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Hi! Hope your day is going well! After yesterday’s driving day, we’re back home in San Diego.

Easy breakfast

(This morning’s breakfast: eggs, muffins, raspberries + green tea)

Usually during road trips, we’ll seek out a Peter Piper so Livi can play some games and shake her legs out before getting back in the car, but yesterday, we hit up the trampoline park before getting on the freeway from Tucson.


Photo 167


It was a great way to play a little before being in the car for so long, and we’ve found that Cracker Barrel is another awesome road trip stop. Lots of fun little trinkets to check out, clean restrooms, and decent food if we grab anything to go. We ended up getting dinner at Chipotle in addition to our other random roadtrip snacks.

I was curious to see how two things were doing upon our return: Goldie, our latest goldfish (who has lived a total of three weeks and now I’m afraid I’ve jinxed her by typing that)

Goldie  1 of 1 3

and my kombucha scoby.

Thankfully both were happily swimming in their respective homes 😉

For Goldie, we got one of those vacation feeder things and it worked well. For the kombucha scoby….well, I was SHOCKED to see how much it had grown. When I bought it from the kombucha lady at the farmer’s market, the bottle she gave me had a tiny scoby inside. She was like, “Oh, put that in your tea and it will grow and grow!” I nodded my head, even though I was totally skeptical, and knew that it was only $4 (the cost of a bottle of kombucha) and worth the risk if it didn’t work out.

Apparently kombucha lady doesn’t lie 😉  

Kombucha  1 of 1 8

I’ll start tasting this batch in a few days and then bottle it up for the second ferment + flavoring. I ordered some dried ginger on Amazon, so I’m excited to make gingerberry kombucha, which is my favorite flavor. (If you’re curious about what the heck a scoby is, or would like to make your own kombucha, check out this post!)

This morning was spent getting back into the swing of things with a Trader Joe’s trip, unpacking, relaxing, and getting stuff together for the rest of the week.

Some exciting news: back in Zumba action tonight! I was starting to feel like it may be a while before I’d get my own class -I’ve been hustling, but in a market that is highly saturated with Zumba instructors and full class schedules, I’ve been realistic about my plight- and got the call while we were in Tucson to see if I would take over a Wednesday night class. I’ve never taught at this gym, so I’m going to check it out for the next couple of weeks and see how it goes. Hopefully the class likes me and I get a good vibe from the studio! Fingers crossed. Since I’ve put Zumba on the backburner for barre, spin and BodyPump practice, I’m desperately scrambling for new songs to update my playlist. Please let me know if you have any that you currently love!

Needs to happen:


So good.

Have a lovely night and I’ll see ya in the morning <3



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  1. Gina – I know this isn’t a nutrition post but could i request a review similar to the ones I’ve seen you do for various workouts and diet plans? Specifically I’m curious about carb cycling and your thoughts. Would also love for you to elaborate on your recent mention of your losing vs. maintenance phase of your diet… Really curious there.

    • Fitnessista says:

      hi jenn! yes, i can put something together on that. i do track my macros, but it’s in a simple way. i outline everything in the book -which doesn’t come out until jan, but will be here before we know it!- but i’ll post a readers request with some thoughts in the meantime

  2. That breakfast looks delightful! What kind of muffin is that? Congrats on the Zumba class. So fun!!

  3. Congrats on the Zumba class lady!

  4. i don’t know why I’m so intimidated to make anything fermented at home! Looks pretty easy. Jealous of your trip to see your family! I live much, much farther away from mine. AZ to SD is a pretty doable drive. I have to fly over the Pacific!

  5. Yes Gina congrats on the Zumba and I forgot to tell you I made the muffins and quite delish!!!

  6. Crystal says:

    Yay zumba! Also, I love Bailando, one of my current faves. Have fun!

  7. Good luck at Zumba! It’s always a little scary teaching new people!

  8. Tracy Cook says:

    I love that song that you posted above. The song “We are One (Ole Ola)” is from the World Cup album and my Zumba instructors played that and it was a lot of fun. I also added that song to my playlist for other workouts and running. That entire album has some great songs.

  9. Thinking we are one in the same person. You ust named my 3 favorite classes. Barre being number 1 for me but those are the ones I don’t miss.

  10. Yaara Leve says:

    I love that Bailando song too! Congrats on the Zumba class–you’re gonna rock it tonight!! And that pic of Liv is so cute! I love her braids.

  11. Welcome back! I may be going to Tucson in the fall so I’ll need to ask you for good places to check out!

  12. A little kombucha brewin’ tip: the first batch with a new scoby might not taste the best! I’ve found batch 2 to be better and batch 3 to be rockin’. The scoby will continue to grow and you can even splice it in half to have two batches fermenting at once. Good luck!

  13. catherine c. says:

    You have to check out “get low” by dillon francis with DJ Snake. It has replaced Turn Down for What for me!

  14. Glad you made it home safe! I’m still dying to try again at making kombucha but need to order a scoby that isn’t dehydrated. That route didn’t work out to well for me.

  15. I love Enrique and this song-so good. Made the cookie balls from the other day and it was delist in vanilla yogurt. My hubby loved it too and said it tasted like cookie dough. Win win for both of us! Thank you for the recipe. Good lunch with the Zumba class.

  16. I love Enrique and this song-so good. Made the cookie balls from the other day and it was delist in vanilla yogurt. My hubby loved it too and said it tasted like cookie dough. Win win for both of us! Thank you for the recipe. Good lunch with the Zumba class.

  17. Congrats on the Zumba class – good luck!!

  18. Excited to hear about your future SD teaching adventures! Good luck!

  19. Hi Gina,

    I’m a major coffee addict – and have noticed your switch to green tea of late. I have a terrible problem with nausea from green tea! Can you tell me if you’ve noticed any side effects? Do you miss the coffee?

    Congratulations on your Zumba gig too!


  20. Gosh I haven’t taken a Zumba class in so long! I think that needs to change soon

  21. Have so much fun at Zumba! And I love trampoline places!

    I want to request my Zumba teacher choreograph a dance to this:

    Maybe a abs/squats one? I’m obsessed.

  22. Kendal A says:

    Can you drink kombucha while pregnant? Did you drink it when you were pregnant?
    I really loveeeee it, but just found I am pregnant. I don’t want to give it up but am afraid of the little bit of alcohol content from the fermentation process. What is your take on it?

  23. Good luck with the Zumba class… that’s great news for you 🙂

    And I’m super interested to hear more about your Kombucha adventure!

  24. Woohoo — have fun at Zumba tonight!

  25. ilovefetacheese says:

    That bailando song is the sole reason I asked my hubby to do Salsa lessons with me. I have no idea how to dance or any of the latin dances (hope salsa is the right one???) but I just want to dance every time it comes on! With hubby 🙂

  26. My hubby has taken over the kombucha making in this house and ours grows one or two new scobys every batch!

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