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Girl at Disneyland: “Do you like Princess Elsa?”

Livi: “I AM Princess Elsa.”


(Hugging me) “Mom, I forgive you.”

Me: “You forgive me? For what?”

Livi: “For Bella.”



Me: “Livi, do you want to go back to Menchie’s?”

Livi: “NO. I don’t like the ice cream man!”

Me: “I don’t think he’s there all the time. He might not be there.”

Livi: “Yeah, maybe he’s at home with his ice cream family.”


(While “braiding” my hair) “I’m almost done, sweetie.”


“I want to touch the moon. I will fly up with my wings and touch it.”


Whispering to the guinea pigs at PetSmart, “I can have you? I want you. I can have you?”

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  1. Livi-isms never fail to make me laugh! “I’m almost done, sweetie”➔ favorite.
    And heck yes, she will touch the moon with her wings.

  2. Awww so cute!

  3. LOVE when you do these posts! What a cute little girl!

  4. “I forgive you for bella.” Lmao!!! 🙂

  5. Yaara Leve says:

    OMG!!! Eeeeek! I love her!! “I want to touch the moon!” Whenever I have a bad day I just have to read these!! Keep em coming! 🙂

  6. Amanda M. says:

    What a perfect way to end the day, makes me laugh all the time.

  7. I love that your capturing everything. I’ve been horrible about it with my boys. If I lived closer I would give you our guinea pig ( or I should say MY guinea) as all pets have become. Great pets, very friendly. The only mess is the Timothy hay they eat. But in your warm weather you might be able to keep them outside.

  8. Alexandra says:

    These posts are my fave!! She’s so stinkin cute! I just found out that I’m pregnant yesterday so today’s post made me especially excited!! I’m going to starts going back and reading your pregnancy posts 🙂

  9. Love it! She is so cute! I actually have a post typed up with Ayden sayings to go up later this week. They are just so fun at this age!

  10. OMG a cute bomb just exploded on my screen. I LOVE Livi-isms!

  11. Livi-isms are the best!!!! She is so adorable!

  12. Lol,I love these! Can’t wait to hear what comes out of our little guy’s mouth!

  13. i love livi-ism posts! and this one came at a great time – was feeling a bit down but these cheered me right up so thank you (and Livi) so much for this! btw, have you figured out the bella one yet?

  14. So stinking cute! I love her!!!

  15. “I’m almost done, sweetie.” FAVORITE! That’s so cute. I love when little kids say adult things! Like, not appropriate. Just mature.

  16. i’m pretty sure that i also truly believed that i was a disney princess.

  17. Ahahaha, I love the last one the most. So cute.

  18. I love reading these so much — she is adorable!! 🙂

  19. These always just make me smile!

  20. This is too cute! I love the first one…I think I may have to use it for myself. 🙂


    You certainly put a smile on my face. 🙂 And you certainly have a good memory too.

  22. Please continue to post these!! Totally LOL !!!!! Gina from Mass

  23. LOVE the “sweetie” comment! Reminded me of my daughter at that age (she’s almost 15!). I used to call her sweetie all the time, & she patted a baby on the head one time & said something blabbity blah blah, “sweetie”. So cute!

  24. Too precious!! Hopefully she will learn to love ice cream once again 🙂

  25. haha i love when you post these “livi-isms.” she is seriously the cutest! i’m a nanny for 2 little boys and they crack me up daily with the random things that come out of their mouths. =)

  26. Oh my word! Love these posts so much!!!!!

  27. These put a smile on my face EVERY TIME!! :o)

  28. The moon comment made my heart sing – what a darling!

  29. How did you not get that guinea pig right then and there?? You’re strong

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