DIY Felt Christmas Tree

“One hot glue gun does not a crafty Gina make.” 

I would be lying if I said that crafts didn’t intimidate me. Whenever I get the urge to DIY, the Pinterest feed instantly streams into my brain. Before you know it, I’m doubting and wah-wah-ing myself, when I remember that “if you run, you’re a runner. It doesn’t matter how slow you are or how often you do it.”

Therefore, if you craft, you’re crafty. It doesn’t matter if it’s something simple like spray-painting pine cones: 

spray painted pine cones

 or making a felt Christmas tree for your little one.

Felt Christmas Tree 

I wish I could say that the felt tree was my idea, but I got it here. When I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect option for Liv, since she’s a little too small to understand decorating her own little tree (which we’ll get her when she’s a couple of years old or so), but this way, she can decorate a tree as often as she likes without having to worry about choking hazards or breakables.

DIY Felt Christmas Tree for Kids

We went to the fabric store to grab some supplies:

-a yard of green felt ($4.99)

-sheets of colored felt for the ornaments ($0.38 per sheet)

-some Velcro sticky-back things (to attach the tree to the wall, $2.99)

and then to madre’s, to “borrow” her hot glue gun πŸ˜‰


Putting the tree together took about 30 minutes during nap time:

Cut the tree shape out, made some ornament shapes and presents.  

Felt Christmas Tree

I attached the gifts and star at the top with a hot glue gun, leaving the ornaments free so they can easily be moved around. The beauty about this tree is that felt sticks to felt, so it’s really simple for Liv to take a piece of and move it, which she already understands. We’ve played “tree” two days in a row now, and it’s a fun opportunity to talk about colors and shapes.

So there ya go- a fun little DIY for the holiday season! My friend Michele is going to make a menorah for her little guy, so it would be a great idea for any of my friends celebrating Hanukkah, too.


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  1. So cute and such a great idea! I bet Liv just loves it. By the way, if your presents are any indication, you’re definitely crafty!

  2. If you can use a glue gun you ARE a crafter. Nice job. When Liv gets older you have to get her one of those calendars that every day you open it and you get a toy or a piece of candy. Christmas is really not the same until you have a little one and the wonder and excitement in their faces. Priceless.

  3. This is such a great idea. Well done!

  4. Update and let us know how Liv does with it! I am considering it for my 11 month old but it would be nice to know if it is a hit before I spend the money.

  5. Really cute! We celebrate both so maybe Ella and I will make a tree and a menorah!

    I just put up our tree. E loved handing me all of the ornaments, but then he sarted trying to take them off and one of my glass ones broke off at the top. Now my tree has ALL of the ornaments out of her tree. It looks os funny. She will have to share Munchkin’s plastic ornaments we bought for him a few years ago when he decided he wanted to play with them all!

  6. The little girl I babysit is 23 months and her nana made her one of these. She loves it. Her’s is mounted on a piece of foam board so she just plays with it on the floor. πŸ™‚

  7. I love this!! I kind of wish Tripp were a few months older so we
    could do this – but I’m enjoying 6 months. πŸ™‚

  8. I love it! What a great holiday inspired toy!!

  9. This was on my list of things to do this week! We are putting up our tree tonight and I am hoping a fake felt one will keep my little guy away from the real one. “Hoping” is a strong word with an 18 month old!

  10. I live for crafting! I love this tree you made, my little one won’t really understand it yet, she’s almost 8 months but my nephew would have a blast with it. I think i’ll set it up at Grandmas house for the little ones to enjoy. Thanks for the idea, I would love to see how Olivia interacts with it!

  11. Love this! Pre-proper tree phase haha. And it’s educational too πŸ™‚ You’re crafty in my eyes Gina! Dont worry.

  12. I would love to make a menorah for my daughter! Would your friend be willing to share a picture of her finished product and instructions?

  13. I’m so glad to see someone really do this! My little guy is 18 months (how did that happen!?) and I’ve been wondering how well this really works! I’m so running to the craft store on my lunch break so I can do this for him!

  14. So cute, your tree and presents are beautiful, you are crafty. How did you “stick” the tree to the wall so it does not rip off the paint? I want to make one for my daughter.

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