though you’ll wait 3 weeks to drink a glass when the girls come over.

You think you’re crazy about your husband now

maternity pics 2

but you’ll fall in love –big time- all over again, in a different way, magnified exponentially.

tom and baby 

Giving birth will be the hardest, scariest, most painful thing you’ll ever do

the first two week will be the most challenging you’ll experience

but seeing that little face.. the same face you dreamed about… and finding out her personality is so much like you thought it would be, from the kicks to the hiccups

make it more than worthwhile.

People weren’t lying when they said to sleep as much as you can

they also weren’t lying when they said every day gets better, and easier

and that the time seems to go by so quickly, so savor every single moment.

me and baby4

And as much as you love being pregnant, you’ll love being a mom 1000x more <3

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  1. Brett Marie says:

    Another beautifully written post by Gina! Again, thanks for sharing such intimate details baout your “private” life with all of us wanna-be Fitnessistas. You rock!!

  2. I’ve been meaning to ask–does she look the same as she did in your dreams? I LOVED this post–so sweet and full of love 🙂

  3. It’s incredible, isn’t it? Motherhood I mean. It’s something I felt so ready for, but to describe what it feels like exactly would be impossible. Beautiful words, Gina!

  4. KariLynne10 says:

    such a cute post!!

  5. My favorite line of this whole post is:
    “You think you’re crazy about your husband now but you’ll fall in love –big time- all over again, in a different way, magnified exponentially.”

  6. So sweet!

  7. Thank you for this post Gina. I felt like you were writing it to me! I’m 40 weeks +4 days and scared, excited, and overwhelmed at the transition from pregnant to mom. It made me cry (obviously) 😉 but in a happy way!

  8. I loved this! And the pic of you & Livi!

  9. Awwww, now I’m in tear. All so true.

  10. Such a great post, Thank you for sharing throughout your pregnancy! Makes us (maybe) future moms not so intimidated about it 😉

  11. Such a sweet, compassionate and creative post. Livi has the best skin tone! Takes after her mama 🙂

  12. I am so glad I found your blog (again). I read many posts several months back related to the fitness/nutrition side of things and I liked your style, but I’m not much of a blog-follower. I’m not sure how I stumbled back upon it (google search for pregnancy or conception perhaps) but I am very very happy that I did. I love health and fitness too, and we are now trying to get pregnant. 🙂 It is sort of a terrifying prospect, but I have never wanted it more than I do at this point in my life. The whole idea of being pregnant, having to give birth and what it is going to do to my body, being the caregiver to a tiny helpless human who depends wholly on me… yes, its scary. I have found comfort in your posts. I like your view on everything. I love reading about your first few weeks with the baby, I feel almost like I am looking into the future. Especially with this post! I hope to be expecting very soon, and I will need to remember these things. Thank you.

  13. Aw that’s awesome. It must be so weird to have felt the little one moving about in your belly for 9 months and then to finally have a face to put to the feeling! So adorable!

  14. Oh yea. I am so happy to read this entry!

  15. This is such a beautiful post!! I’m so excited for you as you enter on the journey of motherhood- you and the Pilot sound like great parents! Oh and feel free to do a whole post full of pics of your little one, she’s adorable!!

  16. What perfect timing for this post. I have been feeling very overwhelmed and having anxiety about the impending arrival or our twins in about 10 weeks. It helps so much to hear new Mom’s say how great things are even though they can are hard at the same time.

    I have been joking (mostly!) about someone bringing me my favorite beer as a gift when the babies are born, but I am sure it will be a few weeks before I get around to it 🙂

  17. I’m overdue with my second and I just can’t wait!!!

  18. Thank you for making me cry 🙂 Beautiful post!!!

  19. Just beautiful!! Lovely post.

  20. I just came back and read this one…not good during the hormone dump. Yikes.

    • Fitnessista says:

      oh nooooo! i’m sorry 🙁 are you doing ok? message me on fb if you need anything or need to vent/talk to someone. i had a HARD time those first few weeks, so hang in there. xoxo

  21. I’m just re-reading a bunch of your posts from when right after you had Livi. Gosh, I am so glad the first two weeks were not difficult for just us! Everyone told us the first two weeks were EASY, which is why we were so confused when they were a total nightmare!

  22. I’ve just found your blog and so far it’s been really helpful to me. My husband is military too but he deploys a lot…and recently I’ve caught baby fever. My question for you is, was it difficult for you two to plan having Liv around The Pilots deployment schedule? Did you ever become concerned you would have to do the labor/early child raising alone?

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