Pilot’s back and Fri-yay Faves

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Hope you’re enjoying the morning. It’s been fun to read your baby name guesses on the Family page. 🙂 What are you up to this weekend?

The Pilot was gone for work this week, so we’re happy to have him home! (My IG pic was taken last week during one of the lovely dinners he made here.) We definitely missed him, and it’s always nice to have the man of the house back.

Liv and I enjoyed lots of adventures together: picnics, park dates, swim lessons, and lots of play time. We only ate at Tender Greens once, so I’ll call that a dinner win. I always enjoy our girls’ time together, but this one was extra special because it could likely be the last time with just Liv and myself. We’ll have another little buddy in the mix soon. 🙂

Me livi goose

Something I didn’t miss this week: TV. I was on my A-game all day until Liv went to bed, and then retreated to our room, got work done on the computer, and read until I was reading through my eyelids. Usually at night we’ll have the TV on for background noise, or mindlessly watch House Hunters. Instead, I kept the TV off, and it was pretty darn peaceful. I always think I could live without a TV… until basketball season begins. Then I’m like:

IMG 5226

In standard Friday fashion, here are some faves from the week and around the web! As always, I love to hear what you’re enjoying, too, so please feel free to join in the fun in the comments section.

Meet Sassafras Pigglesworth. 

Come home with me

This little piglet was at a coffee shop this week while I was writing, and I fell instantly in love with him. I know I’ve always wanted a goat, but I’m now convinced that a goat and pig farm would work nicely. I totally asked his owners if I could take his picture and give him a scratching. Hey Pilot, I know you said you want another dog, but this is like the same thing. 

Taylor Swift and Lisa Kudrow singing “Smelly Cat.” 

Scoping out shirtdresses for fall! Love this one and this one

The obsession with the Sally Hanson gel nail polish continues. I have three colors, and they’re the ones that get the most love out of the nail polish bag. They don’t last a full two weeks, but they last at least a week with strength training, dishes, beach time, and life. The best part? You remove it like normal nail polish. I’ve had gel nails a couple of times, but to me, the worst part was removing them and the long appointment times. This is the perfect in-between. 

Starbucks drink order: passion iced tea, unsweetened, splash of lemonade, with fizz. SO good.

Starbucks order

Is it too early for pumpkin? 

The simple technique that will help you run longer. 

This tuna! I picked up a couple of cans at IDEA -Katy laughed and said, “Of course you would buy tuna at the expo” haha- and it tastes amazing. The tuna is sustainably caught and each can is tested for mercury. I think they have it at Whole Foods, so I’m going to replenish my stash. Liv and I will usually share a can in this tuna salad as a lunch option.

IMG 5005

No longer limited to squares on IG.

Tips to increase your willpower.

9 reasons those expensive workout classes are worth the money. 


This is just something that cracked me up. You know the book that is getting a ton of hype right now, The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep? It’s sweeping the world as some type of magical book that’s instantly making kiddos crash out at bedtime. Well, I mentioned I wanted to try it with Liv, and my friend Beth directed me to the free download online (which is no longer available). I was SO STOKED to read it. During the book, you’re supposed to speak very calmly and slowly, emphasizing certain words and whispering others, with cued yawns interspersed throughout. I was about halfway through reading the book to Liv and thinking, “Wow, I’m going to fall asleep any second” and Liv goes, “Mom, can we read something else? This book is kind of boring.” In all fairness, the book is indeed super boring.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



Workout idea: this HIIT scorcher! Newsletter friends: I’ll send out your September Calendar on Monday. <3

Hiit scorcher2

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  1. It’s no too early for pumpkin! I made your pumpkin breakfast cookies this week! Yum!

  2. Love love love the passion tea!

  3. OMG – that pig!!!!! I would have been super excited to see a piggie like that at a coffee shop, too. I just adore pigs – how fun that you were able to take his picture and give him a scratch!

    Nice Starbucks order, too – love that passion iced tea!

  4. Liv is turning into such the little girl. She’ll be a kindergartener before our eyes.

  5. Haha I would buy tuna at an expo too, you’re not alone!

  6. Pigs are adorable but definitely wait for the farm to get one! They don’t stay little like that, even mini potbelly pigs. My sister had four. They’re sweet and smart but big and messy, as adults, and they live a while!

  7. My parents have a pet pig and he’s evil! I was taking a nice peaceful nap in the hammock and he came over and bit me right in the bum!

  8. Passion tea lemonades are my go to summer drink at Starbucks. They’re so good!

  9. I definitely go through tv periods and non-tv periods.

  10. Omg Liv looks JUST like the pilot in your picture. And I love that army colored dress 🙂

    • Fitnessista says:

      yes! so many people think she looks exactly like me, but i see a lot of tom in her features, especially lately

  11. Is your midwife okay with the hibiscus in passion tea while pregnant / nursing? I definitely indulge once I awhile (esp with lemonade I doubt there’s really that much) but I’m sort of a worrier about it because some say to avoid it ….. I could definitely drink it every day otherwise! So good.

  12. Thanks for the tuna tip—I’ve been on the outlook for a quality brand! It’s been over a year since I’ve eaten it–I just had a baby and was weary of eating it while I was pregnant after my husband sent me an article saying a large percentage of canned tuna in the U.S. isn’t even tuna & therefore I was worried about unknown mercury levels…

  13. ohhhh love that pig! My mom had a goat when she lived in LA a long time ago… I’ve always wanted some sort of animal like that. goat, pig, mini horse…. i think mini horse is in the cards someday!

    i like that breathing technique article, but i’ve also found if i keep my inhales/exhales not equal (3 steps breathing in/4 steps breathing out, or some variation of that) then my body feels better. because then im not only breathing in on one side, only breathing out on the other, if that makes sense….

  14. I cancelled cable last week and haven’t watched TV since. I thought I’d be suffering withdrawal but so far, so good. I’m much more productive in the evenings 🙂 Glad you got to enjoy some one-on-one girls’ time with Liv!

  15. Going to look for that tuna at WF!

    One thing I do like about back to school (mostly I hate it!) is my house stays quiet during the day. The TV never gets turned on until well after they’ve come home. So nice!!

    The book story has me laughing out loud! It would probably just put me to sleep, too! Fail!

  16. I’m drinking a half sweetened passion iced tea right this very second. But, what’s “with fizz”? Inquiring minds totes want to know.

  17. Love shirt dresses. I actually have the second one.

  18. what do they do with it if it does test positive for mercury? they just kill a fish for nothing? 🙁

  19. I wish I could get that tuna here, look sosososo good! Updating my Starbucks order now, thanks for the 411! Lots of love, C

  20. We got rid of cable a few years ago, but we just couldn’t go without during football season (and hockey for my husband). I love curling up on the couch and screaming at the TV all day Sunday 😉

  21. I’ve been wondering if that nail polish required special tricks to remove. Glad to hear it doesn’t! Now I can give it a try.

    I finally tried your slow cooker chicken recipe over the weekend… So easy and so good! I can tell that’s going to become a staple!

  22. I got super excited that you’d got a pig for a moment then! I’d love to have a few piggles running about although now I’m in a flat… a cat will do.

    Love Liv’s reaction to the book. That’s so funny! Smart girl!

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