Fig, goat cheese + asparagus salad

It’s dance week at work. I always get so excited for dance week because we offer extra classes, taught by professional choreographers and dancers that come stay at the resort, and have a little recital so the guests can perform what they’ve learned. The dance fitness instructors always do a number, too, (this time it’s hip hop!) and usually a Zumba dance. 

Since the Pilot was home this morning, I got to go in for a hip hop class and it was amaaaazing.

Hip hop

Gotta love an early morning booty shake and fun workout.

Since it’s dance week, I’ll be practicing the instructor dances during our lunch breaks and have to be extra prepared with what I bring in to eat. We’ll be moving a lot and chances are that I won’t be able to rush home if I’m hungry or forget something.

Liv and I finally made a TJs stop,

Flowers 4

(weekly flowers)

and I was really excited to use these beautiful organic figs:


Figs have been pretty new to me since I started blogging. I always knew about (and loved) Fig Newtons and dried figs but didn’t taste a fresh fig for the first time until recently. They have a rich, sweet taste, but I’ve found they go bad quickly and that I still can’t really tell how fresh they are when I buy them. (It’s kind of like an eggplant.. I inspect it and make sure there are no bruises or weird spots, but other than that, I have no idea what I’m doing.)

Figs 2

My first thought was to bust out some raw fig tarts, but since I’ve done that already, I thought I’d incorporate them as a sweet addition to my favorite lunch staple: salad.

Figs 5

I quartered them and baked with chopped asparagus, sea salt and olive oil, at 375* for 20 minutes,

Figs 3

added some greens, goat cheese, balsamic…

Figs 4

Fresh figs alone are amazing, but heated up? Like candy.

I packed up a version with quinoa to take for lunch tomorrow. Packed snacks plan:

breakfast cookie


pack of deli meat

an apple

I hope you’re having a wonderful night! Off to film this week’s Tabata video.

See ya in the morning.



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Something to read: Want to be happy? Stop trying to be perfect. <– an incredible read, especially if, like me, it’s something you’ve dealt with <3

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  1. It was Zumba night here, and the instructors let me take a shot at leading. I’m getting antsy to get certified. Was really fun! I still haven’t had figs. They look so good! Dance Week? How can that be bad? 😀

  2. I made fig salad tonight as well! It was my first time making it and holy guacamole it was delish! I got my recipe from Iowa girl eats…
    I like your spin on it and will def. be trying soon:)

    Glad you found your doggie!

  3. I just grilled my first eggplant tonight. After looking at recipes I settled for a quick staple. Slice eggplant and put in ziploc, add EVOO, salt and pepper and grill about 7 min each side. Easy-peesie and delish:)

  4. Gina, have you ever heard of Bountiful Baskets? I used to live in Flagstaff and Prescott AZ so I know Arizona does it. Basically, you sign up for a basket (about a laundry basket size) of fruits and vegetables (they offer conventional and organic) and get a great variety of produce, always WAY more than you could get in the store for the same price. I think I once got figs, back when the only vegetable I knew was broccoliandcheese (it’s a green vegetable with a strange yellow goop slopped on top) but thought they were plums than had gone bad and threw them out!
    Any ways, I learn all kinds of new produce through them and absolutely love them so thought I’d tell you about them since you reminded me of it!

  5. I have yet to try figs! They are so pretty 🙂 I love hip hop classes! Dancing to upbeat music is always the best cardio 🙂

  6. Buying figs tomorrow for one of the doughnut-book recipes. Accompanied by goat cheese… 🙂

  7. i absolutely love figs & have gotten them quite a few times this summer! there are a couple of posts on my blog involving figs.

  8. mmmm I love figs!! The best way I use to tell if they are ripe or not is by feeling them. The heavier they are, and squishier (in a juicy way, not a pillow-y way) then generally the riper and sweeter they are. Also, mission black figs tend to be the sweetest (IMO). I may or may not have been known to empty a basket of figs at whole foods and then re-fill it with the ripest ones I can find from the other baskets 😉

  9. I’ve never tried a fresh fig before – this seems like an awesome way to introduce myself to one!

  10. figs are like beets to me – when roasted they just get sweeter and even more amazing – like nature’s candy!

    and like eggplant or watermelon, figuring out how ripe (or not) they are – is always a little mystery to me too.

  11. You are spot on with your link and thoughts today Gina! The article on perfectionism was exactly what I need to read tonight. Thank you! PS: if you figs look like they are about to turn on you, dry them and make another salad with pecans or walnuts, goat cheese, greens and balsamic vinaigrette. A local restaurant in my town serves that salad (I add chicken to make it a meal) and it is so good!

  12. Try this: grill halved figs, and put on a piece of fancy toast with goat cheese and a little drizzle of honey

  13. Figs are a favorite of mine, and I grew up eating them, but I like your spin on them with this salad. I’m wondering what other combination could be used instead of asparagus, since it’s not in season right now. Maybe just arugula or something like that?

  14. I never know how to use figs! I always see them at the store, pick ’em up, think they feel funny, and put them back! lol. maybe I’ll give it try this week. 🙂

  15. I’ve never tried a fig before! What fruit does it remind you of in terms or taste and texture?

  16. That article was so great! Thanks for linking to it. I am so guilty of constantly striving for perfection, and it’s so true what it says- my very favorite people in this world are beautifully and unabashedly flawed!

  17. That salad looks amazing! I’ve never tried a fig before but I’m thinking I need to get on that!

  18. Haha figs are a mystery to me too! Also I hate how they’re so hard to find around my neck of the woods. I’ve only seen them in my grocery store once this summer! 😛

  19. My parents have a fig tree and just over the weekend I went to visit them. I was so excited about the figs only to find out that my dad had just given away two buckets of them the day before! NOOO!!!
    I was so very sad 🙁
    I enjoy putting them on homemade pizza: Very light sauce of garlic, evoo, and butter + precuto + sliced figs + goat cheese. Top with fresh arugala. Very yummy!

  20. Figs are newer to me too but immediately became one of my top 10 favorite foods!

    There are seriously few things better than grilled figs with a balsamic reduction, so good!

    Now if only they werent so expensive!

  21. I love figs! Try stuffing them with goat cheese, drizzling with olive oil, putting them on skewers, and grilling them for a few minutes to get the cheese all melty. It’s amazing!

  22. Jealous! The TJs in Des Moines was out of figs last night. PS – Have you seen Iowa Girl Eats’ fig salad?

    The Frico looks interesting!

  23. That salad looks great! I just recently started trying figs (in forms other than Fig Newtons) too. My husband and I were on vacation in Ocracoke Island, NC, last weekend and there is a retired woman there who collects figs from the entire island to make fig cakes (they’re kind of like spice cakes) and preserves to sell throughout the year. Definitely not as healthy as the salad that you made, but they were delicious!

  24. I’ve never bought figs before – haven’t ever even seen them in the grocery store. They are one of the fruits (like pomegranates) that never make their way around here. One day though 🙂

  25. have you tried this date shake?, I bet you would be able to sub the dates for your fresh figs with an equally delicious outcome!! 🙂

  26. I am so looking for figs at the grocery store today. I never ever see fresh ones but maybe I’ll get lucky.

  27. Yum! That salad looks sooooo good!

  28. I’ve actually never had a fig, this salad looks good!

  29. Figs and goat cheese are a match made in heaven, right? 🙂
    Have a good dance week! Sounds like some fun!

  30. NEVER thought to heat up figs. I have to try this … tonight!

  31. Beverly Aragon says:

    Holy yum! That salad looks amazing.

  32. I really love this blog! And holy hot fig salad, it looks delish! xo!

  33. Just found out that I have something to do EVERY zumba night this week!!!!!!!!!! I am so dissapointed! My next zumba night is Friday and I was just asked to go bowling that night! I can’t say no to bowling because I want to go to Zumba! But with my group of friends we almost always get a game of frisbe goin in the parking lot. So that should be a good workout as I try not to hit cars and try to hit my friends! (we are teenagers. what do you expect!)

  34. Figs are one of my favorite fruits. This salad looks delicious!

  35. This salad looks so good! Figs and goat cheese are a great combo. I definitely felt the same way when I first discovered fresh figs a couple years ago, they really do taste like candy!

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