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Hi friends! Happy Fri-YAY. What are you up to this weekend. We’re taking Liv to see The Lion King, enjoying a double date with friends, and cleaning up around the house. The week starts off so nice and clean, but by the end of the week things are looking a little rough haha. I’m also excited to spend some time outside with the fam and take a new fitness class! I’ll be sure to report back next week. 😉

In the meantime, let’s kick off the weekly Friday Faves party! I always love to hear what you’re enjoying, too, so please shout it out in the comments section if you’d like. Also, I added a little link party at the bottom of the post, so if you do Friday Faves, too, please add your link below and we can discover new blog friends. 🙂

My flourless pumpkin chocolate chip bars page has a brand-sparking-new recipe video. Please let me know what you think. 🙂 If you make any pumpkin recipes this weekend, let this be the one. We’ve had 2 batches this week. 

Breakfast 5

Popcorn from the LOT. Maybe you guys will laugh at this, but we were in Liberty Station for music class and I was craving a salty snack. I remembered that the LOT is right there, and they have the best popcorn, so P, Liv and I went in to get some. They have flavors (salt & vinegar, butter, caramel, and chile-lime) and I’m obsessed with their chili-lime. It was such an awesome treat. 

This is the definition of taking joy in the little things. I went to Grocery Outlet to grab some kombucha for an upcoming post, and literally did a yogurt aisle breakdance of happiness when I saw my beloved goat Greek yogurt on the shelf. Since we do most of out shopping at Trader Joes, I rarely go to Whole Foods anymore. I will only make the trek out to Whole Foods for this yogurt (and organic steak since they don’t have it anywhere else nearby), and was so stoked I’ll be able to buy it at Grocery Outlet. 


Finally learning how to round brush my hair. So I have to admit, after my hand surgery, I got a liiiiittle pampered in the hair department. Since I couldn’t blow dry my hair -that splint on my hand really got in the way- I got blowouts once a week until I could hold things with my left hand again. (It was really like 4 blowouts, but they.were.freaking.awesome.) Instead of zoning out with a magazine in the chair, I watched intently while Shay blowdried my hair. I was determined to learn how to do it and get that silky smooth last-for-days texture. I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT and it is awesome! My mom (a hair stylist) actually laughed when I told her I could never get the hang of it, and bought me this brush to practice. I’m going to figure out how to film a short tutorial for ya because it’s way easier than I was expecting and lasts for a few days. I usually wash my hair a couple of times a week (Spin + Orangetheory = sweat festival), but will round brush one of those times. It makes a huge difference. 

IMG 2621 2

(top is $30 at Nordstrom Rack)

Brittany’s Mediterranean Lentil Salad! This was SO GOOD and has been a delicious lunch component this week. I’d forgotten how much I like lentils; they have tons of protein and are very filling.

Lentil salad 2

I’m so excited for the launch of our meal planning ebook next week! 

Lentil salad

Remember when I mentioned that I wanted to play the ukulele? Well, this arrived yesterday. I’m a ways away from jamming out to my own versions of beloved Hamilton songs but so far I can play “Lava.” File this under Gina’s random hobbies.


JP Sears does it again.

Well this was just beautiful.

How morality changes in a foreign language.

My favorite cleanser is $25 off right now! It’s super thick and moisturizing, and is awesome at removing makeup. They’re also sending samples of the dew skin with orders while supplies last. When I leave the house in the morning, I have to put dew skin on even if I don’t use anything else.  

Slow cooker soup recipes.

Changing the way you approach fitness.

This is the opposite of a fave, but I can’t say I’m surprised.

Tips for safer running.

These Nikes (similar here). I don’t find Nikes super comfortable for running, but really wanted something neutral that would match everything to use for cross training and strength. These are great for strength training and with jeans and a tee for errands. 


Irritating jargon phrases and things we should say instead. I am going to take “flip it and reverse it” to heart.

I LOLed my face off.

Paleo pumpkin walnut muffins!

Happy happy Friday. Hope you have a great day and a wonderful weekend. See ya on Sunday with some meals and fitness!



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  1. Oh please please do a round brush tutorial. I thought I was the only one who did not understand how to do it. I always end up with a huge snuggled mess in my hair. There may or may not be tears involved.

  2. I need that blowout video! I have massively thick and long hair. It’s always puffy and wild and I just put it in a bun unless it’s a special occasion because I have no idea how to deal with it.

  3. Okay, I’m ecstatic to see the hair blowout tutorial! Could you also include in the video the products you use? Also so excited to make the pumpkin bars recipe this weekend. I made them last year and my hubby and 3 sons loved them- with 3 teenage boys I think the bars lasted maybe 5 minutes,lol. Enjoy the Lion King- oh I love live shows!

  4. Wha? Where’s P’s smile of the week??? I know she’s been smilin’… unless she found out she’s not goin’ to Lion King w/ y’all? 😛 I think you’d better edit your post, Gina. 😉

    • Fitnessista says:

      hahaha! i know, i totally failed on that one. i didn’t get any smiley pics this week. just a ton of videos!! i told her i was sorry she couldn’t go to lion king and she just laughed at me

  5. Link party? Yes, please! And yes, thick-haired girl problems — blowdrying isn’t easy. I was telling someone the other day they should make a blowdry stand, so you can just stand in front of it and not have to hold it, and that person told me something like that existed? WHAT? You and I both need it hehehe. Anyways, happy Friday, dear! Enjoy the chill time before you get into MOVING mode. AHHH!

  6. Yes hair help please!

  7. I still straighten my hair while I round brush so bring on the tutorial!

  8. I would love to see the blow out tutorial!!

  9. Happy Friday Gina!! I made the flourless pumpkin bars last night. They were a staple last year and SO excited pumpkin everything is back!!! Love the new video. Have a great weekend! XOXO

  10. You need the Conair infiniti pro air spin brush. It gets me that perfect blowout look at home one-handed in no time. I have super thick wavy hair and it’s impossible to do a blowout at home without this magical tool.

    • Fitnessista says:

      it looks awesome! does it actually dry your hair? i think i might have to let my hair mostly dry and then use it because it’s so thick and unruly

  11. My wrists hurt doing a blowout so if you have any tips or tricks I would love to see!!! The food looks so good!!! I wish we had a Nordstrom Rack here!!!! LOVE the shirt!! I love loungy yet put-together tops!

  12. When all the rhubarb is harvested… LOL! I love it!

  13. I just bought some of that cleanser! I have been looking for something that is easy to take off my make up!

    I am soooooo making those flourless pumpkin bars this weekend. I bet they would be DA BOMB with pumpkin butter on top.
    BTW-Trader Joe’s has exploded pumpkin again!
    Happy Friday!

  14. I never run in Nikes either (or shall I say I haven’t run in Nikes since Shox were cool in college…) but I got Nike Metcons for lifting, and they are AMAZING! I needed a pair of sticky shoes to wear in BodyPump, and my feet don’t slide at all in lunges anymore. Also, I think Sticky Shoes was the song Phoebe sang when she lost her sexy phlegm on Friends, so enjoy that running through your head all night hahaha.

  15. I am REALLY looking forward to that hair tutorial!

  16. Your hair always looks amazing, blowout or not! But yes, I think we need a tutorial.
    Have a good weekend!

  17. What do you use during the week to keep your hair looking good despite working out and sweating if you only wash 2 times per week? Looking for ideas!! Thanks 🙂

    • Fitnessista says:

      i use dry shampoo but also put it in a bun so it doesn’t get weird ponytail kink. it helps a lot! usually if i do a super sweaty class i’ll wear it in a bun the next day and wash it following my class that night

  18. The lentil dishes look so good. Is that feta or goat cheese?

  19. Gina! Two things…1) I am torn on trying any Beauty Counter products because I do not have dry skin! Any thoughts on this??? 2) Can you believe that WF in Illinois do not carry that beloved Greek goat yogurt 🙁 I seriously cannot deal 🙁

    • Fitnessista says:

      what type of skin do you have? different products can work so well on different types. my skin is oily and i use and love the products 🙂
      that is such a bummer about the yogurt!! put in a request! sometimes they’ll honor it

      • I have combination now…oily t-zone still but not dry anywhere, per se. So what do you love that works for you with oily?!
        It IS such a bummer…and YES, I will request!! Good idea..thanks 🙂

        • Fitnessista says:

          i love a lot of the products but my very faves the cream cleanser, hydrating face oil (which surprisingly makes my skin less oily!), charcoal mask, cleansing balm and pm moisturizer. also the dew skin moisturizer is AMAZING

  20. In the Target weekly ad I just noticed they are now carrying Beautycounter products! I’m going to check it out in my store tomorrow.

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