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Hi friends! 3 cheers to the weekend. What are you up to? Any fun plans?

Flowers 3


Tom and liv

It’s a pretty jam-packed couple of days over here. We’re meeting up with friends who are in town, Liv has ballet and two birthday parties, and beach time. I’m also excited to take some new workout pics and add posts to the PBB site. 

In standard Friday fashion, here are some faves from the week and around the web. I always love hearing what you’re enjoying, too, so please shout it out in the comments section if you’d like.

Our St. Paddy’s Day photo text train. Last year, madre, Kyle and I all made the same thing for St. Patrick’s Day dinner: corned beef with veggies and cabbage. Since we’re all in different states, we had a virtual dinner party and texted pictures of our eats to each other through the night. We did the same thing this year! We were at Betsy’s house to celebrate her little guy’s bday, and I took over a slow cooker filled with corned beef, potatoes and carrots.

St paddys dinner train

Green Bailey’s also made an appearance. 

Bear down baileys Our little holiday photo trains make me really look forward to days we’re all in the same spot again. I know it will happen again eventually, and it just makes me appreciate the time we’re together so much more. In the meantime, we’re definitely taking advantage of everything San Diego has to offer, and enjoying the wonderful friends we’ve made.  One of the hardest parts about moving so often: saying “see ya soon” to the friends who have become like family.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. MARCH MADNESS IS OFFICIALLY HERE. The Pilot and I filled out our brackets, and lucky for our neighbors, they’re no longer subjected to my rousing renditions of “Bear Down, Arizona.” We lost in the first round last night! As much as I love my Cats, it wasn’t our year, and Wichita St. deserved to win. 

This necklace. I picked it up at Alex & Ani last week, and loved how simple and delicate it is. You can adjust the length by simply sliding the chain.


Snapchat. (My username is Fitnessista and I finally fixed the privacy settings so all should work now.) I fought it for a long time, because it seemed like another platform for me to learn. (Ok and I thought it was reserved for teens and creepers haha.) I LOVE IT. I found that there are times when I want to post something, like a quick dinner idea or fun snapshot, it doesn’t seem “good enough” for the blog. For most dinners, the lighting in our kitchen is very yellow, so I don’t usually snap pics of meals at night. I love that Snapchat isn’t as curated and permanent as the rest of social media; it’s meant to be temporary and fun. I’m having a blast with it and especially love when you guys will send me snaps back. (Holler to Kelsey who sent me a pic drinking wine in her “Kale Yeah” shirt.)

Honest macaron diapers. WHAT.

Macaron diapers

We’re huge fans of Honest, and get the diaper + the essentials bundles. We use a lot of their products for household cleaning, and their diapers are excellent. (The Seventh Generation ones were like scratchy brown paper bags.) These are soft and made with natural materials, biodegradable, do the job, and have the sweetest whimsical prints. (I tried cloth diapers with Liv and it wasn’t a fit for me. Also, with P’s reflux, if I had to do more laundry we’d literally be swimming in it haha.)

I have to ask you guys about the new Fitbit. Does anyone have it? Love that they finally came out with a smaller model!

Matcha recipes.

Gel top coat. I prefer to do my own nails since they chip in 4 seconds, and am in love with the Sally Hansen gel polish. It lasts so much longer than regular polish, but the colors are still a bit limited. The top coat gives staying power to the other nail polish brands I use. It adds extra shine and will extend my at-home haphazard manicure by at least a few days.

Yay, Target!

If you’re looking for a quick workout you can do anywhere, check out this Spring Bodyweight Workout.

DSC 7662

This video made me way happier than it should have. (You need the sound on.)

Maaji is at MYHABIT again. This is when I got my swimsuits for last season because the prices are amazing. At all of the beach shops around here, a Maaji swimsuit would easily be $120+; right now they have them for about half the price. I love this brand because they fit well, are good quality, and are reversible. (Word to the world: you may want to size up on the bottoms if you don’t want to flash your goodies. I order one size up, and it’s the perfect amount of coverage.) I ordered a pair of surfer shorts to wear paddle boarding, a coverup, and a new bikini. 🙂

Time for the P smile of the day. 🙂

Miss p rose2Happy Friday, friends!



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  1. Now that Arizona lost you can root for UCONN. GO HUSKIES!!! 🙂 😉

  2. Seriously, that SMILE!!!!! Love it…Have a fantastic weekend! We have a benefit for a good friend of ours who has stage 4 colon cancer. It is going to be a good time, but also very bittersweet.

  3. I love that Alex and Ani necklace! I’m going to have to check out more of their jewelry!

  4. Ooh! That fitbit looks like exactly what’s I’ve been looking for. I know nothing about it, lol. Mostly I want step and sleep trackers, but I’d like heart rate too.

    P has the best smiles. The BEST.

  5. Sorry to hear about Arizona losing!!! My team (temple) plays today. Crossing my fingers : )

    I’m glad you’re getting into snapchat. I couldn’t figure it out lol

  6. Love my fitbit! Have a great weekend!! I am looking forward to relaxing and getting ready for our trip to London next week!

  7. Okay this is a silly question. I tried the gel nail polish but could not get it off. Is there a special remover for it? I love gel and my nails desperately need some right now.

  8. I recently fell hard for snapchat too! (username: rachealkendrick). It is just too fun. My 3 year old loves the face filters. Have you seen this buzzfeed yet? I can relate to those moms so much! Ha!

  9. Not gonna lie, I’ve watched that video of the pig dancing more than I’d like to admit. SO DARN CUTE! And basically hilarious so I laugh at it every single time. Miss P’s smiles brighten my day! Such a little cutie!!! Have a great weekend!

  10. Thanks for the gel top coat tip! Loving those. Also, P has the biggest smile ever. So cute! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  11. Happy friday!

  12. I love Maaji!!! I’m so obsessed. I started my collection 2 years ago (I think I’m up to 4 now!) and I love how they’re reversible and you can mix and match the different prints. I saw that sale on My Habit and it took everything into me not to click – I’m pregnant and due in August, so we know who will not be wearing her Maaji bikinis this summer!! I have no clue where to find a good maternity swimsuit though – any suggestions? Thanks and happy Friday!

  13. P looks just like Liv in that picture!!

  14. I thought about you when I was watching the Arizona v. WSU game! Tournament time is fun because every team really brings their A game and comes to play. And all of our teams get knocked out at some point (except for one!)

    Her smiles! Love it!

  15. Wow, I need to up my Baileys game. I usually drink like a quarter of that amount and feel tipsy :-/

  16. Jessie R says:

    Loved the pig video!! Liv and the Pilot look so great and P, well she just has the best smiles! No big weekend plans here, just relaxing and having good times. Have a great weekend!

  17. I’ve had most Fitbit models at one point or other and I still find them to look more like prison monitoring devices than jewelry.

  18. Amy Ramos says:

    I love your pics of Miss P. She is looking ALOT like Liv around that time. You need to do some comparison photos too.

    How has Miss P been doing these days???

    • Fitnessista says:

      i do need to! at first i thought they looked so different, but right now, they’re like little clones. it’s really fun because they’re so similar so unique at the same time
      miss p is doing so much better. thank you for asking! i’m hoping we’re on the ups from everything

  19. Those macaroon diapers! OMG! Hopefully they’re still around when I have kids!

  20. I don’t even eat meat anymore, but I really miss that Irish meal from my childhood!! Mmmmm

    Sad about Arizona…Sad for my bracket, too 🙁 You can be a Jayhawk now if you want a new team 😉

    Always love that smile!! TGIF!

  21. I like the new fitbit! Now I kind of wish I waited on ordering mine. It looks more slim than the one I have which feels bulky.

  22. i just can’t with those smiles…she looks a lot like Livi from that angle…so adorable and she’s so happy!

    Side note…I’m loving the sprint ladders you posted. Rt now, it’s the only way i talk myself into running…so easy but super effective!

  23. Killing me with those P smiles! Be still my heart!

    Arizona, Perdue, and Baylor killing my brackets. I guess I’ll try again next year. 🙁

    I got the Alta! So far so good. I wish it measured my HR, but I got it mostly to just remind me that I need to get up from my desk more often. Cube life is hard. haha

    • Fitnessista says:

      right? my brackets all bit the dust this year, too.
      i got the alta too! glad to hear you’re liking it so far. i do wish it did heart rate but i just need the encouragement to walk around and move more, so it will help

  24. angie kilar says:

    Yay for Friday’s…although I am at work until 9 pm 🙁

    My plan is take my middle son to the movies to see Zootopia then hit up Target, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Ulta, Publix..I live an hour from all this stuff (gotta love Air Force bases…they are in the middle of nowhere).
    Then sunday is cleaning and purge day.. we are going through the process now of getting rid of stuff in prep of my retirement. I refuse to move with a crap ton of stuff. I want to purge. what is scary is that we have to go through 2 storages (we never downsized when we got married 12 years ago..we just merged and put stuff in storage), then our garage and the house (4 bedrooms) I am overwhelmed and exhausted just thinking of it. LOL

    I LOVE snapchat too 😀 but I don’t snap much. Im boring. LOL

    The Honest macaron diapers are sooo cute. I just tried macarons a couple weeks ago and am now obsessed. I am definitely buying my daughter these diapers though. Hopefully Target will get them in.

  25. We always have corned beef and cabbage this time of year too! One of my favorite dishes! This year we added some cauliflower to our recipe 🙂

  26. I am upgrading from the Flex to the Alta next week. I am most excited to have a watch and be able to see my exact steps without logging into the app!

  27. No need to knock Seventh Generation! Used them with both my kids and they were amazing. They are diapers that babies poop in so who cares if they’re already brown.

    • Fitnessista says:

      It’s not so much the color but the texture. I thought they were very thick and scratchy feeling. The seventh gen wipes are the best

  28. Amanda Zumbahlen says:

    Love the P smile…she looks more like Liv in this pic than I’ve noticed in others….your girls are lovely♡

  29. I haven’t stopped by your blog in awhile and I’m so happy I did, congrats on your baby omg! Can’t wait to follow you on snapchat xo C

  30. I am a huge fan of Alex and Ani. Love the hamsa. Must check out the Maaji swimsuits!

  31. I hope P doesn’t lose that smile once she grows up. It’s magnificent.

  32. Gummy smiles are the sweetest!

  33. I have the new Fitbit Alta and I love it. Smaller than the flex but has an on screen display… And I really want the fashion bands for it, but I’m holding out because I heard Tory Burch is going to come out with some!

    Thanks for the tip on the gel top coat… I just got the OPI true shine gel base and top coats and eager to try them!

    Great pics of Liv and P, they’re both adorable!

  34. I have the same necklace. My daughter bought it for me for Christmas and I honestly haven’t taken it off since. Showers, workouts, sleeping, I just love it and because its adjustable it layers great with other necklaces. Enjoy.

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