Happy Thanksgiving

Hi! Hope you’re having a wonderful day <3

After a long night of road tripping,

Photo 3 18

(Cracker Barrel = the clutch stop when Charles Cheddar is closed)

we’re here in Tucson. We’re having an amazing time with the fam and already hid up Coscto for some of the holiday essentials.

Photo 1 21

(Egg nog supplies, pie and peppermint bark.)

Just wanted to pop in and say hello!

Photo 2 22

(The Pilot changed his shirt when I started laughing that we were twinsies.)

I won’t be blogging tomorrow but will be back in action with Friday Faves on my other favorite holiday (Black Friday! muaha).

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow or an almost-Friday,


I hope it’s spent surrounded with those you love,

amazing food,


maybe a turkey-induced slumber in there 😉

and lots of wonderful memories.

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(photo: Jacquelynn Buck)

Sending love and gratitude to you all.



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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Gina! Have a wonderful day!!

  2. I am loving your plaid twinner outfits! The Pilot looks pretty thrilled about it. 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving, Gina! xo

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Gina! I’m grateful for all of the inspiration I get from your blog. Hope your holiday is excellent!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  5. Hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving, Gina! It’ll be an “almost-Friday” for us up here in Canada, but I’m hoping to squeeze some delicious eats in there too 😉

  6. Happy Thanksgiving from up here in snowy Canada! We already celebrated Thanksgiving a couple of months ago, but I like to take every opportunity I can to remember how blessed and lucky I am! Wishing you a warm holiday season surrounded by those you love! <3

  7. Jen Medina says:

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your beautiful family!

  8. I might be asked you this before but how ing does it take for you to whip up a post? One hour, did you say? See you Friday, Gina!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving! See you Friday.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving lady! Enjoy the time with your family.

  11. A big thank you from Australia for all you give via your blog! You work hard!

  12. Happy thanksgiving from Canada!! Enjoy the fam and food!

  13. Happy thanksgiving beautiful lady! That photo of you and Tom is PRICELESS. His face!

  14. Happy Thanksgiving!
    My husband is actually off tomorrow. He hasn’t been off for Thanksgiving or Christmas in years. So we’re picking back up where we left off a few years ago- watching the Macy’s parade and the National Dog Show then stuffing our faces with the rest of the family. Should be an awesome day!

  15. Just celebrating almost Friday over here. But every year my family has an amazing French toast bake and lay around in our PJs all day. It is glorious! I hope you and your family enjoy your holiday and doe if time together!

  16. Costco has THE best holiday goods. Happy Thanksgiving! beaautiful family picture!

  17. LOVE your family picture, totally stunning! Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!!

  18. Happy.Thanksgiving!!I have been dating/married to my husband and 9 out of 10 I make him change because we are Twinkies.

  19. This is so sweet! I love all of your photos. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving also!

  20. Happy Thanksgiving! I love that family picture!

  21. Happy Thanksgiving! that peppermint bark looks so good!

  22. Where did you get your riding boots from? I have slim calves (as it seems you do) and find it hard to find boots that don’t have a large gap at the top (right below my knee).
    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Fitnessista says:

      my calves are big, but these ones were perfectly snug 😉 they’re from italy. probably my favorite shoe purchase ever 🙂

  23. Happy Thanksgiving Gina!! I hope you and your gorgeous family have a lovely day. 🙂

  24. Happy Thanksgiving Gina! I hope your day is awesome! Thank you x 1 million for inspiring me every day. Gina (from Mass)

  25. Happy Thanksgiving! those pies look HUGE and delicious!

  26. Happy Thanksgiving! Is your top from Express? If so, I’m basically wearing the same outfit today:-)

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