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Greetings from newlywed land! To say 2013 has been a whirlwind would be the understatement of the century. Prepping for a wedding can be insanely stressful but knowing that we were due to hop on a plane for Maui immediately after was enough to get us through the last hectic week or two.

 I wanted to write this post because so many times I pack last minute for a trip and end up with my entire closet shoved into a suitcase and somehow completely unhappy with my selections. Well, I have finally learned how to pack like an adult!

There’s something to be said about writing down a packing list (go figure) so that’s where I started. Here’s roughly what it looked like:

-Two pairs of shorts              -Sandals/flip flops                -Tops

-One skirt                               -Bikinis                                   -Hat

-Maxi dresses                                    -Accessories                           -Workout gear 

I focused on really fuss-free outfits that I could wear with one or two accessories and call it good. DON’T PACK TONS OF JEWELRY. It’s just not worth the possibility of losing your favorite pieces. Pick three or four accessories and re-wear them in different ways! I brought two belts, a headscarf, a necklace, and sunglasses.

Shorts were the best option for exploring the local shops or going out for lunch, and maxi dresses made a fabulous evening staple. My sparkly target sandals were really all I needed the entire trip, though I wore flip-flops to the beach. Oh, and don’t forget easily mix and matched bikinis!


Pictured above are a couple of my favorite looks from the trip. You can see I kept it really simple. Flats only so my feet never hurt and simple makeup (hello humidity) with the occasional red lip.

The most important thing about honeymooning is relaxing with your new husband/wife so don’t let what you wear stress you out! Remember to pack simple, mix and match, and to follow your packing list. This will guarantee a lighter suitcase and blissful (and stylish) memories to look back on 😉








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  1. Love this! When I went on my honeymoon I was traveling form Erie, PA to NC to get married then on to the honeymoon so I had to pack SO MUCH stuff. I ended up taking several bags with one designated for the honeymoon and like you said I focused on taking simple and relaxing outfits with little to no accessories needed! I have to say I don’t have quite as much style as you though – I love your style!!

  2. Ah! Those are such cute outfits, love them all!

  3. Great tips! And all of your outfits look cute & put together, so we know they work 🙂
    Looks like you had a wonderful trip!

  4. Great advice. You are so pretty – open-mouth your smile once in awhile!

  5. Looks like you had a blast!

  6. Cute outfits!

  7. You two are so trendy, I love it! I love bringing versatile items on vacation that I can wear multiple times in different ways. Usually I bring tank tops, a sweater and shorts/jeans (because Lord knows you can wear those 15 times secretly before you wash them haha)

  8. I’m a fairly new reader, so I’m confused – who is Meg? Sorry if I missed something obvious.

  9. Meg, your honeymoon pictures are fabulous!! I love them all. The outfits are wonderful! Love it! (: Too much fun.

  10. Great advice meg! I always overpack and I’m getting married in one month from today so these tips are super helpful! Another thing I’m trying to’s your HUSBAND so you don’t need to dress up as much, he will see you at your best and your worst. 🙂

  11. I always start off like a reasonable adult packer…and then things kind of get out of control and I just shove everything into my bag haha. Thanks for the tips, you looked gorgeous 🙂

  12. Love this post! My hubs and I are going to Maui in a few weeks, can’t wait 🙂 I tend to overpack, so I’m going to *try* to just pack simple.

  13. Love it! Ugh, Hawaii. How terrible. 😉

    Yes to the limit jewelry thing. I never bring the nice stuff on vacation, maybe 1-2 cheap pieces if I know I’ll wear them. If there’s a jewelry emergergency at the desitation, I can usually run out and pick something up real quick at a shop or even a drugstore.

  14. Oh my gosh ya’ll are SO FREAKING CUTE and looks like a blast! Ahhhhhhh!

  15. So cute! The hub and I are going on our honeymoon to Germany in January- 1.5 years after we got married. I’d say I have had long enough to plan my outfits, eh?

  16. Yay! So happy to see Meg back on here. We’ve missed your posts! Glad you had an amazing time in Hawaii.

  17. Congrats! I want to go to hawaii so bad! That ice cream doesn’t look bad either!

    Your photos are great, what a beautiful place.

    Jay Scott

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