Persimmon and goji berry smoothie


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SO MUCH fall produce to be excited about! From the squash everything to the apple varieties, it’s definitely a diverse group of delicious options. My very favorite: the persimmon. I didn’t have my first persimmon until we were living in Valdosta, and I bought one on a whim. At first I was like “how do I eat this thing?” and then decided to bite into it like an apple. (Thankfully the skin did prove to be edible.)

I was blown away. To me, the taste is almost like a peach/apple hybrid, with a soft texture, and tiny flecks throughout (which remind me of vanilla bean). I don’t know a ton about persimmons, except that they taste amazing, and decided to pair one with one of my favorite antioxidant-pumped superfoods (goji berries!) for a unique and refreshing smoothie combo.

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It worked out nicely 😉

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Here’s the combo if you’d like to give it a try!

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Persimmon goji berry smoothie
Serves 1
A superfood-packed protein smoothie using one of fall's most delicious fruits: the persimmon
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Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. 1 medium persimmon, peeled and sliced (you can also leave the peel on if you'd like)
  2. 1 cup 100% orange juice
  3. 1 tablespoon goji berries, soaked in water to rehydrate
  4. 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  5. 1 scoop (21g) of your favorite vanilla protein powder (optional)
  6. 3 ice cubes
  1. 1. Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender until smooth and frothy.
  2. 2. Grab a straw and enjoy!
  1. No persimmon? A peach or frozen banana would work well, too
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Do you like persimmons? Any favorite recipes to share?



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  1. Persimmons are often mistaken for unripe tomatoes, but when I first tried it, it was oh-so-good! I especially like biting in to the seeds.

  2. I’ve never tried either goji berries or persimmon. This looks glorious!

  3. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever tried one!

  4. I have never tried one! Look forward to giving this recipe a go.

  5. I never eat persimmons! I dont know what to do with them, but I love the idea of a smoothie!

  6. This weekend I made your slow cooker turkey meatball recipe and slow cooker otmeal recipe and was told by Scott that I hit “back to back home runs”. lol. Bless you. 😉 <3

  7. I’ve never had persimmons, but I need to try!!

  8. I can’t see a persimmon without thinking of my grandma – at 80 years old she was known to go on daily walks just to “steal” persimmons from her neighbor’s tree. She sure did love them -thanks for making a recipe that includes them!

  9. This sounds delicious! I’ve never had persimmon! I’m not even quite sure how to pronounce it! haha

  10. This might actually get me to try a persimmon. I never knew what to expect taste and texture wise. Now I’m curious!!

  11. Ok, you and I are sharing a brain today because my smoothie this morning contained persimmon, orange segments, vanilla protein powder, maca, ginger and almond milk. Love your addition of goji berries and chia! I agree, fall is definitely an amazing time for produce. On the veggie front, I’ve been all about the Brussels sprouts and squash, and certainly ate my fill of both during our (Canadian) Thanksgiving festivities this weekend. Have a great night, Gina!

  12. Persimmoms are something I have NEVER tried, I need to get on it! I am still stuck in pumpkin land 😉 xo C

  13. I’ve never had a persimmon either, but this smoothie looks DELICIOUS! I just googled “what does persimmon taste like” and my favorite description was that the taste is unlike anything else, very delicate, much like a rose but not at all…haha. I will have to find some.

  14. Dried persimmons are a really popular Korean snack!

  15. I will have to try this out! The farmer’s market at my work sells pureed persimmons because persimmon pudding is soooo popular here. It’s pretty good but I’ve never had a plain persimmon by itself.

  16. Just discovered your blog and this receipe looks delicious! I have never had goji berry but I hear a lot about it, so looking forward to trying this out!

  17. Hello,

    I was directed to this page by a friend that follows your blog. I have a question about protein powders/shakes.

    My dad suffered from a liver disease for years and as a result from the treatment, has lost a significant amount of weight. He no longer has the disease, but unfortunately the damage that has been done is irreversible. He wants to start drinking protein shakes to hopefully help him put on some of the weight he’s lost.

    He really likes what I use for protein, Sunwarrior Warrior Blend. I know certain protein powders can be too harsh for his liver. I just want to know if this is safe for him before I go and buy him a container. Any insight or ideas of where I can find more info?


    • Fitnessista says:

      hi nick,
      sorry to hear that your dad has been through so much <3 i personally love the sun warrior (and think it's a healthy option) but i would double-check with his doc before buying him a bag, just to make sure it's ok.

  18. I am going to sound like so many others, but I have never had a persimmon before. I really don’t think I’ve ever heard of it either. Sure looks like I’m missing out. This smoothie looks really good-I’ll have to look for this fruit the next time I’m at the market. I’m curious-is this more of a summer fruit or you can get it all year round? I also like your goji berry tip. I usually just throw them on top of my smoothie, but re-hydrating them to put in a smoothie sounds like a great idea to get some more superfoods in the diet!

  19. I haven’t had much luck with persimmons but I may need to try this!

  20. Yum that smoothie sounds awesome!

  21. Sounds like I’m not alone in never trying a persimmon. I’m intrigued! Just added it to my grocery list 🙂 Is it typically eaten like an apple? Or peeled, sliced or chopped?

  22. I just saw these are our local organic market and had no idea what they were! I think I must try them. I just love smoothies! Thanks!

  23. When I read the first bit of your post I was stumped as to what a persimmon was but then I saw the photo. I don’t know why I know it as a Sharon fruit, haha.

    I will need to try it if I can get one locally.

  24. I think I’ve eaten a persimmon every day for the last month haha….I can’t. get. enough.

  25. I made this persimmon smoothie this past weekend. It was delicious. The persimmon was sweet, but slightly different than any other fruit that I’ve tried in the past. Such a great way to switch up my regular smoothie routine. I’ll definitely be making this again once I get another persimmon from the local market. Thanks for such a delicious recipe. Look forward to many more.

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