Fourth and Faves

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Hope you’re having a lovely morning so far and have some fun plans for this weekend. Happy early 4th to my American friends, and late Canada day to my Canadian friends. 🙂 It’s been a whirlwind of a week, and I’m so glad the it’s winding down and we get to spend some time together as a family. I’m feeling much better -thank you again so much for all of the get well wishes!- and after my roundup of doc appointments, things have settled down for now.

This is where I usually share my faves from the week (eats, reads, fashion and beauty fun, and viewing entertainment) and my top fave is completely out of the ordinary: we got an AC unit for our room. Like many places in San Diego (since it’s so temperate here most of the year), our house doesn’t have AC. I’ve been uncomfortable and hot sleeping, so we ordered a window unit from Amazon and transformed our room into a nighttime arctic tundra. I slept the best I’ve slept in 3 weeks!!! We got one for Liv’s room, too, and wow, it feels so good to sleep with blankets again haha. And you know you’re getting up there on the age ladder when things like AC units make you insanely happy. 

Some more faves from the week and around the web:

Look who I found at the beach! 

Me and kath

Kath! They’re on vacation here and we have some fun plans with them while they’re in town. It was so great to see Matt again, catch up with Karen (I love her), and finally meet Kath’s mom. And of course, watching these two friends play in the bay together.

Livi and mazen

Mixing tinted moisturizer with the Benefit High Beam. I love the tarte tinted moisturizer, but I find that it’s very matte, so by adding a little bit of high beam to it, it adds some brightness. 

Liv and I have been working on this. She said my stanky leg isn’t good enough to post yet.

When the smoothie girl sees your giant muscles.

The hulk

(Kidddding, that was the name of my drink.)

Strength training moves that will crank up your heart rate. 

All the cold things.

Tiki acai

(+ a decaf almond milk latte)

Healthy dip recipes for this weekend’s festivities and potluck recipe ideas.

BODYPUMPin’ at 25 weeks preg. Latest belly update is up on the Family page. 

Bodypumpin 25 weeks pregnant

Your amazing Summer Shape Up check-ins! Don’t forget that you still have time to enter this week’s giveaway here. All you have to do is comment each day with your workout for the day! I’ll pick a lucky winner Sunday night. This week I put the call out for bicep flexing pics, and the check-ins were seriously the best ever.

Ssu2015 week 3 checkins

Some awesome 4th of July sales:

Fellow blogger friends: “Build Up Your Blog” is $9 with the code “boom” through Sunday

30% off at Banana Republic (code: “BRTHIRTY)

40% off at Old Navy + free shipping over $25 (code:”GOLDMINE”)

Tons of new sale stuff at Shopbop

50% off original price on reduced styles at ALDO

$4 deals at HM


Hope you have a very happy Friday! What was something you loved from the week? Did you get excited about something totally random (like me wanting to kiss the AC unit)? 



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  1. Ha…I get excited about random things all the time so I hear you on that one. Love the “hulk Gina” message on your smoothie. Happy 4th – have a wonderful weekend!

  2. The pictures of Mazen and Liv together are precious! So great that they became fast friends!

  3. Omg that mom + daughter dance is amazing!! #lifegoals

    Happy 4th!

  4. that smoothie looks SO good!

  5. Happy early Fourth, Gina! I am so glad you are sleeping better! One of the worst feelings is trying to sleep when it is grossly hot out, so I can imagine the relief it mustve been to grab an AC.

  6. I get excited over very random things sometimes…like furniture sets on sale, etc. Totally crazy lol Have a great 4th.

  7. Hahahah @hulk Gina! I love it!

  8. Hi Gina! No A/C in San Diego? I didn’t know that. We didn’t have it or need it in San Francisco, but now that I’m just outside the City, we need that A/C. Speaking of sales, I actually hit up Old Navy yesterday for my Fourth outfit and scored some big deals. Have a wonderful weekend!! 🙂

  9. Get outa town!! My two favorite bloggers☺️

  10. I got extremely excited when I bought my new juicer today! My old juicer’s cover sadly snapped (and exploded beets all around the kitchen) a few months ago and I had been waiting to buy a new one. I was so stoked when I saw one for the exact amount I had on a gift card. I’m pretty sure that’s the stuff that makes me believe in fate lol

  11. Love the hulk message! I had some guy tell me today at a class I look ripped. I had to look around to see if he was really talking to me. Too bad my butt can’t follow suite. Happy 4th!

  12. That is cool you guys ran into each other! Aww, the kiddo’s are so cute! I’m going to take advantage of a few promo codes you let out of the bag. I hope you guys have a great weekend!

  13. Hi Gina! I want to download your audiobook but the link isn’t working for me. Is there a different way I can get it?

    I was randomly excited to organize our kitchen cabinets. They were disorganized and messy and driving me crazy!!!!

  14. The ‘Hulk Gina’ pic made me laugh :). I can’t even look at that Tarte moisturizer without wanting to pounce on it. Looks SO good, but that price tag is too much for me right now – insert super sad face! But seriously…I want ALL the “green” makeup!

  15. My biggest fave from the week was my daughter rolling over by herself! Happy 4th of July!

  16. Erika S. says:

    Loved the dance video. The one with the lil boy at the pharrell concert had me in tears…he was so cute and his dad’s response was even better!

  17. I got super excited when a strange man approached me in the airport to tell me I was beautiful.Made me feel great.

  18. I laughed out loud at the “Hulk”! We love your blog at Hey Abigail 🙂

  19. Those kiddos look like they’re having a fabulous time! I just went strawberry picking and I’m excited for fresh fruit this week – there’s nothing like it!

  20. I have so much appreciation for A/C now that I live in Salt Lake City and haven’t had any yet this summer. The nights get so hot!
    Your smoothie looks incredible! So many muscles!

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