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Hi friends! Happy Friday! Aaaand happy Valentine’s weekend. I’m a huge fan of V-day -anything involving sweet cards, chocolate and wine is a win in my book- but even more so because it’s the anniversary of when we brought Bella home. Crazy that it was 10 years ago! Do you have any fun Valentine’s plans or dates? We usually will take Liv to a fancypants restaurant or get takeout to enjoy at home, but this year we have something special planned if I can kick this weird virus.

I’m still feeling absolutely terrible, and had zero appetite yesterday until I was ready for some soup. Postmates to the rescue. I was able to order the most beautiful ramen, and it showed up on our doorstep so no one had to leave and pick it up. It was my first time trying the service and it was so easy. Like, too easy. This could definitely become a thing. 

I had the vegan ramen broth with gluten-free noodles and 1/2 an egg.


Liv LOVED the ramen. She was like “I don’t like the egg, but I want more seaweed.” Girlfriend knows what she likes. 😉

Livi w her ramen

In standard Friday fashion, here are some faves from the week and around the web! I always love to hear what you’re enjoying too, so please join in the fun in the comments section if you would like.

Winter Shape Up continues! Your checkins have been so amazing, and it’s hard to believe that we only have 1 week left of the challenge. I’ll have the workouts posted Monday morning, and I have a goal for you, even if you’re not participating in the full schedule: try out one workout next week! I’d love to hear what you think, and any ideas for our next Shape Up, which will be this summer.

This lip crayon. The soft raspberry is the perfect pinky brown. I don’t love the scent -it’s kind of berry scented which is eerily reminiscent of my Lip Smacker childhood- but the color is great.

Our Valentine’s shirts! Livi and I have a little Hello Apparel tradition (here and here!) so of course I had to order a heart shirt for Miss P this year. 

Valentine shirts

Love this so much.

I never want to leave.

The Cravory for existing.

The cravory

I wanted to get something cute for Livi’s friends in class, and picked up some Valentine’s cookies at Cravory. They individually wrapped them, we taped Livi’s princess Valentine’s to the back of each one, and boom. 

Vday cookies

Reunited with goat’s milk yogurt. I hadn’t been buying it as often since we do most of our shopping at Trader Joe’s, and bought a few at Sprout’s for the parfaits I made for the week. So so good, and I forgot what a filling and delicious snack option it is. 

Yogurt returns


Serious meal preppers will understand.

Miss P in her romper and jellies.

Miss p in her romper

I just can’t.

This cracked me up, and the comments were even better. “It contains a broccoli and hemp seed medley (dessert).”

Happy Friday, friends!



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  1. Feel better soon! We came down with a virus that went around the house recently. Luckily it wasn’t too severe since we were on vacation when we got it! Miss P is adorable! Love love love those jellies!

  2. I hope you feel better for the weekend! Pho and treats always help. 🙂

  3. Happy Friday! So many things to love in this post! The ramen looks absolutely delicious. Ultimate comfort food. Little Miss P looks beautiful in her jellies 🙂 Have a fabulous weekend, and feel better!

    Latest Post: Barry’s Bootcamp Review: Marina SF Studio

  4. I’m with her on the seaweed 😉
    Awww that romper!!! <3 The cuteness!
    And that Facebook post is hilarious 😉
    Have a lovely weekend Gina, rest up and feel better!!!

  5. P is so fashionable. I love that jellies made their way back around! I hope you feel better, Gina! 🙂 And tomorrow is my puppy’s 1 year birthday, so we will certainly be celebrating that! Enjoy Valentine’s with your fam!

  6. Hope you are feeling better.

    Your girls are adorable. Love the T-shirts!!

  7. That “Dogs on the Inside” video made my heart so happy! And then the comments on that Facebook post made me laugh super hard…great round-up this week!

    Feb 15 is Peaches’ (my rescue boxer/pit) 10 year adopt-iversary! I took a page from your chicken-buying book and bought her a chicken pot pie to put a candle in. I’m definitely more excited than she is lol 🙂

  8. Oh my gosh! P pulls off a romper better than I ever could 🙂 She’s so stinkin cute. Hope you feel better and have a great weekend!

  9. Ummm Livi=eyebrow goals! and how cute is Miss P in her romper!!? Love those Valentine’s day cookies they are perfect to send in to school! Happy weekend!

  10. Speaking of Harry Potter – have you seen the fully illustrated first book? It is absolutely beautiful! I bought it as a Christmas present for my just-turned-three-year-old. I may have jumped the gun a little too early, but it makes bedtime reading a lot more exciting for this momma. 🙂

  11. I can’t get over how cute your little girls are!! Those eyes tho ; )

    I love anything V Day too and I swear I love it because of all the cute things that come along with it like anything heart-ish and sweet!! LOL!!


  12. Happy Friday. I’m finally getting around to reading The Secrets of a Baby Whisperer – transitioning to crib has made me desperate – and am loving that so far.

  13. Hope you heal quickly, mama! Loved that meal prep article, so, so true! P is so freaking cute in that outfit, and the jellies!!! Love…:)


    (also, feel better <3 🙂 )

  15. OMG those gold shoes. That’s adorable!

  16. I love the Hello photo tradition! Too cute. And that last photo. I cantttt

  17. Feel better!!!

  18. Livi knows what’s up, she is going to be a serious foodie :), and Miss P, goodness she is precious! Can I be in Livi’s class, I want one of those cookies, yum! Celebrating my dad’s birthday this weekend, and a low-key Valentine’s Day for us.

    This distracted puppy is too cute:

  19. Hope you feel better soon! I don’t comment a ton, but have become quite an avid reader 🙂 I teach cardio dance up in San Francisco, and my husband and I have our first trip to San Diego planned in March to explore. Love all your SD tips, but any other new restaurant/bar/activity recs would be great! Thanks for putting out such thoughtful, inspiring content 🙂

  20. That video about the dogs made my heart so, so happy!

  21. I love that you, Liv, and P all have the same shirt! That’s too adorable. I had no idea there was going to be an 8th Harry Potter book!! Best thing I’ve heard all week! <3 Oh and that ramen looks amazing!

  22. I loved wearing jelly shoes when I was a kid! The blisters were worth it! (at least that’s what I remember 😉 )

  23. That Ramen!!!! <3 And I'd totally be with Liv on the "no egg & lots of seaweed" kick 😀 plus lots of noodles 🙂

  24. Awww hope you feel better…its not good to be sick on V-day 🙁

    LOVE the jellies on P. Where did you get them? i am trying to get sandals for my daughter now..

  25. We are currently stationed in Japanese and ‘real’ Japanese Ramen has my whole heart!!!!! As well as our baby’s in my belly! =) I can never eat all the noodles but there is never a veggies is drop of soup/ brooth left!!!! The romper and jellies is wayyy adorbs!!!!!!!!

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