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[Pointing at a bush] “Oh, that looks like holly! Holly makes me JOLLY!”


Me: “My little noodle!”

Liv: “I’m not a noodle. I’m a girl.”


Tom opens the door to the pantry, where Livi commonly hides, and finds her with the honey jar. It’s open, and she’s dipping her finger into the jar and licking it. Upon being discovered, she says, “Oh. Sorry about that.”


“Mom, please play the song ‘Ghost.’ Sometimes ghosts are scary. But sometimes they are nice.”


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  1. she is too funny, i love these posts!

  2. “Oh…sorry about that!”…I die…too cute!

  3. these posts make me happy.

    do you laugh at all her liv-isms, or hold it in? 😉

  4. Haha I LOVE that she eats straight from the honey jar. Can’t blame her. 😉

    Always, Anita

  5. It sounds like Livi is really open and knows how to apologize and not get let pride or shame take her, as I see many kids in my neighborhood do(maybe it’s the Asian culture around here, like 90% of people here are Asian and sometimes the way we were brought up was to never show emotions)


  6. Literal LOL moment at the honey story. Definitely can’t blame her!

  7. Love these posts! I can’t help but smile – so excited for my little girl to be here!

  8. These are always some of my fave posts of yours. More Livi videos pah-lease!!!

  9. The things kids say! 🙂 Too cute! You’ve got a little heartbreaker on your hands girl!

  10. Livi is adorable! I love these posts!

  11. So cute! I can only imagine how funny it would have been to find her in the pantry licking honey off her fingers!

  12. Gosh these are so cute.

  13. Soooooo sweet!!
    Liv and her honey reminded me of this hysterical little girl (with her nutella):

  14. I think these are seriously my FAVORITE posts that you share. They just crack me up!!

  15. HAHAHAHAHA “Oh. Sorry about that.”

    Tom must have wanted to burst out laughing

  16. LOL at the honey one! These are my fave posts!

  17. These posts are the best!! Love!

    Sounds like the pilot caught Liv in the pantry doing a Winnie the Pooh impersonation 🙂

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