[Raw] Taco Tuesday

Hey guys! How are you??


I’m bueno over here- already feeling this morning’s yoga class! My friend Kristen lead a BEAUTIFUL practice and has the magic touch- at one point she was sitting on my back, massaging my shoulders and gently pushed me all the way down. Crazy!

After class, I had some banana soft serve/chocolate cherry bomb/ protein pudding/ foodgasm in a bowl:

choc cherry

-1 frozen banana

-1 C frozen organic cherries

-1 T cacao powder

-1 t spirulina

-Stevia, vanilla

-1 scoop Sun Warrior

TOTALLY like ice cream and totally raw! Ballerrrr.

After my snack, I got to biznazz on the first part of the raw tacos: the shell Smile

Raw Taco Shells

Makes 4-ish

-1 bag of organic corn, thawed


-Drain the corn and try not to shudder (I hate corn, but love corn tortillas)

corn (2)

In the Vitamix, add said corn, 1/4 sweet onion, 2 T ground flax, 1 t cumin, juice of 1/2 lime, 1 t sea salt and blend.

Plop the mixture onto a Teflexx sheet (or on parchment paper on a cookie sheet if you don’t have a dehydrator)


Using the back of a chef’s knife, or a pastry spreader, smooth out the mixture until it’s an even thickness.

If anything, it should be thicker on the sides, as they dehydrate more quickly than the center.


Dehydrate at 115* for 4 hours, flip and dehydrate overnight. (Oven chickas, bake at lowest setting with the door ajar for an hour or so, flip and repeat)

Taco filling recipe coming tomorrow Smile

I packed up dinner to take to work:


A salad beast with arugula, spinach, raw beets, raw goat cheddar, basil, grape tomatoes, Italian seasoning and Garlic Gold with balsamic on the side.

beast (2)

I’m now happily stuffing my face…and trying to remove the balsamic I flung onto the netbook Winking smile

Please watch Glee for me- I’m gonna miss it tonight Sad smile

Have a lovely evening and I’ll see ya tomorrow with taco meat filling and the second week of Bridal Bootcamp!



Today’s tip: At your next fitness class, make a point to say “Hi” to two new people. Pay them a compliment (love your Power Y tank!) or ask them how long they’ve been taking the class. You may meet some new fit-minded friends Smile

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  1. Looove raw taco fillings. Haven’t made my own raw tortillas yet, I usually just make it more of a taco salad thing.

  2. I just got an Excalibur dehydrator, and I’ve been dying to try new recipes with it! Thanks for sharing the taco recipe– I can’t wait to try it!! 😀

    Love the tip for meeting new “fit” friends, too. Moving to Los Angeles was really isolating for me, and I found that taking group exercise classes really helped me meet new people!

  3. I love your big raw salad beast — although I don’t know if I could eat raw beets…

    Bella looks so tiny and sweet in that pic. I took a walk yesterday and met a pug named Bella 🙂

  4. I didn’t even know you could make raw tacos! LOL! 😛
    They look delish – thanks!

  5. Love that your tortillas do not include nuts,seeds,or fat!! too many include that so being raw can get fat-heavy LOL I have an idea for raw sweet potato crackers with red pepper…and spice..must try it I love raw sweet potato chips yumyum. I am so pissed I lost my ani phyo book somewhere in my house LOL

  6. Wow!! I didn’t know you could make raw taco shells either!! Can’t wait to see the filling – I haven’t done much experimenting with raw recipes but you’re making it look easy!

  7. Great tip! We just talked about reciprocity and the social aspects of group fit in one of our meetings and it sure makes for a different experience. Plus it’s a great way to meet friends and potential workout buddies!

  8. Great fitness tip! I always joke to my friends that I’m going to meet my future husband at the gymn–I just need to actually say hi to a guy!

  9. I love the lighting in the picture of the salad and pumpkin! So pretty!

    I love today’s tip. I’m really bad at talking to people I don’t know. I always think it would be nice to make a friend at the gym, but I never talk to anyone. It probably doesn’t help that I spend my entire time there with my ear buds in!

  10. I’m the opposite- i really enjoy fresh corn but haaaaate corn tortillas! I always have to ask for flour at Mexican restaurants. Kind of crazy how the tastes are so distinct and so different, but from the same plant…

  11. i have to laugh at your comment about removing balsamic from your computer…i am sitting here eating a salad beast whilst reading blogs…i think my computer grosses out the husband because of all the smears and splotches. i try to keep it clean, but it’s rather a lost cause!
    the raw tortillas sound awesome!

  12. Oooh it is so gross but my computer is covered in food splotches. YUCK.

  13. I don’t know why… but its so hard for me to talk to people I don’t know.. (ie the people I see in classes). I need to be brave ! … I mean, you know you already have one thing in common 🙂

  14. Yum!!! I love making raw ice-cream like creations! I think you would love thise one I made Gina….I made it for friends recently and they loved it. So ice-creamy!!

    Hope you get a chance to check it out 🙂

  15. I need to stop being so shy and just say hi to people at the gym! It’s so weird – I’m pretty outgoing in most situations, but at the gym, I clam up. I think I’m scared that people are to be so “into” their workout that they won’t want to chat with me… I neeeeed to get over it.

  16. Love your tip about saying hi to people at the gym! I’ve started reaching out, especially since I see the exact same group of people in every group fitness class. You’re all fit, like-minded people—it’s the perfect setting for making new friends!

  17. I just bought some goat cheddar and I’m stoked to try it.
    Are frozen vegetables considered raw? I thought they blanched them before freezing.

  18. I know it’s almost been an entire week, but I finally got around to trying the Bridal Bootcamp first workout today. It was fabulous! Great arm work out! Thanks so much – can’t wait for #2!

  19. Glad you’re beuno! Love your friendly tip – nice reminder. 🙂

  20. I think your tip for the day is such a good idea. It’s easy to get caught up in just taking the class, I think I often forget to say hi!

  21. i love that tip! you never know how being friendly will encourage other people to keep coming and working out 🙂

  22. Love the tip Gina 🙂

  23. Oh those shells…what great work on those!

    And the filling, cant wait! Yum!

    Love your last tip…and I think it extends in LIFE! I mean, there are some people out there who are so stingy with compliments towards others you’d think that it cost them something to be nice or complimentary! I never lie but I find that there is always SOMETHING nice I can say to someone to either make them feel better if i sense their day is going a little rough or to help break the ice in new situations. “I like your purse, hair, jeans, your earrings, etc” can go a very long way. Very.

    Great tip!


  24. Look at all those raw eats, Gina! Yum! Great tip of the day. We’re so rushed so much of the time and it really pays to pay attention and be friendly to the people around us:)

  25. I had never even heard of a dehydrator until I started reading your blog! Is it expensive?

  26. Hope you get to see last night’s Glee at some point! It was a fun one. Plus it addressed body insecurity in guys. Interesante. 🙂

  27. Hi Gina, I really have been enjoying your Blog! I discovered it about a year ago.
    I wondered if you could give me some info?
    I am in Tampa and recently discovered there is a Lululemon warehouse nearby. Is this open to the public? Can I just walk in and buy something. 🙂
    Thanks for reading!

  28. raw homemade tortilla, amazing. I really really hope i get a dehydrator for Christmas this year so i can make those, kale chips, and ‘roons! (unless you want to send me some *wink.wink* ) lol

  29. I’m good at paying compliments especially on outfits because it’s easy to be genuine, but I usually leave it at because people usually go back to whatever they are doing or whoever they were talking to before. It’s hard for me since too since I’ve been unemployed for two years in Feb. Thanks for the tip to further engage, I should try to be a little more inquisitive even if people dont immediately open when I make an initial gesture, as in with a compliment. Of course, I live in NYC where it’s fiercely competitive and cut-throat and people arent here to be your friend necessarily.

  30. Gina, Yes, showroom NOT warehouse duh! Maybe I can ask them on their FB page.

  31. Haha my computer is always totally splattered with salad dressing/oatmeal/other random foods.

    Love the fitness tip! If I’m going to be spending so much time at the gym, I might as well have friends there.

  32. Yum! Raw taco…rawco? haha

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