Fave posts:

-Pilot comes home

-Tips for redeployment

-Anniversary posts

-Confessions of a Personal Trainer

-A love story

-You know he’s deployed when…

-What the heck is “healthy?”


-Breaking up with running

-The proof is in the pudding

-The sweetest sound

-The birth story part 1 and part 2

-Home as a family



-When I stopped taking birth control to practice Fertility Awareness Method (a good choice for us now, but BC was a great choice for me while I was in college and not married)

-Graduating from 105degrees

-When good friends of ours adopted Vies

-I started eating chicken again (much to Bella’s delight)

-Driving across the country with my madre and two pups

-Buying our first house

-We’re expecting!

-Meet the love of our life

Reader’s Requests:

-Fave salsas and hot sauces

-Getting more out of your cardio routine

-Options for newbies

-Mistakes you may be making

-“Om” at home

-Accomplishing workout goals

-Finding a gym buddy

-Gym class etiquette

-Quinoa uses

-When to break up with your trainer

-At-home workout options

-Why I prefer goat dairy

-Fit and healthy in college

-Finding motivation

-High Intensity Interval Training

-What’s the deal with gluten?

-Kitchen Essentials

-Weights 101

-Smoothies vs. Juices

-Getting into group ex

-Fave protein powder uses

Those are a few of my faves, but there are a lot more here.

Focus On posts:


-South Beach

-Tone It Up

-Weight Watchers


-Bikram yoga

-Body Pump

-Bodyrock (since Zuzana left I’m no longer an advocate for Bodyrock workouts, but instead recommend her ZWOW workouts)


-Core Fusion


-Half Marathon training


-Medicine balls

-Physique 57



-Resistance bands

-Rest days


-Stability balls


-The scary cable pulley thing

-Step aerobics

-Tabata Training




-YouTube Fitness


Family posts:

7 months old

6 months

5 Months

4 Months

3 Months

2 Months

1st trimester workouts

2nd trimester workouts

3rd trimester workouts

Baby food recipes

Baby smoothie recipes

Dear pregnant self

DIY: Nursery name letters

New mom must-haves

Our baby registry

Pregnancy workout swap-outs

What I learned about cloth diapers and the great diaper debacle


  1. That sounds like fun ;)

  2. Hmmm….. :)

  3. When does the fun begin?

    • Fitnessista says:

      eep! i keep forgetting about this page hahah. hopefully next week when i have internet again, i can get it put together

  4. This isn’t fun related really, but I was just wondering if there was a way to subscribe to your blog? Since I’ve just recently come across I’m having a hoot reading the archives instead of actually doing work at work – it’d be awesome if I got a notice when your new ones go up. If not I’ll just continue to check at my leisure but I thought I’d ask. :)

  5. Hi there,

    I’ve just stumbled across your blog and LOVE it. Have you ever thought about setting up something like a formspring page so people could ask you questions?

  6. Hi Gina-
    This is random, but since you teach zumba and said you love to dance. Would you give some tips on dancing? Sounds ridiculous, but I have no sense of rhythm and would love some tips on how to dance at bars, weddings, keep the beat,etc. Thought maybe it could be a fun post?!

    • Fitnessista says:

      that is a fun idea- thank you! :)

      • Along with Lissi’s idea…I would love to watch one of your Zumba classes since that seems to be a big love in your life. I do not know if you are allowed to film any while you are at work, but there are always fun Zumba dances on YouTube and I was wondering if you would post one!

  7. Hello! Love your blog!!!! keep up the good work! If you don’t mind my asking how did you lose 40 pounds? What foods did you focus on? What foods did you stay away from? I am struggling and was just wondering if you could offer any advice. Thanks!!!

  8. SOO excited for the fun to begin! (:

  9. I was wondering if you have ever done or will consider doing a post on your favorite things, such as home appliances, (like what dehydrator you use) or what blender etc?

  10. Hey, I wasn’t sure how to contact you, and this seemed like a good spot to do it… My Hubs and I will be visiting Arizona in early spring (specifically the Phoenix and Sedona areas) and I was just wondering if you had any suggestions for things we should/places we should visit (on a modest budget) while in the great state. We’re from Indiana and have never been so we’re REALLY excited! THANKS!

  11. Is this link broken?

  12. Wow! So awesome! Such a great idea and amazing resource.

  13. I love your Focus On post, do you plan on writing some soon? I would love to see one about protein and the importance of meeting the daily needs while working out! Thanks!

  14. Hey Gina! I was wondering if it’d be possible for you to make some sort of “Books” sections on this page. I know you read a lot of great books and would love easy access to your posts on some of the books you’ve read. Thanks!

  15. Great site! I’d be happy to send you the Dance w/Julianne DVDs (and others). Please get in touch!

  16. Hey! I just found your blog! I love it! :) Is there a way to subscribe?


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