Meg: Top Knot Recap

Ah. The infamous top knot. On days where your curls just won’t sit right, or the frizz is out of hand, it is always there for you. Back by popular demand, here is a brief tutorial showing how to execute the top knot. 

Firstly, gather the necessary tools. A smoothing brush or comb, hair tie, hair spray (or gel I suppose) and bobby pins to tie up loose ends. 

Unnamed 24

The most important part of any hairstyle is knowing that it takes practice. When I first started curling my hair it was a disaster, but with patience and practice I learned. If your top knot looks like a hot mess the first time, cheer up and try again. You can wear this bun with long or short hair, you just may have to pin more hair up if you rock a short haircut.

There are five steps.

1) Flip your head over and comb/smooth your hair.

2) Gather in a very high ponytail and twist.

3) Grab your hair at the base of the twist (near your scalp) using your free hand, and start to swirl the hair into a bun.

4) Wrap your hair tie around to secure and tuck in any loose hairs.

5) Bobby pin any bangs or flyaways and spray with hairspray. 

Unnamed 25

That’s really about it. The outcome of your top knot will depend on the cleanliness of your hair (dirty works better to be honest) and whether or not you blow dried or air dried. I find that my top knots look best when I blow dry my hair first and tease it a little bit. You may find that top knotting layered hair can be a challenge.

Unnamed 26

Hopefully this is helpful! Let me know if you have any questions  🙂


Xo- Meg

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  1. Cute, cute. I love the top knot and probably wear it WAY TOO OFTEN! I’m actually wearing one today. It’s because I don’t wash my hair everyday and if my hair doesn’t want to be curled that day or I have a cowlic going on in the back, top knot it is. Also, a good reason to wear earings, since I usually don’t wear them when my hair is down.

    I’ve never done the twist part, so am going to try it and see if I get a better looking bun, like I see on you. Thanks for the tutorial, Meg!

  2. this is great!! Sometimes my top knots look great! Sometimes they are a bit bleehhh. I’ll have to try teasing!

  3. The top knot has saved me on more than one occasions. Best dirty hair ‘do’ ever!
    Thanks for the tips Meg 🙂

  4. I will literally try this five or six times and then give up and just put my hair in a ponytail, but now I’m inspired to not give up. Haha. Once in a while I’ll do it perfectly, but that’s just luck. I really suck at this most of the time.

  5. Teasing! Great idea — my hair is so fine that even though it’s quite long, my top knots look a bit pathetic… Perhaps teasing will help!

  6. Super cute! Definitely missing the top knot now that I have a super short A-line that can’t go into a ponytail anymore!

  7. Love the Top Knot but I can just never get it right with my super long hair!

  8. I’ve become quite fond of this hairstyle recently. It looks nice and covers up the fact the my hair is a mess that day. Unfortunately my hair’s quite thin so this only really works when it’s grown out long, otherwise it’s almost the size of an actual rope knot.

  9. Awesome. I need to pin this. You have no idea what a mess my hair usually is!

  10. Mine keeps getting super loose with every step I take?

  11. What type of shampoo/conditioner do you use? How do you care for your hair? Trying to grow it out…

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