Gleeful Night + Cookie Morning

Hiiiii 😀 How are ya? And HOW AWESOME was Glee last night?! Lurved. It made me so happy to see

I just finished this morning’s Insanity workout with Ashley – today was cardio power and resistance. A lot of jumping, push-ups, sprinting and sweating like a beast. A lot of ya’ll have asked me to do a full review of Insanity when I’m done and I was thinking of starting an Insanity page (at the top) to re-cap each workout and post the final review. That way, those of you who want to read all about it can, and those who just want my usual shenanigans, workout tips and food won’t be cluttered with Insanity schtuff. What do you think??



Bountiful bfast cookie 😀 (Holler to everyone who has been enjoying these lately! Thank you for the link love, too! <3)

-1/2 C oats

-1/2 scoop Sun Warrior

-heaping T almond butter

-almond milk

-1/2 T mesquite

-1/2 T chia


-1/2 banana (I ate the other half before working out)

Some other recent eats:

Salad beast (with keys for size comparison- I use a serving bowl for my salad beasts)


(Mixed greens, organic kidney beans, cucumber, bell pepper, Organicville balsamic)

Millet with AB and Polaner


(x2 – it was muy delicioso)

And a demolished protein smoothie:


The plan for the day is:

-Farmer’s Market

-Laying by the pool (SPF, of course) with Ashley

-Working on Zumba dances

-Creating some kind of slow cooker dinner to celebrate Indian Food Wednesday

Have a wonderful day <3


Roons for a Cause:  Thank you again (SO MUCH!) for all of your prayers, good vibes, and to those of you who donated to my aunt’s relay page <3 You’re all amazing. The winner of the batch of macaroons is Christy– send me an email and what flavor you’d like (blonde, cacao, chocolate almond butter, or super-roons) 🙂

Fitnessistas with Whole-grain buns in the oven: Here is a workout plan that I devised for a friend, who is just starting her second trimester. Feel free to give it a try, but definitely check with a doc FIRST to get the exercise go-ahead and before starting any new workouts. The idea is to  feel good and maintain what you’re used to, not trying a bunch of new things for the first time (for example, if you’re not already a runner, don’t start running when you’re pregnant). This friend is already very active, so it’s a toned-down version of what she would usually do. Be safe and always wear a heart rate monitor.

It’s a circuit-style workout- perform each exercise in that circuit (not the cardio) for 10-12 reps and then repeat each circuit twice for a total of three times. Use light weights- nothing strenuous or difficult, just enough so that you can feel it. And as always, if you don’t feel well enough to work out, don’t.

Fitnessista Bun in the Oven Workout

prenatal1 (Source)

Day 1: Upper body + 25 min cardio

Warm up 5 min. easy/moderate cardio of choice

Circuit 1:

Overhead press (3rd trimester, do this seated)

Dips (with bent legs)

Stability ball chest press (3rd trimester, do this standing with resistance bands or using the cable machine)

5 min cardio (hills—add in resistance every 30 seconds; watch your heart rate)

Circuit 2:

Bent-over rows (3rd trimester, do this on your hands and knees)

Good mornings (instead of using a barbell, hold a light flat weight against your chest)

Stability ball bicep curl (3rd trimester, do this seated on a bench if you need to)

5 min cardio (tempo work- start at a moderate speed and intensity and every 30 seconds, slightly pick up your pace—watch your heart rate)

Circuit 3:

Side laying lateral raise (instead of supporting your head with your arm and laying on the floor, you can hug a stability ball and bring your bottom knee, bent, up to support you)

Bird dog

Chest fly (instead of doing the fly laying down (avoid laying flat on your back), do this standing with resistance bands or on a stability ball)

10 minutes of cardio: 5 minutes at an easy/moderate intensity, 5 minutes cool down



Day 2: Cardio (20-45 min, depending on intensity and how you feel)– Steady state (about a level 5-6 intensity; wear your HRM)


Day 3: OFF (or walk/light yoga)

Day 4: Lower Body +25 min cardio

5 min warm-up (cardio of choice)

Circuit 1:

Plie squats

Lunge and lift (hold onto a chair for balance. If these are uncomfortable, just do the “lift” part)

Bosu calf raises (instead of holding weights, lightly touch a wall in front of you for support)

5 min cardio (steady state; moderate intensity)

Circuit 2:

Wall squats (hold in the squat position for 30-45 seconds)

Abductor/adductor machine

Cable kickback (or you can use a resistance band)

15 minutes cardio: 10 minutes of hills, 5 minute cool down



Day 5: Cardio (30-45 min, depending on how you feel and intensity)

Day 6: Yoga (30 min to an hour, depending on the intensity)

Day 7: OFF

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  1. I saw Glee last night! I am just sad I have to wait another week. torture.

  2. hi gina! ive been wondering this for a while, so i dont know why i never posted. what if you stuck the bfast cookies in the dehydrator??? wouldnt that make it like a cookie? i was just thinking of that because dehydrating is essentially baking at 140º, so over a long period of time it should make the cookie firm. give it a try and let us know! i cant wait to try one!

    • Fitnessista says:

      a reader has done it and said it works extremely well! maybe i’ll try it with the raw version, but honestly i like the extra liquid in there. it makes it more satisfying (to me). i’ll definitely give it a whirl, though!

  3. love your blog! I’m recovering from knee surgeries- so your workouts really inspire me! I can’t wait to be able to try them.

  4. I MUST try the bfast cookie!!! I was wondering if you could tell me what you think of the Sun Warrior protein powder, how it tastes and why you chose it? I’ve been wanting to invest in some protein powder but I’m really overwhelmed with all of the different kids!

    • Fitnessista says:

      sun warrior is my favorite, hands down. the nutritional stats are awesome and the taste is fabulous.

  5. ive always heard of ur breakfast cookies but never attempted one.. its time i get on that. they look amazing! and im a fan of anything that is quick too 🙂

  6. Hi Gina,

    I just have to tell you that I have my daughter hooked on your breakfast cookie, funny thing is she doesnt even know that its good for her!


  7. just watched glee last night for the first time– do i need to see the first season first???? love it!

  8. Haha! With whole-grain buns in the oven – you are so cute!

  9. That cookie looks amazing! I get so annoyed looking through these wonderful blogs and not knowing what alot of the ingredients are cos I’m in Australia – we havn’t got alot of the stuff you have 🙁

  10. I would love an Insanity page — I’m tempted to buy it, but want someone’s opinion I can trust. I love reading your blog and know I’ll be able to count on your opinion. Good luck for the next 60 days and can’t wait to hear what you think.

  11. Love your website. Just found it! I am an x college basketball player and actually have to watch what I eat and make up my own workouts. Come here for tips!

  12. hi gina- i was just taking a look at this workout and wondering if there’s anything that you’d add/modify now that you’ve have your own little bun?

    • Fitnessista says:

      i think it looks ok still. many of these exercises i could do safely the entire pregnancy, but as always check with your doc. the bird dog may be challenging, along with the good mornings and back extensions.

      • thank you for answering so quickly! i’m relatively early in my 1st T, and while i was very active before getting pregnant, my doctor put the kibbosh on anything more than walking for the first 7 weeks (long story, but it makes sense). i’m easing back in very slowly. thanks!

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