Quinoa Pita Tortilla

Hey friends πŸ˜€ How’s your day been??

Quick update from this morning: The Twins gift basket went on promo TODAY! OpenSky followers, check your email if you want the delicious treats πŸ™‚ I ordered mine already- its not everyday you can get a healthy dessert gift box for a baller price. *Edited to say: We sold out SUPER fast! If you didn’t get the promo email, please check your spam folder. If it’s not there, shoot me an email <3

No class again this morning- Tuesdays have been a little slow. Still waiting for word to pick up! To be productive, I choreographed, ordered more fliers and free class passes and then made a minor detour at Whole Paycheck. πŸ˜‰

After all of that, I went antique-ing with my bro:


I love looooove looking at vintage stuff- so fun πŸ™‚

We also made a stop here to get the goodies for the giveaway winners (Larabars, almond butter, dried fruit, seaweed snacks):


and then I came home for an AMAZING lunch.


a quinoa pita with hummus, mustard, arugula and tomatoes + veg

I’ve been enjoying socca lately, but to be honest, it’s a little beany for me. I wanted to make something a little lighter that would still satisfy my carb toothβ€”quinoa flour to the rescue!

I mixed equal parts quinoa flour and water


seasoned with a little sea salt

and cooked in organic butter on medium heat for 3 minutes per side.


It came out like a super dense pita or thick tortilla- RIDICULOUS.

Dessert was a β€œbaked” apple (zapped in the microwave for 2 minutes with cinnamon and butter)


It’s always nice to have a little something sweet after a delicious meal.

Bella and I went for a lwalk, carrot beet bean burgers are in the oven for dinner, and I’m about to get ready to shake my booty at Zumba πŸ™‚

Have a lovely night and I’ll see ya in the morning!



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  1. Love your little tomato bowl!

    Had this for dinner tonight. It was so fabulous! I threw a little goat cheese in with the ricotta and drizzled the end result with some balsamic. SO tasty!

  2. Very cool quinoa creation! I would have never thought it would turn out like that. Have a great time at Zumba tonight! πŸ™‚

  3. mmmm – those burgers sound delish! I love doing the whole “baked” apple thing, too! Sometimes I’ll de-core it and put the butter & cinnamon in the middle. YUM!

  4. I love looking at antiques also – so fun! Enjoy your evening!

  5. That socca is on my list of things to try when my jaw heals… in the meantime I am long the smoothie posts!!! πŸ™‚

    I LOVE the grey + pink jacket! Where did you find it?

  6. I didn’t get an email πŸ™ I want some!!

  7. Julie Suh says:

    Hi! I went to OpenSky to follow you (and am currently following you) but have yet to receive a promo email for the treats. Can you resend me one please? πŸ™‚ Thanks a bunch!

  8. Love the quinoa recipe! Brilliant!!

  9. where did you find the quinoa flour?! i agree the socca is good but a bit beany πŸ™‚

  10. I follow on open sky and I didn’t get an e-mail either πŸ™ I’m gonna have to try this quinoa pita thing, looks amazing!

  11. I just followed you on Open Sky. Is it too late to get the Valentine’s email?

  12. Does Bob’s Red Mill Make Quinoa Flour or did you find it at Whole Foods? I really love that idea of making it into a pita.

  13. I love the little tomato bowl!!! How freakin cute is that!

    I will have to try the quinoa pita — what an interesting idea!

  14. ahh I just checked my e-mail and had a reminder from you, and when I tried to order a box, it said none are available!!! Is that true??? this would be so perfect!

  15. I love baked apples! Yours looks so tasty!!

  16. What is your new business venture??

  17. SO excited about the treats! But if I already follow you on opensky, do I have to do anything or will an email just arrive tomorrow?

  18. I’m so excited you introduced us to this company!

  19. I seriously had no idea that were so many different kinds of flour. Quinoa flour? Seriously?

  20. Mmmmm, quinoa pita thingy sounds redonk!

  21. I have gotten prior promos, but did not get this one . . . Help!? And thanks for all you do!

  22. I already follow you and I didn’t get an email. I even checked my spam folder. It looks like people are saying they may be all gone anyway. Do you have any info on this?

    • Fitnessista says:

      we are sold out, but that’s super strange you didnt get it- i sent my contact an email and will let you know what i find out

  23. Your Tj’s is too cute πŸ™‚ aka <3!

  24. The quinoa pita sounds delicious!! I love flatbreads!

  25. What fruit did you get??? I cannot seem to find any dried fruit that has no added sugar?? Even and TJs, I don’t have a Whole Foods. But, I die over their dried mangos!!!!
    : )….. drool

    • Fitnessista says:

      just mango- unsweetened dried mango. it’s AMAZING

      • Thanks!!! I’ll know what to look for next week! You’ve really sparked a nutritional diva in me! I started getting local produce boxes again!!! so beautiful. I attempted to make some kale chips today…eh, not so good? lol. It’s a great way to try and experience with new fruits and vegs. I received some red chard, which I’ve never eaten, never tried kale either, so I’m excited to use it all!!! Thanks!

  26. Have fun at zumba!

    Your lunch looks perfect! yum!

    And this
    “I mixed equal parts quinoa and water”–ok just to clarify…is that whole quinoa, just regular out of the box/package quinoa? Not like ground up or quinoa flour, just regular quinoa + water?

    If so, I need to try this…it doesnt get easier than that but I am wondering from the looks of your picture if it’s been ground first, then water?

    I can only hang with so many beans, bean flours, etc…so quinoa would be great for me.

    Enjoy your night, Gina! πŸ™‚

  27. The quinoa looks amazing, but I’m wondering how you got it into that cake-like form. Can you clarify for me?

  28. HEAB recently made pan bread and I wonder if this is similar?

  29. You’re killing me- quinoa flour? I just finally got around to buying carob, spelt flour and coconut flour! Now just one more exotic flour to check off on my list πŸ™‚

  30. I know I whine about this all the time, but I really with their were a TJ’s near me πŸ™

  31. mi-an dela cruz says:

    omg..yes i too feel the same way about socca…love it but i need to dip it in plain yogurt or something to make it lighter… now i have to try this quinoa pita thingie. gracias! oh i looked for black bean pasta at wf’s today and didn’t have it! i got spelt pasta instead…i’m sure it will be just as good!

  32. I too love baked apple sprinkled with cinnamon. Great snack too.

  33. I LOVE vintage stuff..especially antiques! Is it weird that I love the smell of old stuff?

    Slash why did I not think of using quinoa flour instead of chickpea? Giiirl yous a genius! I am trying this for din din:)

  34. Yummy eats as usual! That pita/tortilla amazingness looks baller!

  35. I can’t believe making your own tortilla is so easy! I’ve always thought it was way more complicated than that.

  36. I love vintage stuff! Your lulu sweatshirt is super cute, too πŸ™‚

    I LOVE the idea of a quinoa pita! I need to try this!


  37. Hey Gina!! I follow you on OpenSky but never seem to get any of the emails. Do you have any advice for me? Dying to get these deals!! :o)

  38. Aw I love that bowl! I love shopping at antique stores I get the best jewelry there.

  39. Did you open your own Dance Trance Studio? How did I miss that?

  40. Gina-I can’t find your email on your site but I don’t think I’ve ever received an email from Opensky and I checked my spam folder. It says I’m following you but I’m not receiving anything-can you check for me?

  41. I have the same dry brush! That is hysterical that you broke it! Quinoa pita??? Are you kidding me….yum!!!

  42. I tried socca yesterday and it was amazing! I had never even heard of it before. I had it with a bunch of roasted veggies and ketchup :-).
    And now I see you’re already over it lol!
    I saw the quinoa flour in the store too, but it was like $10, so I figured I start with socca first.

  43. Hello! How much quinoa flour and water would you use for a one person serving?

  44. Hi Gina,

    I was perusing your blog when I came across this post….do you live in Tucson?! This is the TJs we shop at! My husband is a firefighter here, and I just recently started a blog. We are out in Rita Ranch. Maybe you’ve since transferred? Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and that I’m really impressed with your blog. If you get a chance to look at mine, I’d appreciate any feedback or advice you can offer, since you’re obviously successful at this (no smoke).

    Take care!
    Lauren Goslin

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