End of a Shape Up!

Hi! So happy you enjoyed the Yoga Journal recap 🙂 How’s your Monday going? it’s hard to believe that Summer Shape Up is officially over. Thank you again to all of you, to Anne, and to all of our wonderful sponsors for making it such a fun and exciting four weeks. If you’re wondering what to do now that the challenge is over, newsletter subscribers received a week of workouts this am! (Just leave a comment below and click the box to sign up for weekly workouts, if you’d like.) You can also repeat the challenge (the workouts and meal plans are here) or mix and match from any of the the routines on the fitness page. With the upcoming revamp, it will be much more organized and easier to find things over there, too. 😉

SSU 2014 Logo copy

My favorite part of the Shape Up was the fantastic check-ins and success stories along the way. I love seeing your workout (and clean eating) triumphs; it’s fun to finally put faces to names. Congratulations again to everyone on an amazing job! <3 If you’d like to share your feedback for this challenge, I put together a short survey here. We’re always looking for ways and ideas to make it bigger and better! (Winter Shape Up will have a combo of printable/pinnable images and full-length videos, similar to the 2014 WSU.)

Week 4 collage:

Week 4 collage The Sabra winner:

Katie O. (from our Facebook group)   

Gymboss winners:

Katie: “I need one of these for my TRX workouts!”

Bri: “I’m torn on the genie pants! I don’t know how they would look on me, but I think they look great on others. I’m pregnant right now, but these might be nice for after baby!”

Kelsey H: “Adding intervals to my workout routine (unless they are built into a class) always feels overwhelming, but sounds so doable with the gymboss! I’d love the chance to try to incorporate more intervals into my workout, especially after you talked about how they are metabolism-boosting. Glad the Pilot is back and hope you all have an awesome weekend!”

Victoria:  “Sprinkles is a dangerous thing… the Chocolate Marshmallow is insane!
My boyfriend and I just signed up for our first triathlon! Having an interval timer would be so incredibly helpful for our training leading up to the big day. We’re excited and looking forward to doing the race together. I can only imagine how accomplished we’ll feel as we cross the finish line!
Thanks Gina for continuing with the awesome content. I love reading your posts every day!”

Sassypants: “I could have totally used the Gymboss the other day. I’m currently just using my iPhone timer and it’s a pain.”

[All winners will be emailed as soon as I hit publish.]

and surprise giveaway winner. Congratulations to Shaina! She is about to have a baby (like in the next couple of weeks!!!) and checked in LIKE A BOSS during the challenge with lots of awesome workout pics and meals. Shaina, check your email because I’d like to share some Stitch Fix credit and a little goodie package with you.

(You never know when a sneaky giveaway will make its way into the blog muaha) 😉

Last night, we had an awesome dinner out on the patio. Grilled salmon, sweet potato, and a zucchini salad that I’ll be sharing later this week.


We also did our usual Sunday rituals which now includes washing the cars. Vacuuming out the sand has been a necessary weekly chore. Speaking of the beach, I think we may need to head there after Liv’s nap. It’s been a great day <3

Hope you have a wonderful night!




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  1. Amber Schumann says:

    Googlie eyes and drool action over here thanks to your salmon pic!!!! YUM!

  2. The end of summer shape and the world cup came too close together!! lol Thanks for the great work outs, Gina. =)

  3. Ooooh that zucchini salad looks deliciously cheesy and creamy! Do I spy a nutritonal yeast type sauce?!

  4. Completed two rounds of the barre burner and 20 minutes of HIIT! Great start to the week!

  5. well that’s enough to make a pregnant lady cry! thank you!! <3

  6. Lindsay says:

    I didn’t post much during SSU, but I loved it, and having read your blog for many years, this was the first shape up I’ve followed and finished in its entirety. Thank you for all that you do!

    Also, you’re amazing! That sneaky giveaway is such a sweet thing to do! 🙂

  7. Wow!! I seriously never win ANYTHING! I may go buy a lottery ticket today, just in case my luck is still going strong 😉

  8. I really need to know about that zucchini salad…I have it in mind to go with Wednesday night’s mahi now…yum 🙂

  9. I wish I had a sand problem! I swear if I lived by the beach I would be more relaxed and calm. I can’t wait for the zucchini salad.

  10. Thank YOU! It was awesome! I’m repeating Week 4 (thanks to a teething baby workouts took a backseat last week) and then going back through the whole thing again! Loved it!

  11. Thanks for another great Summer Shape Up! I’m looking forward to continuing the workouts in my routine. 🙂

  12. Cannot wait for the zucchini salad recipe! My clients have brought me squash from their gardens for daaaayz! I’ve made two zucchini-based dinners, two loaves of Paleo Chocolate Zucchini Bread and froze two gallon-sized bags of yellow squash!! And have one huge zucchini still sitting on the counter. Annnd, I’m typically not much of a squash/zucchini girl lol.

  13. I’m just starting week 4 of SSU today and I can’t wait!! Such an awesome program, Gina. I’m so glad I’m sticking it out because my body longs for the torture now haha. Also, can’t wait for the blog revamp!!

  14. I wil miss shape up, definitely going to subscribe to get the weekly workouts because having a workout plan was great! I am not good at incorporating strength training on my own.

  15. Lauren M. says:

    Excited for the zucchini salad recipe! Loved the Shape Up workouts – they defintiely left me a sweaty mess, and challenged me.

  16. That salad looks so amazing!!!

  17. Thank you so much for the summer shape up, Gina! It really has been such a fun and amazing four weeks. Thank you for all of your hard work to put this together!

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the shape up!!

  19. I had a blast with the summer shape up! It was just the kick in the pants I needed to get back on a regular workout schedule. Thanks again!

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