W bell


(Touching my hair) “Mom, I like your ponytail. It’s so cute.”


(Looking down at my deformed pinky toe from breaking it so many times) “Oh no, mom. What happened to your toe? It hurt?”


(While I’m steaming cauliflower) “I smell something. Stop that smell!!” 


“Livi, do you want French toast or oatmeal this morning?”

“Just chocolate.”


Tom: “Livi, do you want to play with that toy?”

Liv: “No, it’s dead to me.” 


Regarding Tucson: “Everything is so hot here.”


(After waking up from a nap) “Hi! I was dreaming about piñatas!”

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  1. “It’s dead to me” … I almost spit out my coffee!! Hahaha:)) She is a little sassy firecracker!

  2. Courtney says:

    Ohhh, how cute!! She sounds absolutely adorable!

  3. She’s such a cutie pie. I love the things that come out of their mouths at this age.

  4. Ha! These are so cute. It’s dead to me. Where on earth did she get that!? Hilarious!

  5. How hilarious! Kids say the darnest things!! lol

  6. I cannot wait to meet this little lady next month!!! <3 <3 <3

  7. I love all of these! “Stop that smell!!” and “everything is so hot here” are my favorite 🙂

  8. “It’s dead to me.”

    Sheesh! What’d that toy do to her?! LMAO!

  9. Tom: “Livi, do you want to play with that toy?”

    Liv: “No, it’s dead to me.”

    WHATTTTT!?!?!?! Oh Gina I am laughing soooooo hard!!!!!!! All of these are so good! MY FAV POSTS!

  10. Liz Schroepfer says:

    Oh Liv knows what’s good in life. Chocolate for breakfast, I couldn’t agree more!

  11. This is the cutest!

  12. Oh my god, I die. I can’t wait to be a mommy one day! Livi is so adorable, I can’t even take it. Stop that smell!

  13. Just chocolate.. girl after my own heart!

    What a sweetie 🙂

  14. “just chocolate” hahaha. don’t we all sweet girl, don’t we all…

  15. Gina! Per our convo a few weeks ago, I’m heading down to SD through Sunday. What classes if any are you teaching this week?

    • Fitnessista says:

      i’m teaching zumba saturday morning and 3 barre classes sunday morning. i can email you the details!

  16. Arianne says:

    oh my gosshhhhh i just laughed out loud in my office at work! too stinkin cute. (cracks me up she said “its dead to me”)

  17. Amber Schumann says:

    I can’t take the cuteness.

    My daughter just turned two and is killing me with her own isms too. I feel like I need to make note of them more often and create a section in her baby book…

  18. MrsKruse says:

    Hahaha. I love “just chocolate.” I was having breakfast with my 2 year old goddaughter a few months ago, and when I asked her if she wanted more quiche or fruit, and her response was “m&ms, please” 🙂

  19. OMG she’s so flippin cute! Love these posts!

  20. These are so adorable!!

  21. LOL. I just love her. I can picture her saying so many of these things! So cute!

  22. Awesome! She is so cute! My favs are the chocolate and it’s dead to me comments!

  23. Haha! Love this age! I was getting ready the other day and had my hair down and my son said, “No mom I want you to have workout hair today.” Guess he’s a fan of the messy bun on top of my head!

  24. “it’s dead to me” bahahaha! She sounds like such an awesome little lady.

  25. Haha what a sweet girl! It must be the great name!

  26. The cauliflower one had me dying laughing… also I am so happy she dreams of pinatas! Already embracing her Mexican heritage 😀


    • Fitnessista says:

      she is pure mexicana. she also told me this elaborate story about how she hit it, it broke open and the types of candy inside. such a funny thing

  27. LOL These just keep getting better and better!

  28. Your daughter seems absolutely adorable! Reading this made me -almost- think hubby and I could handle a little one!

    I live in North Park and would love to know what Barre studio you teach at (if you are comfortable sharing, of course!) I have tried a few around here but haven’t loved the vibe!

    Happy almost friday!

    • Fitnessista says:

      she is a crack up, and the older she gets, the more fun everything is 🙂
      send me an email and i’ll be happy to send you the details!

  29. I am seriously dying right now!!! These are hilarious 🙂 I cannot wait until my little girl starts talking!!!

  30. She’s such a darling little thing!I love reading her Livi-isms!

  31. I would love to dream about pinatas! How cute!

  32. Ahhhh Livi-isms! This made my Friday. I want a little Livi of my own!

  33. haha, so funny. I love her pinata dream. Any why does cauliflower smell so bad? I hate cooking it also lol

  34. seriously cannot wait to meet this little one!! love her 🙂

  35. The Tucson visit was so much fun! Livi’s arms wrapped around my neck and saying in my ear, “Nana Cece, I’m so glad you’re here!” Love.
    Also, I will remember when she told me not to touch her earring. I asked her why not? The look on her face as she said ” because it will break!” still cracks me up! Love my baby girl!

  36. these are hilarious!! i love them all but especially the cauliflower one hahaha. and we would definitely be BFFs given her answer to the breakfast question 😛

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