first cooking party experience

Last night, we were treated to a beautiful cooking party at Sur la Table.

Kale  1 of 1

Allow me to get out from under my rock dwelling because it was my first time in this store. Love at first sight! I can’t wait to go back when it’s open and shop a little 😉

Our chef instructor, Stephan (whose education is from Le Cordon Bleu) led the class, and taught us a few dinner party-perfect recipes:

IMG 4957

(Dani, Nicole and Bex are in the pic above)

kale salad with pickled watermelon and feta;

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grilled citrus chicken skewers with quinoa, corn and lime;

and chocolate lava cake.

IMG 4971

It was my first time cooking in a party environment, and I can definitely see why they’re a huge hit for girls’ nights and date nights. I learned a ton of helpful cooking tips, and bonus: we got to eat everything when we were finished cooking. (I’ve actually heard of a cooking parties where you just watch someone cook the food and don’t get to eat it? That sounds heartbreaking.)

My fellow cheffers 😉

Photo 103

20140611 190512

(+ Sarah’s awesome bear in the background haha)

I’m excited to replicate this meal when I get back to San Diego. Everything was delicious, and the pickled watermelon for the salad was out of this world. Strangely enough, my favorite part of the meal was the chicken skewers.

IMG 4969

The corn, avocado and lime topping was amazing, and the citrus marinade was a fun new twist. We do BBQ marinades a LOT, so this will be an easy way to switch things up.

In my heaven, I swim in chocolate lava with my mouth open…

Molten  1 of 1

This morning, I’m off with Sarah, Nicole, Brittany and Julie to take a barre class before heading to the official Stitch Fix events. We’re going to check out the warehouse (The Hizzy) today, and I hope to be reunited with the box monster 😉

Box monster  1 of 1

See ya later today!



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  1. This looks like such a fun trip!! 🙂 🙂 I do have a silly question, but I’ve wondered it for a while. How exactly do you pickle something? lol. I’ve never heard of pickling a watermelon and I’m wondering if it really changes the flavor of it.

  2. The chicken skewers sound really good. I love citrus stuff for summer cooking.

  3. We have a Sur la Table close by and I love it! Haven’t tried a cooking class, but keep thinking it’d be a fun date night with the fiancee. Glad to know you all had a good time!

  4. I’ve never been to Sur la Table either but it looks like a place I’d like to check out. Cooking classes are so much fun! I went to a sushi class with my husband last year and we had a blast!

  5. Amber Schumann says:

    Sur la Table is I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E. I stick to their sale racks (they always have the cutest mis-matchy stuff that are perfect additions to my kitchen). And their cookie cutter “tower” is the best for my sugar-cookie-baking obsession.

  6. That looks like so much fun! And the food that you all made looks delicious! Have fun on your trip!!!


  7. I love Sur La Table cooking classes! They offer some really fun date night classes and I love that you get to keep all the recipes so you can recreate them at home. These classes are worth every penny in my opinion. So much fun!

  8. I really want to take a cooking class! It looks like SO much fun!

  9. Pickled watermelon sounds intriguing! I’ll have to find/make some. Cooking class sounds so fun, though, and what a fun date night idea. 🙂

  10. I’ve never been to Sur la Table either but really want to go now! Fun store.

    Everything sounds so yummy! Are you going to be able to share the recipes??

  11. and now I’m starving, lol

  12. What a fun night! The food looks amazing. Can’t wait to hear about your Stitch Fix adventures!

  13. that cooking class looks so fun! And what?!? some places don’t let you eat the creations? That is a crime…..

  14. How fun! I’ve never taken a cooking class either but it always seems like people have so much fun. I should try it one of these days!

  15. which barre class?? i hope dailey method!

  16. I was in Sur la Table two days ago and there was a cooking class going on! It smelled SO good. I’d love to try it sometime. I can’t believe you’ve never been in that store before–it’s a happy place.

  17. I hope that you’ll be sharing the salad and chicken recipes! They both sound amazing!

  18. Oh my goodness! I love that store — I could buy everything in there (if my credit card would allow!) I think a cooking party sounds like a wonderful idea for my next girl’s night!

  19. Sur la Table is such a fun store! I’ve taken a couple classes at the Los Gatos store and they’ve been so fun. One was with my hubby on Valentines Day and it was the perfect way to celebrate!

  20. How much freaking fun is a cooking party!?!? I am dying to do something like that! Too cool!

  21. Everything looks delicious! Looks like you ladies are having a BLAST! I have never tried a Sur-La-Table cooking class, but they sound great! Thanks!

  22. Have an amazing time today! I love sur la table. All that food looks delicious!

  23. Between Sur la Table and Williams-Sonoma, I get super crazy motivated to cook ALL THE THINGS! Then I get tired and order Indian take-out.

    I totally want to try a cooking party with my friends some time, that’s a great idea!

  24. Cooking classes are so much fun! I never thought about doing pickled fruit much less watermelon. Hopefully it was good.

  25. you’ve never been to sur la table before?!?!?! Girrrrrrrrrl.

  26. I can’t believe you’ve never been to Sur La Table!!!! It’s amazing 🙂

  27. Sur La Table is amazing!! Im jealous!

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