My Day in Pics

Alarm clock


Dance Trance


(my lurve)

Snack attack


*Our* place <3


Dinosaur cousins


birds (2)

“Life’s a… "

beachbeach (2)

Favorite paycheck eater

whole foods

Cookie yearning


Perfect lonchi


lunch (2)

More shopping Smile


Hostess hero


(both excellent)

Airport bum


See ya back in Tucson!



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Something to think: “May you live all the days of your life!” Jonathan Swift

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  1. This looks like a beautiful day full of delicious goodies and fun! What is the first picture (alarm clock)? It looks amazing! I hope you have a safe trip back to Tucson. I love that quote from Jonathan Swift!

  2. I am seriously so happy that I found your blog.

    Every post makes me happy!

    Have a good flight!

  3. I have that same little makeup case that is hidden in the bottom corner of that pic near the bottom! I’ve got a whole paycheck craving after checking out the glorious pic of the store!

  4. you are sooo funny about birds!! it makes me laugh every time !

  5. I wish I had a whole paycheck close to me! Actually, it’s probably I good thing that I don’t.

  6. Love this post! 🙂 AND your cardigan! So cute!

  7. That morning smoothing looks just like my post run fuel today. Yum! Did you ever figure out what the issue was with your RSS feed?

  8. very interesting quote. i like it.

  9. Have a nice flight, Gina!

  10. Love this post. Hope you have a good flight!

  11. you’ve been busy! Happy travels!

  12. Have a safe ride home!

  13. Lurve. Your purple smoothie/juice looks yumlicious, and so do your whole foods goodies! Ahhh I wish I had one in my neck of the woods!

  14. We are entered automatically if we are already a faithful OpenSky Gina disciple, correct?

  15. I’m hoping the “lucky duck” is a good omen for me winning the Vitamix considering I’m in Oregon Duck! 🙂 I should be all entered in there.

  16. Looks like a fun day. Safe travels to you! 🙂

  17. I love that Jonathan Swift quote. It was the ‘motto’ of one of the study abroad programs I did in college and it has always stuck with me. It’s such a beautiful and simple reminder to really make the most of your life.

  18. Such a lovely post! And I Just followed you on Open Sky!!

  19. Looks like a fabulous day!! I’m curious about that Barefoot Cookbook….

  20. What a great day! I hope you have a safe flight back home Gina! 🙂

  21. Love the quote. Thanks for posting it. It comes on a day when I’m reevaluating life in general after losing a family member. Live every day…what better advice can there be?

  22. The pic of you sitting on the floor…seriously you look so adorable right there! 🙂

    And I hope you have a safe journey back home…nothing like cross country flights and airports to pass the time. lol.

    I love your day in pics and am so happy you had a wonderful (quickie) trip!

  23. beautiful pics! Love that beach SHOT and of course, the kombucha. Safe travels.

  24. Glad you had a great day and awesome shopping trips 🙂

  25. Safe travels! 🙂 Loved this post, made me smile

  26. Looks like an amazing time…close to perfect trip!!! Safe travels-can’t wait to see who the lucky winner is in the am!

  27. Wait. Birds=Dinosaur cousins?!

    P.S. I love your bangs! They’re so cute on you and few people can truely pull them off :]

  28. Have a nice flight, Gina!

  29. I like that quote!

    I really want to try Dance Trance, but it doesn’t seem to have come to D.C. yet sadly… Also lacking from D.C.? Beach weather.. I need to get my booty to Florida or somewhere lacking snow and ice. 😉

  30. Just tried your version of the raw pudding – DANG!

  31. Wow, what a fabulous day, eh? I sure hope I win tomorrow…. 🙂 fingers and toes and hands and arms and….are crossed!!

  32. Days in pics are just as great as days in words. 🙂 Safe travels to you!! <3

  33. Good call on the whole Barefoot Contessa book – she’s awesome!!! Hence why I own every single book she’s ever written! 🙂

  34. Photos speak louder than words, hehe 🙂
    Happy and safe travels!

  35. Pictures tell a story, right… looks like a great day…hope you had a smooth flight.

  36. mi-an dela cruz says:

    hope tom is my lucky day for that vitamix!!! 🙂

  37. This looks like a great day of eats, especially the whole foods bar. I also have cookie temptations all around me!

  38. Gorgeous photos!! Have a safe trip home!

  39. Gina your posts always make me smile! I wish I knew you in real life (not in a creepy way!) because you seem such a happy and positive person 🙂

  40. I love the Paycheck Eater 🙂

  41. I love that quote at the end. It seems like such a simple concept, but somehow it’s so easy to forget to really LIVE. Hope you had a safe flight!

  42. All the food looks delish as usual! 🙂

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