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Is anyone else so stoked that it’s March? It’s that first little hint of spring -ok, so in San Diego we have two seasons, but I’m not complaining- and I love all of the things there are to look forward to. I also love love love St. Patrick’s Day.

I have fond memories of St. Patrick’s Day from when I was younger. I would dance in the parade with my friends (aka get to miss school), and we’d spend the afternoon at the festival afterwards, listening to live music, watching the dancers, and eating all of the delicious food. My fave? Soda bread. THE BEST. Also, I found an awesome gluten-free one last year, so I’m hoping I can find it again. Soda bread toasted with butter just makes me so happy.

I’m always excited to try out new foods (ok, and warm boozy beverages), and I didn’t have my first real Irish coffee until last year at the Stitch Fix event. Is it even really Irish? I’m not sure, but after a couple of these, it doesn’t matter where it originated. You just feel warm, and caffinated and happy inside haha.

My first Irish coffee

(with Julie and Nicole! I’m ready for a tan again haha.)

Here’s my take on Irish coffee. Was it as good as the one at the Buena Vista in SF? No. But it will do until I make it back. 😉

Easy irish coffee

Key: (I got this from the website)  pour hot water into the glass to preheat it. It just takes a sec, and is totally worth it. From here, I added 6 oz of strong hot coffee, and stirred in 1 tablespoon of maple syrup. (They usually use cocktail sugar cubes, but I adore maple syrup in coffee. It blends nicely and adds warmth and sweetness without being too sugary sweet.)

maple syrup and coffee

I also used this Irish whiskey that I picked up for the Pilot at Vom Fass:

Irish whiskey for Irish Coffee

Next, I added coconut milk whipped cream,

So Delicious Coconut Milk Whip Cream


(side of kitchen lurker)

and BOOM.

Coziness in a cup.

Cozying up with Irish coffee

Some more recipes to make for St. Patrick’s Day:

The best St. Patrick’s Day cocktail. Just do it!

Bailey’s truffles. Yasssss.

Guinness cupcakes with Bailey’s frosting

Oh, and just in case you’re not only eating dessert with cocktails and choose to have real food:    😉

Corned beef and cabbage (my mom always makes chicken for me instead of the corned beef, and she grills the cabbage. It’s GLORIOUS)

Soda bread

Irish brunch

Any fun St. Patrick’s Day traditions? What’s something you’re looking forward to this month? Any local signature cocktails you love? When we’re in Tucson, I always appreciate the spicy margaritas and sangria.



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  1. this looks awesome but is there a lot of sugar in it? i was inspired by your sugar detox and wanted to venture down that path, too.

  2. I have not seen that coconut whipped topping. I need to look for it at Sprouts! And maple syrup in coffee? I’m not a big sweet coffee drinker, but I must say I am intrigued!

  3. I’m also so glad its March, that means warmer weather and sunshine is coming our way!! I just put my St. Patty’s day door hanger out today, it made me happy 

  4. YUM! I also didn’t know that coconut whipped cream existed, I thought it was make your own or bust… need to check that out soon!

  5. I went 7 years trying to nail down a authentic gf/vegan soda bread recipe haha! I finally did this year and I am so proud of it haha!

  6. I LOVED that coconut “cool whip”. It was amazing!

  7. I feel like I need this Coconut Whipped Cream in my life immediately! I’m not a big coffee drinker, but I love putting coconut oil in my hot tea. I actually put it in hot water too, but lots of people think that’s weird 😉 It’s still good!

  8. We had a moment of warmer weather, but it’s cool here again. I can’t wait for spring!!

  9. I used to be an Irish dancer too and love the holiday so much! Soda bread and green beer nowadays are my faves!

  10. Oh yum! I love Irish coffee. Great idea to add maple syrup instead of sugar. Will def. have to try that!

  11. Aww St. Patrick’s Day brings me back to my college days! Haha I act like it was forever ago when it was really just 2 years haha. Every year the Saturday before St. Patrick’s day the upperclassmen would host “The Green Mile.” It was a huge event; we woke up early, made shirts and had a house/keg crawl. I’m kind of glad those days are behind me though haha.

  12. I am so stoked to try that Coconut Whipped Cream! Why have I not had this in my life yet.

  13. Hi Gina! I am a loyal reader and have wanted to ask you if you are 100% gluten free? Do you feel better with no gluten?

    • Fitnessista says:

      thank you so much for reading, kim!
      i’m not totally gluten-free, but i eat gf for the most part. i have gluten here and there (and love pizza and cake), but if i have it consistently, i start to feel pretty blah. it messes with my digestion and i get a stomachache, so i skip out on it for the most part

  14. Oh Gina!! This coffee <3 As I sit at my desk drooling over boozey drinks at noon on a Wednesday – haha! I love that coconut whip, I will have to keep my eyes peeled for that!

    If you're on the hunt for a GF Irish Soda bread – maybe try Elena's Pantry recipe. My guess is you've tried her recipes before, I have and really enjoy them! I haven't made this particular one, but she's pretty good in the GF department 🙂

    Happy 4 months to miss P! 🙂

  15. I love Irish Soda bread!

  16. I adore Irish soda bread! My grandma baked the most delicious loaves when I was young. Please share if you find that gluten free recipe!!

  17. I love Irish coffee! Also yay Buena Vista! So good!

  18. Yum! What’s Vom Fass? Just curious because my family’s last name was Fass and it means (roughly) barrel of wine in German.

  19. My birthday is St. Patrick’s day! So I have to say it’s a pretty awesome month for that reason as well as the arrival of spring which brings around my favorite time of year (=warm weather months).

  20. That looks yummy! When I was a kid, whenever my parents had a dinner party my Dad would make Irish Coffee for the guests. He actually would warm the glass by lighting a little whisky on fire in it and then make the drink at the table. It was always an exciting display to watch as a kid and of course, just confirmed for me that my Dad was in fact, magic! And his background is Irish so I think it is indeed an authentic Irish drink.

  21. My childhood memory of St. Patrick’s Day was green bagels. The mom of one of my elementary-school friends was a teacher. Every year she would buy green bagels for her class and her daughter’s class. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized Jewish bagels dyed green are not typical St. Patrick’s Day fare. 😉

  22. You should try The Field’s Irish coffee in downtown San Diego. Amazing! I probably wouldn’t go there on St. Patrick’s Day though. It can get a little crazy!

  23. That So Delicious fake Cool Whip is AMAZING!! I have been known to eat it right out of the container with a spoon.

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