I heart my new HP Sprout

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Santa arrived at our house a couple of weeks early when my friends at HP delivered one of their brand new Sprout workstations. When I first learned about this project, I was instantly intrigued because my contact said it would “revolutionize the way we create content.” I was instantly in, even though I had no idea what the tool would be. A tablet? Computer? I was excited to find out more details. Then, I finally received the info for this new product, the HP Sprout, along with this video:


It was basically a blog-gasm. I couldn’t wait to create images with the Sprout, and also couldn’t help but wonder if it really worked the way it did in the videos. 

Hp sprout 1 of 1

It totally does.

Our Sprout was delivered one rainy morning, and the tech, Ariel, was AWESOME. He set everything up, and was super kind to Liv who was insistent on telling him everything about Christmas…and Santa…and computers haha. He gave me a quick how-to on the Sprout, which consists of a PC + work space,

IMG 1379

Liv and I took a selfie,

and that was it! During naptime, I had a lot of fun experimenting with our new toy.


Christmas v1 0

The best way I can describe the Sprout is by saying it blends technology with reality. You can place something on the workstation, scan it into a high-quality image,

IMG 1380

and use your hands to move, shrink or increase the size of the image.

You can edit the image, group them together, and images from the PC screen can be flicked down onto the workstation. Both the workspace and the PC are mouse and touch responsive, and you can be working on different projects on each screen (or, watching Netflix movies on the screen and working on the workstation… just sayin’).

I made a little video to create the following image,

Sangria2 2

just to share how it works. Here’s a little step-by-step video:


Since the computer arrived, it has transitioned to my main computer. I edit my photos with Lightroom for my posts, but everything else is done on the Sprout. (I just need to install Lightroom on there!)


-All the functionality of a normal desktop computer. Great sound and amazing display. 

-Convenience. SO many times I’ve found myself going back and forth between screens and images, and running to the office to scan files or pictures. I love that I’m able to multitask between screens and projects with ease.

-Taking the in-between steps out of graphic design projects. If I need a quick image of something, I can just place it on the workstation and scan it. Some of my photo collages take FOREVER to put together with the standard processes on my laptop (take a photo, upload, edit, crop, add to collage, repeat). For things like this, I just grab the image from the web, drag on the workstation and crop/move from there. It’s really streamlined how I create my images and content. 

-The scanner and camera. The camera is 14.9MP and takes beautiful images. I also love that you can scan documents into JPEG or PDF files! So awesome. 

-It’s very intuitive to use. As a non-techie person (who blogs for a living. I know, it makes no sense), I was worried that there would be a steep learning curve. It couldn’t be more intuitive to use. Ariel gave me a quick how-to, and there’s an awesome “?” button that explains the functions for you. It took me about a day to get the hang of it, and it seems like every day I’m learning new tricks and tools!


-It takes up quite a bit of space. This can also be considered a pro, because it gives you so much room to work, and the giant HD screen is amazing for movies and crystal-clear images.

-It’s expensive. At $1899, it’s not a cheap addition to a home office. At the same time, I think it’s an investment. The technology surpasses anything I’ve seen on my laptop, and it has a ton of memory (1 terabyte). If I wouldn’t have received the Sprout for this project, I would have purchased one after learning about it and seeing the videos! 

-Limited fonts and text colors. This is a very new product, so I imagine that future software updates will include a larger variety of font and color options.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful Friday <3



This post was sponsored by HP Sprout. Thank you for supporting the companies who help to support our family. <3

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  1. This computer is insane- so amazing!

  2. This sounds amazing!!

  3. That is amazing!!!!

  4. Mind = blown right now. That is so cool. Definitely super expensive but think of the possibilities with this thing! I haven’t watched the videos yet because my family was sleeping haha, but I plan to scroll back up and check them out once the house is awake!!

  5. WOAH! So cool that you can place an object right in front of it and scan a picture of it! I would love to try this out.

  6. Holy smokes, what an amazing computer! It’s so cool that you can do editing in the work space using your fingers. When I edit photos I often think, “I wish I could just play around with the photo using my fingers!”

  7. This is incredible! Just blew my mind.

  8. If only it wasn’t so pricey I would be ordering it right now. That looks awesome!

  9. If I had one of these, I’d be playing Tony Stark in “The Avengers,” when he’s throwing all of his stuff from one computer to the screens all over his Penthouse. That thing looks so cool!

  10. No. Way. That looks unreal! It’s crazy how fast technology advances…that HP sprout looks beautiful.

  11. Interesting! I’m sure it’ll evolve quickly, too. Fun that you get to try it out so soon.

  12. Since I’m in law school and have a job, I don’t have the time to do the editing that goes along with creating content for my blog. I feel like this computer would allow me to do it very easily and in very little time!

  13. This looks awesome! You’ll be able to do so many amazing pictures. Enjoy!

  14. Hi Gina! I’m loving my Sprout – especially the huge screen and sound system. I’m actually thinking of watching a movie on there! Hope you have a great Sunday! 🙂

  15. Woah! That’s crazy. Have fun!

  16. That is so cool! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  17. It looks so cool but at the same time it seems like the main benefit is for graphics related things. Would you agree?

    Obviously the storage is insane, but I’d think unless you had a need to create lots of graphics, it would probably be overkill. Not to say I don’t still kind of want one…

    • Fitnessista says:

      i totally agree. it’s an amazing PC, but what takes it to the next level is the ability to create these types of graphics quickly

  18. WOW! Its crazy how far technology has come! Happy Holidays Gina 🙂 I look forward to seeing what images you create with this technology xo C

  19. Okay, that does look really freaking cool (say the same for fitnessista sangria). Loving the graphics you can make with this. I try to make some in Photoshop from time to time and usually just give up because I have no idea what I am doing!

  20. This looks insanely awesome!!!
    I want one!!!

  21. How cool! I wonder when they’ll be brining this to the ad agency I work at – it’d save so much time for design and art direction!

  22. This thing sounds AMAZING. Must. Have.!

  23. Drinking green tea throughout the day!

  24. Do you have any video of that? I’d like to
    find out more details.

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