Livi and bell

“I don’t know what Bell-bell’s going to grow up to be. I’m going to be a doctor.”

“What kind of doctor?”

“Um…. well, I want to be a dentist.”

“What’s daddy’s job?”

“To work out.”

“Hahha. Does he teach people how to fly airplanes?”

“Oh. Yeah.”

“What’s mommy’s job?”

“To work out. And clean up stuff.”

Thanks a lot, kid.


[While listening to “Hello” on the radio while driving]

“What is this song?”

“It’s ‘Hello’ by Adele.”

“Adele makes me so sad. This is a very sad song. Will you change it?”


[Switches the station and “My House” by Flo Rida is playing]

“Oh yeah. This is much better. This is a party!”


[While watching Grease LIVE which I totally realize is not the most kid-appropriate movie, but she loves singing and dancing.]

“You just missed Rizzo sing. She was so good.”


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  1. These crack me up. Every time. No, seriously — they bring the biggest smile to my face. Funny kid, that Livi 🙂 xo

  2. Too cute. Gotta start ’em young with musical theater– I saw Grease on Broadway at age 5 🙂

  3. She’s looking more like you every day! What a gorgeous girl, and hilarious, too.

  4. angie kilar says:

    LOL Love Livi-isms.

    her comment about Daddy and you…sooo funny.

    Have you shown her the Grease movie??? My #1 fave since I was her age. I watch it anytime it is on. However I didn’t watch the Live version this week. Im tired of remakes. Plus with Grease being my fave I don’t think I could stomach a newer But glad to see Livi loved the singing.

    I agree with her on the Adele music too. too sad.

  5. I love what she said about Adele and Flo Rida. My sentiments exactly kid!

  6. Ha! I love these!

  7. LOL about your’s and Tom’s job!! :”D

  8. These are my fav Gina <3

  9. Ha ha! She’s too cute!
    I just asked my 5 year old what my job is. She said “I don’t know… Cleaning?!” Oh these kids! :).

  10. I love that you document these funny little livisms. She’s going to love looking back at this one day!

  11. Adorable.

  12. Hilarious!!!

  13. I just love these posts! Always make me smile!

    I think she’s probably young and innocent enough for Grease. Most of it probably goes right over her head anyway! I think it’s more important to expose her to music, dance & arts in general!!

  14. I love hearing or in this case, reading what kids say:) they can be so funny and honest!
    She is adorable:)

  15. I know my parents were worried I was too young to watch Grease when I did (about age 7, thought they are quite conservative) but I loved it! The adult content went WELL over my head until we ended up doing the musical in High School and I could READ the words, rather than just fill in with what I thought was appropriate.

    I love Livi’s little tee! Is it bad I want one too??

    • Fitnessista says:

      that’s what i figured! everything went right over my head, until we did the musical in middle school.. and had to change a lot of the words/themes
      i buy clothes for liv that i wish i could wear myself haha

  16. She just sounds so FUN! =]

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