Happy 3rd birthday to you

They say the days are long and the years are short, and man, I totally believe it. I remember holding her when she was a tiny newborn, and it was hard for me to imagine her as a toddler: walking, talking, dancing… and not crying all the time. 😉


Well, I blinked, and here we are.

Livi xmas

(from the night of her school’s Christmas show)

“They” say that having a baby is like having half your heart walk around outside your body. It’s much more than that. She’s so wise, like a tiny Buddha, and teaches me so much each day: how to be more patient; how to slow the heck down and appreciate the moment; there’s always time to splash in the puddles, and dance on the beach.

Beach baby  1 of 1

Wildcat family

Our lives, and my heart, are so much more full with her here. In so many ways, she feels like she’s always been a part of our family; we were just waiting for her to arrive. 

Some things about three:

-Three is tiny tutus and messy buns

-Three is pancakes, fruit, and singing at the breakfast table

-Three is fierce hugs, sweet kisses, and tiny hands tickling your hair

-Three is “NO,” stomping, thrashing, and the brilliance of a simple distraction to take the tantrum away (most of the time, haha)

-Three is old enough to feed yourself, but young enough that a hug from mama or dada makes anything better

-Three is playing with dinosaurs while wearing a princess dress

-Three is wonder, and uninhibited friendliness

I love three, and am so excited to see how this little one will surprise us over the next year.

Happy happy birthday, Livi <3

Three years old

Livi’s birth story part 1 and part 2


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  1. Happy three years to Liv! That last picture compilation is great! How sweet!

  2. I LOVE this. Her 3rd birthday also makes me realize how long I have been reading your blog. Well before you even got pregnant- I think I’ve been reading your blog for FIVE years! Happy Birthday!

  3. happy birthday!!! Such a beautiful little girl!! Can’t believe she is 3!

  4. Happy Birthday to You, Liv!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Liv!!

    Tis post made me so happy and reminded ME how much I love being a mom <3

  6. Livi is such a big girl now and so cute in her holiday dress! Keep the livi-isms coming…she has a way of brightening everyone’s day!!

  7. Happy birthday to Liv! You have a three year old – that’s so crazy! Although our girls are born in the same year, mine just turned two in November so I can’t even imagine what her at three will be like!! But ohhhh we’ve just entered the whiney face when you don’t get what you want. Exciting times ahead 😉

  8. Happy Birthday to Liv!! What a beautiful young lady she is becoming.

  9. Happy Birthday, sweet Livi! She is more beautiful every day <3

  10. Happy birthday Livi! Wishing much happiness to you and your family for many years to come!

  11. So sweet!!! Happy bday Liv!!

  12. I can’t believe she’s already 3!! So crazy to think I’ve been reading your blog for so long. Happy birthday Olivia!

  13. Omg, this post melts my heart <3 She is so adorable and every picture shows how totally in love you are with her! Happy birthday Livi!

  14. Happy Birthday! Love this! 3 is so much fun! Enjoy every second, I know you will! Maybe don’t blink haha 🙂

  15. Happy Birthday Miss Olivia!!!

    My son will be three in March. I thought I’d be sad at this point that I didn’t have a tiny baby anymore, but this age brings so much more independence, personality, affection, and fun!

    Hope you have an awesome day with your sweet girl 🙂

  16. What a beautiful reflection. THank you for sharing such a sacred part of your life with us. She is a super star for sure <3

  17. Such a sweet post! She is turning into a beautiful little girl. Happy Birthday Livi!

  18. This is incredibly sweet!! Happy 3rd birthday, Livi! Wishing you many smiles and fun moments ♥

  19. Happy Birthday.

  20. Happy Birthday! I love what you said about half you heart walking around outside your body, that is so true.

  21. xoxoxo Happy Birthday sweetie!!

  22. This is so so sweet! Time has really flown by I still remember the post a few years ago when you posted a few wooden letters for her room and we were all guessing what her name was going to be!

  23. milania dela cruz says:

    oh man how time flies by so fast!!!!! i’ve been following your blog for 5 years now! i used to read like 10 blogs daily but seriously i just don’t have time to read all of it, except yours!! i read DAILY and it’s so nice to be part of your blog and to see lil LIV grow up! next thing i know she’s 18 and going to college. waahhhh. heheheh

    happy birthday little lady!!

  24. What a sweet post. Happy birthday to Liv!!

  25. Lovely post! Time does fly, i just realized how long I have been reading your blog for. Your pregnancy and birth story made a big impact on me. I know i will be re-reading all of it when i am ready for kids!

    Happy birthday Olivia!

  26. A very happy birthday to this lovely little girl

  27. Congrats, Happy Birthday 😀

  28. Happy Birthday, Liv!! She is absolutely beautiful (just like her mama!). 🙂

  29. I can’t believe she’s 3!!! Have a blast at Disney! What a great b-day surprise! 🙂

  30. She is such a cutie!

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