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Hi guys! How’s your day going? I’ve loved reading your September goals and things to look forward to this month. It’s going to be a great one!

Our Labor day was pretty enjoyable: spent the morning watching Mary Poppins with nana and relaxing,

Livi made some cookies to send home with nana,

Dough  1 of 1 3

(it’s become a weekend ritual, and she does a great job of pouring the ingredients and mixing the batter)

the pups had a trip to the spa (aka dog groomer)



we met up with our cousins,

and had a date night!

Date night

We celebrated our anniversary last night since the Pilot was gone on the actual date. He picked out a restaurant in La Jolla called Herringbone, and it was absolutely fantastic.

Herringbone front

I would have snapped more photos in there, but my iPhone wouldn’t do it justice. Instead of chopping down the magnificent trees to build Herringbone, they built the restaurant incorporating them into the structure. Even when you’re inside, it still feels like you’re outdoors: surrounded by trees, hanging lights and modern decor.


I had the jale-berry margarita (strawberry with jalapeño-infused tequila, agave and lime) and we ordered a dozen oyster combo to share.

For entrees, I chose the seared albacore (which had olives, chopped almonds and potatoes served over a savory red sauce… it was to die for) and the Pilot had the halibut, which was buttery and perfectly cooked. With white fish, it’s a fine line between “perfectly cooked” and “chewy lemon-infused eraser.” I’m guilty of the latter. 

Of course, we had to have dessert 😉 We got the sea salt chocolate chip cookies (which were served with a glass of cold milk) and the sundae, which had a brownie layer, chocolate ice cream, marshmallow fluff and cacao nibs. I can’t even describe. It went from the moaning and “there’s no way we can eat this giant sundae” and then it was gone. We did manage to take a couple of cookies home with us 😉

Dessert combo Enjoying some adventures with my little love before getting ready for Zumba.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!


Something to do: this workout! One of my very favorite strength hybrids. Been craving some yoga in my life lately, too.

PS. SCANDAL IS BACK THIS WEEK!! Anyone else anxiously awaiting the return?! Edited to say: it’s the 25th. I could have sworn the TV said this week, but then again, I was already mentally planning my popcorn and wine Scandal-watching party haha.

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  1. Ahh, my friend is the manager over there and I STILL have not been! What is wrong with me? I know their food is amazing too. Glad you had a nice weekend!

  2. Caroline just looks happier, happier in the photos you share. She’s definitely come a long way! =)

  3. Just hopped on board with scandal this summer and watched all the seasons. So excited for its return!!!

  4. I just started watching Scandal and I am HOOKED! Can’t wait for it to come back. =)
    PS. I’ve been reading your blog for years…and been addicted to goat cheese and almond butter ever since. Thanks for all the great tips…this is the only blog I make sure to read every day. =)

    • Fitnessista says:

      that is awesome! a great combo to fall in love with 😉
      so very happy you enjoy the blog! thank you for reading for so long <3 xoxo

  5. Scandal doesn’t start until September 25 🙁

  6. Sea salt chocolate chips…now theres something i ought to try! I can just taste the salt bringing out the sweet flavour of sugar in my mouth…dipping it in cold milk and making it soft….going to bed with a milkstache…


  7. Love a good yoga practice !!

  8. I love Scandal!!! I am eager for it to return!

  9. Wow, that glass of cold milk really sold it for me! I love that idea of building a restaurant around those beautiful trees– next time I’m in San Diego I’ll have to visit. 🙂

    Always, Anita

  10. Obsession with Scandal would be an understatement. Secretly Team Fitz & Olivia =).

    Speaking of fab desserts, last time I was in SD we made a trip to Little Italy and hit up Extraordinary Desserts. Un.Real.

  11. This week?! Why did I think it was later?! Guess I’m making a trip to Crate & barrel tomorrow for my Olivia Pope wine glasses haha.

  12. People think I’m kidding when I say this, but as a former middle and high school teacher, and now college professor, Mary Poppins is ab-so-freakin-lutely my teaching mentor. She does NOTHING wrong.

  13. Sounds like a fantastic meal — especially those desserts! 😉

  14. I think cookies should always come with milk like that, the perfect pair!

  15. That is a really cool concept for a restaurant!

  16. Hey Gina! Did you know that Herringbone is one of Brian Malarkey’s restaurants? He was on top chef. He has a few others in SD all with the fabric themed names: Searsucker (which I’ve heard is SO good) and Burlap and Gingham (though I think these closed recently?). I still haven’t made it there yet, but I’ve been wanting to go! Have a great week 🙂

  17. That workout certainly looks like an ass kicker. Yay for date night. 🙂

  18. That place looks so cool! San Diego has such quaint places. In Phoenix, it’s all chains. Boring…

  19. Not entirely sure what it says about me, but I totally zeroed in on the chocolate chip cookies WITH milk! Kudos to the restaurant for serving milk with their cookies! Five stars on that one (and the awesome natural decor). Happy anniversary to you and the Pilot!! #teamOliviaandJake (loved him since he was on The Unit)

  20. Too cute for words that she makes cookies for her nana!

  21. Those are the cutest dog pictures! What breed is the first pup?

  22. You scared me with the Scandal comment. I instantly said, “I hope you set the DVR for it!” My mom and I Netflix Marathoned Scandal in a record 2 weeks. Love Olivia Pope’s wardrobe!

  23. OMG that cookie and sundae combo looks amaze! Marshmallow fluff whaaa?? I want! And I love that idea of incorporating the trees actually into the restaurant–that’s so innovative! It’s so nice that your family is still relatively close. It looks like Liv is really close to her nana!! I’m still really close to mine. It’s such an important relationship to maintain. Also- I don’t know if it went though–but I recently sent you an e-mail to your fitnessista account–just wanted to make sure that you got it!

  24. SCANDAL!!!! I’ve recently discovered this via Netflix and have been binge-watching HARDCORE!

  25. Wow, that dessert looks AMAZING! My mouth is watering.

    I just am getting through Season 3 and I’m ADDICTED to Scandal! I watched four episodes in a row last night and could barley keep my eyes open but wanted to watch more. I don’t know how I’ve missed it for this long.

  26. Ahhhh! Scandaaaaallll! My heart skipped a beat! Can’t wait til the 25th! 🙂

    I love that asana workout!! I loved it when you originally posted…I think I’ll do it again tomorrow. Please create more workouts like that! <3 Are you still considering yoga teacher training?

  27. That dinner sounds amazing! What a cool looking restaurant! I really loved introducing my son to Mary Poppins. I was so glad the he enjoyed it too. It was his first movie that was all real people and not cartoons and he was very entertained by it. Seeing him enjoy a classic like that made my heart happy. 🙂

  28. Next time you to to Herringbone (or try Searsucker downtown) get the Peter Rabbit cocktail 😉

  29. Olivia Pope… my hero. Even better that she drinks wine and eats popcorn for dinner! hahah

  30. Have you seen the Olivia Pope wine glasses? Love Scandal!

  31. Love your pet dogs. Love your cookies even more. They look so crunchy and delicious. Any recipes for them?

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