It’s All Good

Heyyyyy 😀 How ya doin? Thank you SO much for all of your kind and lovely comments regarding the fact that I was robbed of my Zumba. I can always count on ya’ll to cheer me up 😀

To make things even better, today was full of goodness:

1. A glorious smoothie from Main Squeeze with Vega Smoothie To-Go (vanilla almondilla flavor, from a baggie in my purse), strawberry, banana, apple juice and almond butter


2. A 3 egg white puff with the most ridiculous hoity toity goat cheese from Whole Paycheck. All I needed was a little sliver- it is SUPER rich and creamy.

egg puff

3. I sold my car!!!!! For now, I’m driving Jeni’s pilot’s SUV until I get my new wheels (either tomorrow or Thursday at the latest). A lot of ya’ll keep asking me to post what my new car is, but to be honest, I feel weird doing that. So here’s a pic of my old car, that I said goodbye to today.

Goodbye Celi. You were good to me <3

celi (2)

4. INDIAN FOOD! Indian Food Wednesday came a day early this week 🙂 If you enjoy Indian food sometime today or tomorrow, send me a pic and I’ll include it in my Indian Food Wednesday lovin’ post 😀

I want to swim in the buffet. With mouth wide open and a roti raft, since I can’t swim very well 😉



5. Ani’s new cookbook! The same one I’m giving away 🙂 Keep those entries coming– winner will be posted tomorrow AM.


I CAN’T WAIT to make some of these recipes.

6. A baller iron pumping workout with Jeni.

Shoulders, Chest, Triceps, Abs

5 minute Cardio Warmup Elliptical, level 6
Circuit 1: V-rope tricep pressdown/ Straight bar shoulder press down 40 lbs/50 lbs; 3 sets of 12
Circuit 2: Barbell upward rows/Full push-ups 20 lbs/Body weight; 3 sets of 12
Circuit 3: Supine dumbbell chest press/Side crunches 8 lbs each/Body weight; 3 sets of 12
Circuit 4: Bench crunch/Tricep dips Body weight; 3 sets of 12
Total time: 45 minutes  

I’m off to work- 4 training appointments and I’m going to get some cardio in, too.

Have a great night!



Something to talk about: What’s been *good* about your day? Let’s get some positive energy flowing around 🙂

Today’s tip: Try doing weight exercises with dumbbells that you would usually do with barbells and vise versa, and use the pulley cable system for some of your favorite dumbbell moves. It’s an easy way to make a change in the usual routine and confuse our muscles into getting stronger and leaner.

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  1. saw your tweet about the car…Im outta the loop 🙂
    are you replacing it?

    and good?
    where to begin around here.

    I shall simply say ITS ALL GOOD.

    I love my life.


  2. Bridget says:

    Hi Gina! I realize you are stopping Insanity, but I just started! I was curious as to what your overall review is? Did it truly tone like it claims to? I’m only three days in and I’m certainly sore. The workouts are crazy. In fact, I have a hard time getting through them, but I guess that’s because I just started. Do you think it’s worth it? Should I continue going to the gym and maybe ride the bike/elliptical along with doing Insanity?



    • Fitnessista says:

      hey girl,
      i still plan on doing a full re-cap of insanity- hopefully i’ll get that up today!

  3. i’m glad your not showing us your car 🙂 I think its good that you keep somethings private!! Internet safety 🙂 lol

    Ani’s new cookbook should be great I can’t wait to check it out!

  4. What has been good about my day? Chile just won their first game in the World Cup!!!!

    Sorry to hear about Zumba, but I agree that things always happen for a reason even though we don’t know what they are now.

    Congrats on selling your car so quickly!!!

  5. Personally, I think it is kind of silly to keep talking about getting a new car and then be surprised when people want to know more about it. But hey, it’s your blog girl.

  6. Your old car was gorgeous! Oh my!

    Good? Today I spent the entire day sitting on the couch because I currently can’t walk. It was a pretty all around boring day. The highlight would definately be that I figured out how to cheat and get more money on The Sims game. Hahah.

  7. I made an Indian inspired dish last night and thought of you – post is on my blog 🙂 Next up to try to make is chana masala.

  8. I’ve been wanting to become more healthy by eating better and working out. I’m new to it, so I’ve been searching around and just found your website today and I love it, thanks!

  9. Leslie Wingate says:

    I don’t blame you at all for not showing your car. Cuh-reepy. 😉

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