Kit’s Organic saves the day {+ a giveaway!}

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Hi friends! How’s the morning going? Hope it’s off to a great start and that you’ve enjoyed the long weekend.

With everyone’s schedules all over the place, we’re always on the go. I’ve found that with a new addition in the house, planning in advance is even more critical. There has definitely been a situation where someone in our party needed an extra pair of pants, none were to be found, and we needed to book it home with a half-dressed toddler in the backseat. 

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It takes a little while to get everything together to set ourselves up for success, especially on the meal front. I need to make sure we have snacks on hand at all times, especially when the snack monster strikes. When we get to “emergency mode,” there’s some crying and disorientation involved. (Liv gets a little upset, too.)

FullSizeRender 18

I like to meal plan and make as many healthy options as possible, and when we’re out and about, it doesn’t always make sense financially and time-wise to stop at a restaurant for a quick bite between meals. I prefer options that have minimal mess, and are easily stashed in the diaper bag.

Tom and p2

When I don’t have the time to meal prep, I’m extremely grateful for the existence of healthy pre-made grab and go snacks. I’m pretty particular about the ones I’ll purchase and consume on a regular basis, and currently, my favorite bar is CLIF Kit’s Organic.

Kits organic 3

They’re nutrient-dense with dried fruit and nuts, they taste delicious, and only contain simple certified-organic ingredients. No science experiments, and each bar is free of gluten, soy and dairy. 

Kits organic

Kits organic 2

I always have one in my purse or gym bag if we’re out and about and emergency snack mode hits.

Kits organic 4

While I love them on their own, I like to take the energy bars and crumble them on top of oatmeal,

on top of protein chia pudding,

Kit organics

warmed in the microwave and topped with banana soft serve (!!),

and blended into a smoothie.

Here’s one of my favorite combinations, which tastes like blended cookie dough!

Cookie dough smoothie

Here’s the mix:

1/2 Kit’s Organic bar of choice- my favorite is the Coconut!

1 cup almond milk

2 tablespoons of oats

1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder

1/4-1/2 cup ice

Sprinkle of cinnamon

Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender, serve and enjoy! I like mine with a little coconut whip on top. 🙂

And now, it’s giveaway time!

3 winners will receive 2 caddies of CLIF Kit’s Organic Fruit & Nut bars.

To enter, click here and leave a comment below with the flavors you’d want to try first!

The giveaway will end this Sunday at 11:59PM EST, and announced in Monday morning’s post.

Ready, set, go!


This post is sponsored by CLIF Kit’s Organic. Thank you so much for supporting this blog and the companies who help support our family. 

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  1. All of them sound delicious! The dark chocolate peanut one especially 🙂

  2. Dark Chocolate Chili Almond sounds amazing and the cashew also looks delicious!

  3. Taylor Closet says:

    I would love to try dark chocolate walnuts.

  4. Oh I would love to try the dark chocolate almond coconut bar!!! Yum!!!

  5. The dark chocolate almond coconut hands down!!! It sounds delish!!!

  6. The dark chocolate chili almond sounds AMAZING! As a crazy-busy college student and personal trainer, I’m always looking for good options for on-the-go!

  7. The cashew or peanut butter!

  8. I’d love to try the dark chocolate almond coconut and the peanut butter!

  9. The dark chocolate chili almond, the peanut butter, and the cherry and pumpkin seed flavors sound pretty appealing to me…I only wish their overall sugar content wasn’t as high, but then, that means they’d probably have to take out the appealing things….like chocolate!!

  10. The dark chocolate almond coconut sounds delicious!

  11. I would love to try the dark chocolate walnut!

  12. I’d love anything with chocolate. Yum!

  13. The flavor I’d most like to try is Almond.

  14. Chocolate walnut!!

  15. I’d love to try cashew!

  16. I’d love to try the dark chili almond.

  17. Hands down I would like to try the dark chocolate almond coconut because that flavor is like Kit’s Organic looking into my soul and mashing together my favorite things!

  18. Definitely a toss up between the dark chocolate pb and coconut.

  19. Any of the dark chocolate flavors sound delicious! Sign me up!

  20. Mmm! Dark chocolate walnut sounds GREAT!

  21. The dark chocolate chili almond sounds wonderful

  22. The dark chocolate almond coconut one sounds fantastic!

  23. The lemon vanilla chia seed one sounds interesting, as does the dark chocolate chili almond! I’ll have to keep an eye out for these!

  24. Dark choc peanut!!!

  25. Dark chocolate peanut is a classic favorite, but the dark chocolate chili almond sounds very intriguing!

  26. Michelle Rae says:

    Oh peanut butter or the almond coconut one would be my first picks!

  27. I think we’d all love the cherry pumpkin seed!

  28. Dark Chocolate Almond coconut sounds amazing!!

  29. Dark chocolate peanut flavor

  30. Yum! I’d like to eat a whole box of dark chocolate walnut right now. I’m nursing my 2 month old in the middle of the night so I need the extra fuel, right? 🙂

  31. I would choose dark chocolate walnut

  32. I haven’t seen these yet – they look great. I’m pregnant and have been needing a snack every 2 hours, so these would be perfect. I’m getting tired of the snacks I’ve had in rotation. Anything coconut sounds good to me!

  33. Mary Jenkins says:

    Cherry and pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are always good for getting in your daily zinc!

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