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Livi: “I’m going to be a doctor.”

Me: “What kind of doctor would you like to be?”

Livi: “A brain doctor. Then I’m going to give you a shot.”


 “I would NEVER, ever, in the whole wide world. I would never kiss a frog!”


“Mom, listen to me. Wait, listen. I said FOCUS. Focus, mom.”


Livi [playing restaurant]: “What would you like to eat?” 

Me: “Hmm. How about a sandwich?”

Livi: “We don’t have sandwiches.”

Me: “How about some pizza?”

Livi: “No pizza.”

Me: “What kind of restaurant is this?”

Livi: “An America restaurant.”

Me: “So you have burgers?”

Livi: “No, we only have ice cream and broccoli.”


“I like to eat, eat, eat, lobsters and bananas.”


Me: “Livi, do you know what they call children in Hawaii? Keiki! Isn’t that cool?”

Liv: “A keiki? That’s not really a word.”


‘When I was in your belly it was a lot of fun. We would Zumba and dance together. And then BOOM. Here I am!”

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  1. Haha I like the Zumba in the belly. You’ll have to remind her of these when she’s grown up!

  2. Haha I love that last one!

  3. Haha the last one kills me! She is looking so grown up!

  4. Samantha D. says:

    Sooo funny my two year old says the craziest stuff sometimes!

  5. Omg. She is seriously hilarious

  6. She is getting so grown up and these are seriously adorable!

  7. Lauren Z. says:

    These are my favorite posts! Literally make me laugh out loud.

  8. I think the last one is my favorite. She is so funny! I wonder if she realizes that the same thing will happen with her sister?

  9. That last quote! haha Zumba party!

  10. shes the coolest kid in the world. Miss you, livi goose! Xoxo

  11. I read a bunch of these on different blogs, and I swear I think Liv is just the funniest kid out there. I legit bust out laughing each time.

  12. that last one!!! “BOOM! here I am!” lol! she’s the cutest.

  13. Focus, Mom. Too cute!

  14. Hahaha, best posts! <3

  15. HI-larious!!! Love “lobsters and bananas”! That’s gonna be stuck in my head now! And Zumba in the belly?! She has such an imagination!

    The one about FOCUS…. reminds me of my oldest at that age… he used to grab my cheeks with his hands to face him when he thought I wasn’t listening. It worked!! Haha!

  16. hahah she’s too cute!!

  17. oh my gosh, these are amazing. also, i want livi’s jump suit.

  18. Erika S. says:

    She’s such a big girl now! Love the ice cream and broccoli…and “boom, here I am”! Classic!

  19. adorable! So great that you have it documented 🙂

    Katie @ Katie Wanders

  20. Amanda M. says:

    Puts a smile on my face every time. hahaha

  21. erin m. says:

    Hahahahahaha I especially love the last one!

  22. Hysterical!
    Love these 🙂

  23. You have on hilarious little girl, Gina! If I have a daughter, I hope she has a sense of humor like Liv!

  24. The last one is by far my favorite. Hilarious!

  25. BOOM here I am 🙂 HAHAHAHAHA <3

  26. Hahaha I love the last two!

  27. Shaina Anderson says:

    FOCUS Mom. bahahahah. Where do they come up with this stuff?

    A couple of recent favorites from Tripp: “Daddy, sit down. I need to have a conversation with you.” and after he finished helping me stretch “Thanks for helping Mama! You’re the best!” “No YOU’RE the best. I’m amazing.”

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