Livi goose

“Let’s read my non-infection book.”

“Your non-infection book?”

“Yes, the one about butterflies.”

“You mean your non-fiction book?”

“Yeah, that’s it.”


Me: “Let’s get something for P. She looks cold! Her teeth are chattering.”

Liv: “Mom, she doesn’t have teeth.”


[drops something] “Son of a nutcracker!”


[At the petting zoo] “Goats don’t think I’m a girl. They think I am food.”


[To Penelope] “You know, being a big sister is kind of fun. I haven’t had a little sister in DAYS.”


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  1. I’ll be stealing “Son of a Nutcracker!” Seriously, I love your kid!

  2. Cannot wait for the day we get, “Penn-isms!”

  3. This reminds me of when I was little at a petting zoo and a goat started eating my hair! My dad wasn’t really watching me closely enough and didn’t intervene and I didn’t want to hurt the goat trying to get him to stop, so I just stood there quietly panicking while the goat ate my hair. Haha! It sounds like Livi dealt a lot better with goats thinking she was food than I did!

  4. Bahahaha <3 I always love these! Too cute!

  5. LOL Livi cracks me up!!!!

    My fave: “mom she doesn’t have teeth”

    SMART girl!!

    I wish you would make Livi-isms into a weekly blog. That would be cool.

  6. “Son of a nutcracker” is the best thing ever! When I was little I would sing “baa baa black sheep, packy packy wool!” We still laugh about it!

  7. “Son of a nutcracker!” omg laughing out loud!

  8. GIRL!!!!!!! these are the best ones yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t believe she said son of a nut cracker!!!!!!!!

  9. Too sweet! <3

  10. The one about the goats actually had me laughing our loud. Always love your Livi-isms posts =)

  11. “Son of a Nutcracker!” OMG. That’s fantastic! Cry-laughing over here.

  12. Christina Recine says:

    Love reading these! Gets me every time

  13. She is too cute!

  14. Adorable! When I saw your Facebook post about non-infection book, I thought you were raising a little CDC scientist!

  15. hahahah all of her comments are hysterical

  16. So darn cute!!! I cannot wait (I am a bit scared too) to see what our little boy says!

  17. I’m totally adopting that son of a nutcracker one! Clever girl to come up with that!

  18. Omg Livi is the FUNNIEST!!!! Love that line about the goats!!

  19. Haha these are just too good! So adorable <3

  20. Son of a Nutcracker is amazing!!!!! So funny! 😀

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