Hello, Matzo

[I’ll either be doing the Wildcat victory dance or playing the sad trombone later today, so figured I’d post this now!]

Some random photos from this week:

Appetizers for Liv and myself

Cereal  1 of 1 2

(cereal and almond milk)

Caro, ever so proficient in the art of relaxation

Caro  1 of 1


work snacks


Snacks  1 of 1 2

(a lovely salad with leftover turkey burger, chopped veggies and dressing; juice with carrot, cucumber, beet, apple, and lemon; eggshells for a work friend who uses them)

wine-thirty + dark chocolate

Wine thirty  1 of 1

and a new yoga headband.

Yoga headband

A friend introduced me to these after I complimented her on her amazing headband wardrobe. They’re called Buff bands, are offered in a variety of beautiful patterns, and can be worn quite a few different ways. (My favorite is ninja. Obviously.) Since she was ordering a couple of new ones, I put in an order too and LOVE them so far! I’m going to order one for my great-grandmother, since she often wears a head scarf.

These were also in the locker room at work:


Matzo bark

It was salty, sweet, crunchy, and gave me a niiiiice little sugar buzz before Zumba. I also got schooled in the land of macaroons. I thought mine were the best ever, but then I had some dark chocolate chip roons that had me making the foodgasm face and groaning.

This post is kind of all over the place, but since March is coming to a close (where the heck did it go?!) I wanted to ask you about April. Do you like the weekly workout plan vs. calendar? I feel like it’s a little more flexible, and easier to shuffle on a weekly basis. I’d love to hear what you’d like to see for April and will have it up for Monday!

Have a lovely night <3



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  1. That headband is adorable! I’ve never had matzo bark but I have had a matzo brownie and it was pretty delicious!

  2. I’m comin’ at ya from Columbus, so I’ll be rooting on the Buckeyes tonight. But it’s so funny how I have a soft spot for Arizona, soley because of you. πŸ™‚ Here’s to a great game!!

    • Fellow Buckeye reader here πŸ™‚

      I appreciated your tweet about feeling nervous earlier, I do the same exact thing!

    • Fitnessista says:

      aww thank you! i feel like i lost a year of my life watching that game
      your team played amazingly well, though. congrats on the win!

  3. Jennifer Thomas says:


    I see that you eat cereal and other sweet/starchy carbs throughout the day (though usually gluten-free ones and in controlled portions). What do you think about eating plans that eliminate them (a la paleo) versus trying to have it all in moderation?

    • Fitnessista says:

      i couldn’t do the paleo thing. i like sweets, goat cheese and grains too much (beans, i could go either way). i do love paleo desserts, though!

  4. what does you coworker use the eggshells for?! I’m so curious

  5. Oh my, Caro looks so freakin’ adorable! And I love the new head bands. I’ve been on the lookout for a new one that is more like a scarf and those are super cute, thanks for sharing!

  6. Welcome to the world of passover treats! Just because there’s no leavened bread doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to make even the most random things (matzoh) super delish!

  7. Gina, you’re so great! I’m so happy to see you give Matzah a little shout out on the blog. πŸ™‚ I’ve become kind of used to people getting excited about Easter and totally miss out on Passover and honestly don’t blame them since it’s not a universal holiday. How could I doubt that the fitnessista wouldn’t make at least a little reference to it?? πŸ˜‰

    I’ve had many kinds of bark in my lifeand they’re pretty awesome consolation prizes for not being able to eat any bread or pasta for 8 days. Lol. Happy Easter to you and the family!

  8. Are those eggshells from eggs you fried/scrambled or ones you steamed? When I peel hard-boiled eggs I make a total mess and yours look so neat!

  9. Caro, the zen master. And autocorrect tried to change “Caro” to “Carp”. Hmm.

    I like both the Calendar and the Weekly workout versions. I don’t really follow them consistently like a plan, but I like I jump in now and then for ideas or to have virtual workout buddies πŸ˜‰

  10. Such a cute headband! I feel like weekly workouts are easier to commit to.

  11. I’m a fan of the weekly workout plan!

  12. I still dream about the macaroons you sent me. To be they are the best!

  13. I’ve always wanted a Survivor Buff. Which one did you get– the ‘headband buff’? I tried the Lulu headband Meg posted and it’s not cutting it.

  14. I love your Buff band so much girl!!! Also, cuuuuuute cereal appies with Liv!!! <3

  15. I was like does she eat half a dozen eggs per day between classes and those are the shells left over??? LOLOL Please tell us what she does with these shells!

  16. That matzo bark looks soooooo good! And Caro looks soooo cute πŸ™‚

  17. I love the picture of Caroline! I have two malteses that love to lay around and relax in that same position! Such a hard life to be a dog! πŸ™‚

  18. Alexandra says:

    Hi Gina! Could you tell me what is the print/name of the buff band you’re wearing? It’s SO cute and would be perfect for an upcoming hiking trip I have planned. Thanks!

  19. Yes I love the weekly plan!

  20. Oooh, my favorite dessert: wine and chocolate. I am trying to limit both to the weekends, but the last Thursday in March is technically the weekend right? πŸ™‚

  21. I haven’t had Matzo bark in a while, but I remember it being so addictive! Not better than good dark chocolate, though, especially with a nice glass of wine. I got my first buff band a few months ago and I love it too! They are so versatile!

  22. I love the pattern on that head scarf!! Totally adorable, and love the idea that you could wear it a million different ways πŸ™‚

  23. Liam Rubel says:

    The snack ideas are easy and can be easily made with less , the only thing will stop the cravings because i think it may keep you full for less time.

  24. If you want to see some delicious and fancy macaroons, look at these…http://dannymacaroons.com/

    They look to unreal! Happy Friday

  25. What is this Matzo bark?! It looks amazing.

  26. I love the way we’ve all learned to disguise matzah into tasting less like cardboard! Ah, Passover! πŸ˜‰

  27. I love the weekly workouts!

  28. The headband is cute! I need new ones asap

  29. Wine thirty is my favorite πŸ˜‰

  30. Hi! When you bring a salad to work with you, do you bring your dressing separately or mix it in? I always worry about it getting soggy but haven’t found a great solution yet…

  31. Alexandra says:

    I personally really like the weekly workout plans as opposed to the monthly ones – not that the monthly ones arent fantastic, I just find myself more successful with adhering to a loose fitness schedule when I focus on one week at a time πŸ™‚ Since you’ve been posting weekly meals and fitness ideas on Sundays Ive been doing SUCH a better job of planning and prepping for the week! Sunday food prep is definitely the key to me eating like PRO all week πŸ™‚

  32. Those desserts look amazing, and your pup is adorable!

  33. Matzo bark. I can’t even come up with words for how much I NEED that in my life. I am weirdly obsessed with matzo and growing up used to make my mom stock up on boxes. My parents definitely thought I was one weird child. I need to try my hand at making this!

    And Caro is just adorbale!

  34. Rhonda Nance says:

    I am new to your site and relaly like the weekly workouts but, wanted to know if you post them somewhere that I can see past weekly workouts? Thanks.

    • Fitnessista says:

      hi rhonda!
      the march one is located on the right sidebar of the homepage. i’m hoping to get my blog a little more organized this upcoming week so everything is easier to find

  35. LOVE the headband. I’ve never rocked one but have often thought about it! I love the weekly workout schedule. It keeps me on track!

  36. OMG, that picture of Caro is priceless!

    I miss the calendar over the weekly plan, personally…I teach or take classes most days, so it’s awesome to just pull up the workout calendar on a random day that I’m working out on my own and see what’s on for the day, and if that doesn’t work with my schedule (i.e., weights a day after I did weights), it’s a quick glance at 30 other workouts to choose from!

  37. Have you used buff bands for cardio?

  38. would your co-worker allow you to post a recipe for the matzo bark? ive never heard of it and it looks amazing

  39. That Matzo bark looks AH-MAZING!!! Happy Easter weekend! πŸ™‚

  40. I hope this doesn’t sound bad, but man oh man do I miss this days when you were vegetarian and I could benefit from all your recipes πŸ™‚ I’ve found myself not following your blog anymore, and that is a shame because you have some great info….on the plus side, I’m sure you’ve gained a lot more followers now that you eat animals and can appeal to a wider audience. Not sure exactly why I’m posting this since obviously you eat that way for you and not for other people, but I just felt compelled to share that it was hard to see how you really stood up for your beliefs with vegetarianism and then made such a big change in your beliefs. I’m sure it’s a lot easier now to make meals for you and your husband though!

    • Fitnessista says:

      i never really stood up for my beliefs about vegetarianism, especially on the blog. it was a personal choice i made for myself and my own reasons, and a personal choice i decided to change. i still post a lot of vegetarian and vegan recipes. i still like to eat plant-based food, but feel more energized and satisfied on a diet with animal protein.
      thank you for reading!

  41. That Matzo bark looks fantastic.

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