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Hi guys! Happy Sunday! Hope you’re having a relaxing day 🙂


(Regal beagles. With bald arms from their dental appointment)

After our pre-move cleaning spree, I wasn’t feeling like making an elaborate dinner and our fridge is on the bare side, so we did something we haven’t done since our Fayetteville, NC days… we ordered Chinese takeout 😀


We picked up food from Beijing Cafe, which is a Valdizzy favorite. I think we usually stray away from ordering takeout since I’m so picky with how I like my food prepared- they were more than accommodating, though.

The Pilot had:

-Honey chicken

-Vegetable Lo Mein noodles

-Egg drop soup

-Crab wontons


and I had an eggplant dish, which they stir-fried instead of deep fried for me 🙂


It was LOVELY. A little sweet, extremely spicy (lurve) and not too greasy.

The best part:


Fortune cookies!

Does anyone else do the “in bed” thing with fortunes? Whenever we read them, we add “in bed” to the end of the fortune. We’re very mature 😉


In bed.

Heh heh.

This morning, I woke up before the Pilot and since I was starvin’ like Marvin, I made a quick b-fast.


Hemp waffles with:

-a protein spread of sunflower seed butter, Sun Warrior (little heads up: we’re running the awesome promo again tomorrow since we sold out so quickly last week) and a lil water

-Apricot preserves

-1/2 bananner


The Pilot will be downstairs any second, so I think I’ll start on the organic bacon and Sunday pancakes before gym-ing it up 🙂

I’m making REAL dinner tonight! What to make?!

Have a great day!


Today’s tip: Schedule in workouts if you want to make them happen. When you’re busy, it’s easy for life to take over and get in the way of your fitness plans. If you have it scheduled, you’ll make it happen 🙂

Something to read:

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  1. HAHAHA I totally forgot about the “in bed” thing with fortunes. That one you got fits the bill perfectly…lol.

  2. I recently found Food Network Humor (I love FN too…) and spend WAAAY too much time on there… it is HILARIOUS!

    your pups are So Cute with their arms 🙂

  3. Haha my hubby and I add “in bed” to our fortunes too!

  4. Hah yes, we always add “in bed.”
    That eggplant dish looks amazing, by the way!

  5. I remember the first time my MOM said the “in bed” part — it was only a few months ago. It was hilarious! She thought she was teaching it to us… 🙂

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  6. Gina, I did a Sun Warrior protein post, thanks to you! 😀

  7. I vote make organic baked Mac N Cheese. Then make a healthified Gina-ified version for yourself 🙂

  8. hah! thanks for the FN humor site tip!
    seriously anxious for my Sunwarrior order!!!!!

  9. YUM. I haven’t had Chinese in FOREVER.

  10. I am so guilty of adding “in bed” to fortune cookies. haha. it never gets old

  11. I never heard about the IN BED line!! Definitely makes it funnier!

  12. I love fortune cookies. I used to take them so seriously until the last time I ordered Chinese when my mom and I both got the same exact fortune! I haven’t heard the “in bed” line before but I am pretty sure I’ll feel inclined to say it now every time I open another fortune 🙂

  13. we used to add ‘in my panties’ after everything– i think it was part of the game, Kings (oh the wild college days/nights)

    enjoy your sunday!

  14. The fortune you got was begging to have “in bed” added to it! Seriously sometimes I wonder if fortune-makers purposely do that.

  15. Yep, same maturity level here! You have to add “in bed!” at the end. 🙂

  16. I usually try to stay away from chinese take out as well. I know there are hidden oils and fats in there that I wouldn’t include in food I make at home. but yours looks delish!

  17. Ooh thanks for sharing the FN Humor site with us, I bet I’m gonna love it! And thanks for making me laugh out loud when you said you add “in bed” to your fortunes!

  18. Ha ha, we do “between the sheets” after every fortune. Brings me back to my college days.

  19. If you like that website you should read this blog: 🙂

  20. Amen to this: “Schedule in workouts if you want to make them happen. When you’re busy, it’s easy for life to take over and get in the way of your fitness plans. If you have it scheduled, you’ll make it happen :)”

    YES!!! When people say they dont have time to cook, workout, shop for healthy food, whatever it is…I always think, well if it has to do with physical or mental health, you just HAVE to make it a priority cuz we all need to take care of ourselves.

    Like with fortune cookies. “In bed”. Love that last addition 🙂

    Happy packin’ girl!


  21. Fitnessista! I wanted to ask you what you think the best Maca source is? I’ve been curious to try this ever since a lady at Whole foods was tasting a liquid form sample. I wasn’t like omg, but the reported benes sounded like something I’d be into,,,,,I know Navitas has some, but I was just curious what you consider the best one is!

  22. I havent had chinese take out in forever! Looks delicious.

  23. bahahha in bed. Now I have a reason to get Chinese takeout!

  24. We love Chinese food and until I started dating my husband I had never heard of the “in bed” thing which he actually learned from his mom. LoL We always do the “in bed” thing after reading fortunes!

  25. i love the ‘in bed’ game! totally forgot about it til now…fun times to come 🙂

  26. Haha I always add “in bed” to the end of my fortunes too. 😉

  27. haha i love adding “in bed” to random things.

  28. We like to do the “in bed” thing too. Makes the fortunes much more interesting! Although the last one I got did fit surprisingly well to what I currently faced…without the “in bed”. LOL

    Sometimes there is just a need for Chinese take out. Glad you enjoyed!

  29. I love that you posted the Food Network Humor site. I’m about to check it out. I also love that you posted the 20 Ingredients for Quick Cooking. I was pleased to know I have most of those things on hand at all times!
    Happy Sunday night, lady! And thanks for the reminder about the Emmys!

  30. I love the in bed thing! Made me laugh!

  31. Your dogs are too cute!

  32. Haha! You make my morning with this Food Network Humor page! Too funny 🙂

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