Meals + fitness for the week

 Morning <3 Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend so far! Ours has been half and half. We’ve had a lot of fun hanging out, Mexican food for dinner, and trips to walk around the mall,


and the zoo,


but last night, Liv broke into a fever and started to get sick. The last time she was really sick was shortly after her first birthday, and it’s the worst. We’ve been snuggling and laying low over here, watching movies and reading books. The Pilot and I are staying hydrated and rested so we don’t get it, too. We’ve been loading up on Vitamin C and had pho for dinner last night.

Chicken pho

Fingers crossed she wakes up feeling much better today! 

Yesterday morning, I did a 7.4 mile walk/run through Sabino Canyon. 

Blog photos

I feel like I have every turn and (evil) hill memorized, but the scenery will never stop taking my breath away. 

One of my favorite Sabino pics:


Here’s what’s on the fitness plan for the rest of the week:

Sunday: Yoga

Monday: Easy run

Tuesday: HIIT and strength

Wednesday: Teach Zumba (wahoo!)

Thursday: Strength 

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Run 

I’m so excited for my first Zumba class back! I’ve been practicing a little bit, and need to find an amazing new warmup song. (“Can’t Hold Us” used to be my power song, but alas, I think we’re past that now)

Prep-wise, I probably won’t make too much today, but would love to do some homemade salsa and grilled chicken for salads. 

Dinner ideas:

-Veggie and goat cheese enchiladas + lime/cilantro rice

-Orange and salmon salads with ginger vinaigrette

-Grilled chicken, sweet potatoes and green beans 

Zucchini pizzas

Are you planning and prepping today? What’s on the fitness plan this week?

Hope you have a happy Sunday.

See ya later tonight!


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  1. The veggies and goat cheese enchiladas sound amazing! Do you make your own enchilada sauce? I’m always too nervous to try that….

  2. The photos of Sabino Canyon are stunning! It must be an amazing place to run!

  3. LOVE the giraffe pic! I’m obsessed with them and couldn’t be more jealous of your day trip!

    Hope Liv feels better <3

  4. Sorry for Livi feeling sick! Hope she’s well again soon.
    I went to a ‘bring a friend day’ at the biggest Crossfit here in Switzerland. It was a BLAST! I did Crossfit before, but never really got into it, but this time I’m hooked and will most probably sign the contract next week 🙂

  5. My in-laws live in Tucson. When we visit during Fall or Spring, we always go to Sabino Canyon. It’s gorgeous!

  6. I know San Diego is a really great place too, but I am going to miss your photos of Tucson! It might be the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited & I love the happy reminders I get when it you post photos like this 🙂

  7. I hope she’s feeling better today.

    Looks like you walk was in a beautiful spot!

  8. I have gotten kind of burnt out on my workout routine so I do plan to sit down and plan out something different this week and make sure to incorporate more weights and such!

  9. That scenery is so beautiful! I can’t wait until the weather gets nicer where I am. It’s been so windy that running is just out of the question for me, though I just moved to a new city where the scenery is also quite stunning so I’m looking forward to spring! Hope Livi feels better and that you and the Pilot stay healthy as well!

  10. I had pho for dinner last night, too–so delicious! If that can’t ward off illness, I don’t know what can. Do you make your own? I’m so sorry to hear that Miss Livi isn’t feeling well, but I’m glad it happened post-birthday–hope she feels better soon!

  11. do you make your own pho? I loooove pho but the best place around me is so far!

  12. i am so jealous of the canyon! i live in the heart of the city and it’s freaking cold here! also hope O feels better soon, i can hardly take care of myself let alone a sick baby—-prob why i am not having children lol. not too much on my exercise front, i got my first tattoo yesterday and! i don’t want to move/sweat too much while it’s healing so looks like a lazy week for me but we’ll see how i feel on weds. i’ll prob do 2 hiit workouts and a walk maybe?

  13. Sabino canyon looks so wonderful! Yes sundays are always prep for the week days. I will be trying a new yoga class, slightly inspired from the yoga sequence you posted earlier this week!

  14. It seems like a lot of people are sick right now – certainly no fun! Hopefully she feels much better today and is past the worst of it.

  15. I am so sorry Livi is sick! 🙁 Definitely that time of year, I hope she woke up today feeling WAY better!

    Today is my off day, so I am using it to get some hw accomplished (oh joy) and cleaning around the house, as well as making meals for the week. I’ve got spaghetti squash in the oven for spaghetti and I’m making homemade chicken noodle soup today since it’s such good leftovers for lunches! (I caught the stomach bug LAST weekend, so still hitting up those comfort foods.)

    • Fitnessista says:

      thank you!!
      love spaghetti squash for noodles 🙂 hope you had a great weekend!

      • It was my first time making it and it was SOOOO good! What an awesome, low hassle meal! 🙂

        Hope everybody in your house is feeling all better!

        P.S. I couldn’t help but see your comment about wanting a tattoo – I only have 2 but, especially initially, they’re addictive!! 🙂

        • Fitnessista says:

          that’s what i’ve heard (from my brother, who has 11492 amazing tattoos)
          thank you for the well wishes, too!

  16. wow, we actually have a very similar fitness schedule this week. except for the zumba (wish I was coordinated enough to teach it), I have another run instead.

  17. Get well soon sweet Liv! Stay healthy!

  18. When does WSU 2014 start? Thanks!

  19. Shaina Anderson says:

    broth based soups are the best way to ward off illness!! Sooo many minerals in bone broth. During the winter, I constantly have a batch going in the crockpot and drink it in the morning instead of tea.

    The fitness plan for this week is m/w bikram, tues treadmill intervals and lifting, thurs/sun off, friday a little soli beat action, saturday brazilian butt lift dvd.

    Monday dinner is pho :-), Tuesday is tempeh tacos, and then I’ll plan another week starting Wednesday. A loaf of banana bread and some gf carrot banana muffins for afternoon baking fun with Tripp during the week.

    • Shaina Anderson says:

      and I hope Miss Livi feels better soon! Some of my friends SWEAR by elderberry syrup and my mommy group just had a playdate to make a bunch. One mama took some home and gave it to her son…the next day his mysterious month-long cold had disappeared. Coincidence? Maybe, but could be worth a shot if she doesn’t feel better tomorrow.

    • Fitnessista says:

      LOVE tempeh tacos! it’s been way too long 🙂
      and you’re totally right about the broth-based soups. i use any sniffle as an excuse to get pho or make soup.
      hope you and your family had a great weekend!

  20. Sorry about Livi…hope she feels better asap. Sabino looks beautiful 🙂 Good job on the 7+ miles!

  21. It’s the worst when your kiddos are sick! We’ve had the worst month of sickness around here and I’m so over it. Just when I thought we were coming out of it, my 3-year-old picked up a stomach bug. So it’s another weekend of laying low.

    I was at least finally able to get in some easy exercise now that I’m almost better from my cold. I’m taking it slow to ease my muscles back into it since it’s been more than a week since I’ve had any real exercise.

    I made chicken soup today that should last a few days. Hopefully it will help keep us healthy and my little guy hydrated. Other than that, I don’t really do much prep work.

    Sabino looks like such a great place to run–it looks gorgeous!

    Hope Livi feels better soon!

  22. You’re so lucky to have such a gorgeous place to walk and run nearby. And those hills! I wish we had something like that near us.

  23. I know you posted the Pho recipe a while back, and I’ve been meaning to make some, but where do you get Pho in Tucson? I have yet to find a good place in Phoenix, and since I’m in Tucson from time to time I want to keep it as an option.

  24. Hope Livi and your household is back on track soon. My little guy had his first fever a month ago (at 10 months) and it was so awful. There are fewer things more difficult than seeing your child sick. <3

  25. Pho…yumm. Definitely the best medicine for a cold. Are you going to be back at canyon ranch teaching zumba? I’m trying to find a new zumba class, the zumba studio I used to go to closed and now it’s a pole dancing fitness class :/

  26. I have running and biking on this week’s schedule!!

  27. Your Sabino Canyon pic makes me miss Tucson so much. I moved to Phoenix last May and the scenery is just not the same here as Tucson. Boo…:(

  28. So sorry to hear Olivia is sick. The flu is hitting people hard here in California. If she doesn’t get better you might want to have her tested for H1N1. Just a heads up.

    • Fitnessista says:

      i’ve heard about that.. super scary. thankfully, her fever hasn’t come back (knock on wood) so hopefully it will stay that way

  29. How do you make your enchis? I want to make veggie and goat cheese ones this week but I dont know the “proper” recipe to use!

  30. All that vitamin C, pho, and a long run should ensure that you stay healthy! I was able to stay healthy when my entire family (5 of them) got sick.

    • Fitnessista says:

      thank you, i hope so! i’m usually pretty good at fighting it. i drown myself in juice, garlic, vitamins and get tons of rest

  31. We’ve been warming up to “Timber” by Keshia and Pitbull at zumba lately!

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