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Hi hi! Happy Friday! Hope you’re enjoying the morning <3 It’s a beautiful one here (shocker haha) and I’m excited to see what the day brings. Some faves from the week and around the web:


Passing my BODYPUMP assessment! I’m a real instructor now 😉 This was a huge sigh of relief and I’m excited to explore other Les Mills formats in the future. For now, I’ll just be working on learning the new release, which has “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat” on there; it’s pretty awesome. 

Your awesome giveaway entries! Thank you so much to those of who participated in the giveaway fun this week. Congratulations to Molly who won the cookbook giveaway (her comment was, “I love my mom’s old Betty Crocker cookbook. The cover is torn, there are sticky pages, and handwritten notes. Love!”) and I’m waiting to receive the White Plum giveaway info. I’ll update this post as soon as I get it! All winners will be emailed today. Update: Congratulations to Kelster, Angela and Taylee! You will be contacted from White Plum to get your shop credits. Enjoy!

Fall soups. I am on a major soup kick right now, especially because we’ve been enjoying them for lunch during the trails. We had a delightful Greek chicken soup the other day that I can’t wait to recreate: broth, roasted red peppers, zucchini, spinach, chicken, herbs and feta. It was like a little warm thermos of happiness. I’m also excited to make this soupthis soup and this soup again.

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This ombre sweater from Fabletics. I did really well in some aspects of packing, and not so well in the others. Somehow, I only brought one sweater, and it’s this one:

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I wore it with my purple lulu pants yesterday and was 50 shades of purple. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Mr. Bean digitally painted into historical prints. This just makes me so happy, and every time I think of him, it’s the gift wrapping scene in Love Actually. “Now, for the final touch.”

Leonardo DiCaprio’s reminder that ignoring things doesn’t make them disappear.

Disney donuts. We are going after some of these during our next Disney trip.

Teaching daughters about bravery.

Wheel musical impressions. 

An awesome jump rope workout.

Knowing I’ll be back with my two favorites again very soon. I feel very refreshed after this trip, but my heart is aching to see them again. I’m also thankful to the Pilot for taking some leave this week to stay home with noodle so I could enjoy this opportunity.

Beach chairs


Any faves from the week? I always love to hear about new things you’re enjoying! And DID YOU WATCH SCANDAL?! I tried to stream it on my computer, but no luck. Don’t tell me anything! Haha.

Happy Friday!




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  1. Glad that you’ve had a wonderful time. What a great picture of Liv at the aquarium – beautiful! I love the new Tabata workout, which I just completed. My quads thank you for the jumping lunges.

  2. I have got to look into this Mountain Trek place you went! It sounds like an amazing experience!

  3. Did I watch Scandal? Is that even a question? OF COURSE! But I won’t say a word 😉

    Friday Fave: This 11 year old girl totally rockin’ it to Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda

  4. These photos!! Amazing. What a beautiful trip! I love your ombre sweater and it’s fall so 50 shades of purple is 100% appropriate. Huge congrats on passing your Body Pump video! I remember when I passed RPM and like you said, it was a major sense of relief. I found the first 4-5 releases took me quite a while to learn, but over time you get used to the patterns and combinations and it’s a lot easier to ‘chunk’ mentally.
    Right now, one of my faves from this week is this video: Just a warning, it might make you teary because it certainly had that effect on me!

    • Fitnessista says:

      I SAW THAT. and yes, totally made me cry.
      good to know that the releases get easier. i had a tough time memorizing the first one!

  5. that hike looks INCREDIBLE! absolutely beautiful!

  6. Congratulations on passing Body Pump!!!!!!!!! That’s so awesome!

  7. I thought you were already certified, but congrats! You are now even more awesome! 🙂 Pretty please film a workout video?!

    • Fitnessista says:

      no, i was half-certified. you have to pass a workshop (which i did) and then send in a video of you teaching a full class and pass that, which takes some time for them to review.

  8. Oh my gosh I’m saving Scandal for tonight and I’m scared of spoilers! I’m with you…don’t tell me anything!

    Congrats on Bodypump!!

  9. Scandal was awesome!! And your trip to Canada looks beautiful! Have an amazing rest of your trip!

  10. Woot! Congrats on passing BodyPump! I hear Les Mills has new “virtual reality” classes coming out that I’m super excited to see!

  11. i think i need to start watching Scandal! So happy you’re enjoying your trip love xo

  12. I love that sweater! I’ve heard about Fabletics, but never looked them up !

  13. Congratulations on passing your assessment! I’m launching BODYPUMP 91 tonight and launched BODYATTACK 86 earlier this week. What would be your next program? I don’t know you, but I feel like SH’BAM would be great for you, but a lot of gyms don’t offer it.

  14. Gah! I missed out on the White Plum giveaway! The Rafflecopter widget is always so iffy on my phone, I kept meaning to find a computer so I could enter and it just slipped my mind. Boo. Oh well, better chance next time!

  15. Love the picture of you and the Boulder! Love the Fabletics sweater too. Isn’t their stuff amazing?

  16. Yay for lifting heavy things! 🙂 Great pics and love that sweater!

  17. Woohoo! Congrats on passing your BP assessment! Isn’t it such a huge relief?!

    Looks like you’ve had an amazing week, but I can understand your excitement to get home to your hubby and sweet Livi. HaPPY Friday!

  18. I can’t wait to watch Scandal this weekend too!!
    Your trip to BC looks so majestic. That river running through the mountains, I die.
    Congratulations on passing your BodyPump assessment! How exciting! I love strength training, but can get stuck in a rut with the same exercises. BP looks like a (hard) fun and something new I need to try.

    • Fitnessista says:

      if you love strength training, you will love bodypump! it’s a great workout, and perfect way to switch up the usual strength training routine

  19. That Fabletics sweater is so cute.

    I’m doing my first Les Mills class (CXWORX?) next week, and I’m a little nervous. Congrats on passing your assessment though!

  20. Livi looks SO big. My goodness…

  21. I am currently a student, so my friday fave is a well deserved weekend!!

  22. My favorite thing this week is the new pair of running shoes I just got. They are amazing and I get compliments on them all the time! Not to mention they are super comfortable!

  23. Oh my gosh – those Mr. Bean pictures!! Those are hysterical!

    (P.S. MELLIE. You’ll know what I mean;)

  24. Are you on sponsored trip?

    • Fitnessista says:

      Yes, I wrote about it in the first post. I was invited here for a press trip. My travel and accommodations were comped, but I’m not being paid to stay here or write about it

  25. San Diego Donut Bar (the original) has free kiddo donuts that are frequently Disney themed. In case you want to splurge on a donut before your next d-land trip 🙂

  26. Scandal was fabulous! Don’t worry, Captain Jake Ballard is still as yummy as before! I also watched How To Get Away With Murder and I’m hooked 🙂 Shonda can do no wrong!

  27. First of all, congrats on the certification! Body Pump is one of my favorite classes! Second of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for picking me as the winner of the cookbook giveaway! I am super thrilled!

  28. Congrats on passing your LMI certification 🙂 It’s such a relief, isn’t it!

    Pump 91 released at my gym this week and def love that track you mention, as well as the Hey Brother triceps one!

  29. Looks like a gorgeous place to visit & recharge! Just broke down at target & bought the Jack Lalane Power Juicer that ou rave about. Justified since $20.00 off; on saaallee!

  30. How do u like your fable tics sweater I’ve been debating ordering it ……did u order your usual top size?

  31. Congrats on Bodypump! By the way, made the baked pumpkin breakfast cookies last Sunday, they were fabulous. Only downfall was I left them in the pantry and didn’t freeze the extra so I threw half away:-(
    I am torn as what to do with Scandal. I came late to the Scandal party but watch every episode on Netflix, so now I don’t know if I can handle only watching one episode at a time and have to wait a whole week to see tj next one. I am sure I will watch it, cause every time I pull up the DVR it will be sitting there teasing me!

  32. I’m about to try that jump rope workout- sounds awesome!

  33. Gina, could you please do a review of Fabletics? Some of the clothes are really cute, but I have found tons of bad reviews online. I don’t want to sign up and get stuck with low quality stuff that’s difficult to return. Thanks for any feedback!

  34. So I watched Scandal and–no spoilers!!!–but I don’t know if I like watching it “live” instead of binge-watching it on it on Netflix…one episode is just not enough, haha! I’m also drooling over the Olivia Pope Collection at The Limited; pretty sure I NEED all of it!

    • Fitnessista says:

      i didn’t know they had a collection!! whaaaaat?!
      and i agree; it’s kind of torturous to watch one episode at a time

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