Family: Weeks 35-37

A little trip down belly memory lane:

8 weeks (when I thought I was totally showing already)

8 weeks 1 of 1 3

17 weeks:

17 weeks

and now, 37 weeks and feeling….

37 weeks

Ready! Even though I think I still have at least another 1 1/2 to 2 weeks left. 

37 weeks 2

Random thoughts/things that I’ve noticed:

-I’ve been having Braxton Hicks contractions almost every night for the past couple of weeks. They’ll feel like tiny cramps and then I’ll get a zinger, but I can’t really tell if it’s the Braxton Hicks or little miss trying to make an escape. I joke that she’s trying to come out my belly button Alien-style because her movements are so extreme. We felt Liv move quite a bit in my belly, and could certainly see it, but with this one, the movements are enormous and you’ll often see an appendage sticking out. I’m definitely going to film it. (<— edited to say: I did film it and will post it on the blog next week!) While I was getting my teeth cleaned last week, one of the techs said she’d be creeping by because she loved watching my belly move so much. It was really cute.

-I told you guys about our last ultrasound, and how apparently little miss is supposed to be a big baby (10+ lbs). Thank you so much for the reassurance and your stories about babies of all different sizes, and how third trimester ultrasounds are usually inaccurate. When I had my midwife appointment on Monday, and talked to her about the ultrasound, she basically laughed it off. She said that I shouldn’t worry about it AT ALL, and that a skilled midwife or OB/GYN is way better at estimating size than a third trimester ultrasound measurement. She said I have a proven capable pelvis, since I’ve given birth before, and has no doubt I’ll be able to do it again. It was nice that she was so chill about it, and the midwives have no plans to induce me, unless I go to 41 weeks. If I make it to 41 weeks, I will be a cranky human.

-it’s amazing how a little bit of kindness or reassurance can put some pep in your step. While I was crawling on the treadmill (during the heat wave, so I had a wet cold towel around my neck) one of the guys who frequently works out at the club told me I was inspiring, and to “keep crushing it.” I didn’t feel like I was crushing it at all (I never thought I’d say I look forward to burpees again), but I felt proud of myself for sticking with it even though movement is pretty limited right now. Sill rocking the barre, walking, TRX, and modified 21dayfix combo.

-I officially ran out of clothes that fit me and look appropriate (<— the last part is key haha). I’m so glad I went to Pea in a Pod and Motherhood, and grabbed a couple of essentials that will last me for the rest of the pregnancy. It’s amazing how much better you feel when clothes fit they way they’re intended. 😉  

Weight gain:

33 lbs. It snowballed on at first, but seems to have tapered down. 


-Goat’s milk Greek yogurt. I could eat it all day, but still have only seen it at Whole Foods

-Soft pretzels and pie (always)

-Giant bowls of fruit



-Most raw veggies. I still love salad (because dressing) but if we’re having veggies, lightly sautéing them makes a huge different

-Hot food, unless it’s dinner time, just because I’m sweating my face off all day 

Baby purchases:

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve picked up some nursing bras and nursing tank tops, along with a couple of items we were missing from our hospital bag (like burp cloths). We also got a couple of things from IKEA to complete her room, and the mobile should be here this weekend! When it’s all finished, I’ll definitely post everything. Hopefully everything will be ready to go by next week. 
For my friends who are following along with name clues, here are all of the letter so far + a new one:

L  E  E  N   

Currently reading:

I think I’ve had my fill of birth books, so I’d love any recommendations for books about the postpartum period and introducing a new sibling into the house. This week, I started No Bad Kids by Janet Lansbury and am loving it so far (it’s about toddler discipline). 

Skimming our Bradley Method course book

Who knows? Maybe this will be the last belly update?!



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  1. I’m due 10/8 and I’m willing to bet money we have the same name picked out for our girls!

  2. Emeline, Adeline, Evelyn, Penelope, Annabelle, Madeline…I was able to guess Olivia’s and I just don’t know about this one! Excited for the little miss to make her arrival, and especially excited for you and the family! Thanks for always being an inspiration!

  3. Go Gina!! You really are crushing it! It’s so motivating to see you hitting the gym, going to barre and eating right. Best wishes!!

  4. Evelyn!

  5. I’m still guessing Penelope (my daughter’s name) but Madeline is such a cute name too. You look great! I miss my preg belly sometimes 🙂

  6. I’m so excited for you!! I can’t wait to find out what baby girl will be named! 😀

  7. You look fantastic! Love the belly. I’m 16 weeks along with my first and have a feeling I’ll be all belly like you! I started to show reallyy early, to the point where strangers were noticing at like 10 weeks. And it’s not slowing down yet! Can’t wait to see pictures of the newest family member when she arrives. My guess for the name is Leanne.

  8. You’re so close to the finish line. You look fabulous! I’m loving all the name guesses.
    I’d love to hear some things you’ve done or plan to do to help Liv adjust to her new sis or if you’re just gonna wing it and see how things evolve. I often think about how my son will be if he gets a sibling. He has such a sensitive, very caring, sweet personality. I wonder if he’ll be loving and nurturing or if he’ll be like, “screw mister nice guy. I want my mama back!” Haha

  9. Is it Elena?!

  10. Well that rules out my suspicion the name would be EEL Annabelle or Emmeline are my guesses. I have a 6 month old Harper and those were other names I loved so I may just be projecting On the other hand Leen would be a hilariously controversial name for a fitness blogger’s daughter You are still glowing! I am sending good labour vibes your way from Australia

  11. Best wishes! I had an inaccurate ultrasound at 39 weeks in which they underestimated his weight by more than a pound, leading to a failed induction and C-section. Your midwife is so right.

    I read ‘Light Between Oceans’ on maternity eave and l

  12. I’m guessing Evelyn and call her Evie for short!

  13. Am I wrong that you’ve mentioned before that you are a lover of ‘Come On, Eileen’?? That’s my guess! Although Evelyn is a lovely name, it was on our short list… We went with Maren instead.

  14. You’re looking beautiful! And I’m definitely guessing Evelyn for the name! Good luck!

  15. Elena? Leena?

  16. My official guess is Noelle!!

  17. I’m guessing Eleanor!

  18. Congrats!! You look great and hope the little one makes her entrance soon:) I was in OB recently when I was visiting and tried OB noodle house, and it was really good! And my husband and I have had a lot of Pho from all over:) we walked over to the dog beach, not prepared for the beach, and my 4 yr old was in the ocean in just his underwear haha. He’s such a beach kid. Take care!

  19. Colleen? Eleanor?

  20. You’re looking fabulous! So close!! I’m guessing Eleanor (Ellie for short) or Madeline!

  21. Evelyn, Elena, Penelope or Noelle are my guesses!

    You look great & definitely are crushing it! 🙂

  22. Hmm I am going to guess Leanne or Madeline. If you have a Madeline you’ll then have two great children’s book characters :)!

  23. Elena & Olivia. ‘lena & Liv 🙂 Or Madeline and Olivia. Those are my guesses! I had to pair it with the sibling name because they obviously have to go together 🙂

  24. I’m guessing Noelle now 🙂 You’re so close! And I remember those random compliments that just helped so much when you’re that close to the end (and movement is just so unappealing!) You’re doing great- good luck on the big day whenever it is!

  25. AHHH you look great! Cannot wait to hear your good news!

  26. I was just talking to my friend Colleen so that’s the first name that popped into my head 🙂

    You look great!

  27. Of course I have to guess Colleen. I have always loved my name and there are not too many of us out there.

  28. Eileen, Elena, Madeline, Penelope? 🙂 No matter what, I’m sure she’ll be a sweet and beautiful baby!

  29. Congrats!! You’re soo close!!

  30. I never trust the ultrasound. A friend of mine was “supposed” to have a 10 pounder, and had a 7, and I was “supposed” to have a small 8, big 7 pound baby, and he was barely 6 pounds! I definitely wouldn’t stress too much about it! Go you for already knowing the name!! We didn’t have our son’s name until a few days before D day!! Though, I truly think that boys names a billion times harder – we had SO many cute girl’s names before finding out he was a boy.

  31. You look amazing! Good luck!!

  32. You are a trooper for sure! So happy for you, and can’t wait for your new addition to arrive 🙂

  33. You look gorgeous, my friend! You’re ALL belly! I can relate to so many of your thoughts here. I had a 3rd tri ultrasound last week, and they told me the same thing…that my baby was going to be huge. I kind of freaked, but have heard the same from others and my midwife that those ultrasounds can be off. And yes to so much of my clothing being too small and/or inappropriate these days. This belly is HUGE! Haha. We’re almost there!!

  34. maggie airee says:

    I’m reaffirming my last guess- Eleanor.

  35. I’m the opposite with veggies right now @ 14 weeks. If they aren’t raw I’m not interested (except potatoes).

  36. Congrats on sobering news from your midwives. :). It’s not a direct hit on the topic, but I found the book Simplicity Parenting very helpful soon after our first was born. Good luck!

  37. aww, Eleanor?!?!?!!! Great pick.

  38. I’m still hoping for Helen! 😉

    You look beautiful! Keep hanging on, you’re almost there!

  39. Is the name Ellen or Nellie? Congrats on your new baby girl.

  40. queenoffitness says:

    Your soft pretzel cravings reminds me of a quote from new girl when she is talking about PMS, ” It hurts, I feel like I’ve laid a million eggs and they’re all hatching. i feel like i wanna murder someone right now and also i want soft pretzels.” they always play it on cosmo’s wake up with taylor on sirius.
    also, my money is still on chalene!

  41. Dr Laura Markham has a blog, website and two books. She is awesome (I think). All for positive parenting which was really effective for my kids. My guesses Evelyn, Eleanor, Ellen. E names are really popular in Australia my girls have 8/20 kids in their class with E names!

  42. Elena!

    • Also, you are absolutely stunning rocking that bump. I know you don’t feel like it, so just a friendly reminder. ❤️

  43. And now for something completely out of left field, but you are getting awfully close, so it needs to be said 🙂 I know this goes against all things blogging, but if you posted a pic of the new babe, then said, “I’m out. See you guys in two weeks!” I would be sitting at my computer doing my best golf clap. And if you took a four week maternity leave, all the better. FMLA gives us folks with a regular 9-5 the right to check out for 12 weeks and still have our jobs be here for us when we return. And personally, as a non-blogger, I think it’s a bit crazy that women feel compelled to continue posting immediately after giving birth. I wish you a wonderful birth, a healthy baby, and a full-maternity leave (whatever that means to you). I will now get off my soap box. 🙂 Absolutely love the blog, you inspire me greatly!

  44. I remember you posted about two abdominal binders post pregnancy, but can’t find that post. Which ones did you use and which would you prefer? THANKS!!

    I’m due in December – my first!

  45. I’m thinking “Colleen”

  46. You look so beautiful! Love the bump and you’re rocking it! Your hair? Gorgeous.

    I’m loving this game guessing name. It reminds me of Wheel of Fortune or Jumble puzzles, which I love! I’m out of ideas though! Can’t wait to hear the name.

    Keep feeling great and growing that baby girl like a boss 🙂

  47. Jacqueline? although I obviously prefer the Jacquelyn spelling 😉 (actually, I kind of don’t prefer it because it always gets spelled wrong!)

  48. Don’t grt me started on weight predictions!

    I’m type 1 diabetic and was being monitored very closely. At 36 weeks they thought from the ultrasound that the baby was nearing 9lbs. They rushed me to be Induced the following week. It took a further week for the Iinduction to actually work. So i was just shy of 38 weeks when baby arrived and I was expecting a whopper. The poor little guy was 7lb6oz! Had he been earlier he would have been 6lbs.

    I really wouldn’t worry 🙂

  49. Gina, I think you look amazing and actually a bit smaller than when you were pregnant with Livi. So…10lb baby…I doubt it. I’ve heard you can never tell with ultrasounds and have friends who have had their babies’ weight grossly over/under estimated by an ultrasound tech. Your midwife sounds like a rockstar they way she blew it off. Gotta love midwives!!
    Can’t wait to see pics of the new little one, and hear the birth story. You are going to rock it! Thanks for being such a great, fit, inspiration to us Mom’s trying to keep healthy an active with little ones, or pregnant.

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