Salmon or Chicken Finger

Heyyyyy! Happy Monday 😀 Hope your morning is going well.

We met up with some friends for dinner at Longhorn and a movie last night.

I still snicker at the fact that my third favorite restaurant here –Indian is first and 306 North is second- has fake cow’s heads on the walls :/

The usual nutritionally-devoid icebreg lettuce salad (no cheese, no croutons, balsamic on the side)


And the salmon with no butter sauce, a plain baked sweet potato and veggies.

sp and veg

My so-called 7 oz salmon fillet was the size of a chicken finger. Not joking. Oh well, I devoured every bite 🙂

Valentine’s Day was fabulous –Jeni and I enjoyed the eye candy- and then I came home to a night with the Kardashians. CRAZY season finale, no???

Well I’m off to get started on the day’s to-dos, but before I go, here’s the final week of the Winter Shape Up:


This week, we’ll be repeating Week 4’s workout. This is one of my favorites from the Shape Up and I definitely think it needs another week 😀 Try to kick up the intensity a little (if possible- BE SMART!) and challenge yourself. It’s the LAST WEEK!!! Please send any Winter Shape Up success stories my way: fitnessista at gmail dot com  – I’d love to include them in next week’s re-cap.

Enjoy your day and I’ll see you this afternoon!



Questions and Answers: This is the last round from the Ask Me Anything page. It was fun while it lasted, but time to move on 🙂

Hey! What was your first job?

I was 13 years old and a junior camp counselor at a summer day camp in Tucson. I was with the pre-schoolers for the first half of the summer and the babies for the second half. I definitely learned a lot that summer! It was so much fun, though 🙂

how many calories do you eat in a day?

Enjoy to make me feel satisfied and able to conquer the day’s activities. It really varies from day-to-day depending on what I’m doing and what my teaching and exercise schedule looks like.

How often does the Pilot read your blog?

He’s read every post 😀

what do you think about insanity and p 90x workouts?

It’s hard for me to say because I’ve never tried them. From what I hear though, they can offer great results but are a little unnecessary. There’s no reason to go balls to the wall You can get excellent results from eating well and moderate exercise, so why go crazy if you don’t need to?? Another thing is that once they’re over, that intensity level will be impossible to maintain, thus less calories burned and the chance that lost weight could be gained back. I don’t know many people who would want to exercise at that intensity on a daily basis for a consistent amount of time.

That being said, I could be totally wrong. I’d love to try a couple of the workouts and see what I think.

have you ever done a detox?

No, but I have considered doing one because I’ve heard great things. The only problemo is that I’m always teaching, training and on-the-go and from my understanding, while doing a detox, one must take it suuuuuper easy. In the future, I would try one to give digestion a break – detoxes should not be done for weight loss purposes.

Which of your favorite cookbooks would you recommend for someone interested in trying more raw/vegan dishes?

Everyday Raw by Matthew Kenney (Everyday Raw Desserts is coming out very soon and I can’t wait)

Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen –she has a new book coming out in April!- by Ani Phyo

Eat, Drink and Be Vegan by Dreena Burton

Living Raw Food by Sarma Melngailis

do you and the pilot ever have jealousy towards one another? With regards to other men and women??

Nahhh. We’re confident enough with each other and ourselves that we can joke around about it. He knows about my love for Patrick Dempsey and Gerard Butler and I share his appreciation for Jessica Biel’s awesome bod.

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  1. I just love salmon. I have the most amazing Indian cookbook, most of the recipes are easy to make. I can’t wait for Ani’s newbook to come out, I have been eating 50% raw. Not bad. Now all i need to buy is a spiralizer.

    I do have a question for you, at the store I picked up a samll container of seaweed salad, good thing I read the ingredients list, they have msg in it. Do you buy a particular barnad that does not have msg? Or do you make yours fresh? Have a great week.

  2. It does look like a chicken finger! I am not a fan of iceberg lettuce, it’s just so blahhh.

  3. Yummo dinner! I’m currently having sweet potatoes almost every other day. So good!

    I actually own a business where I am coach people for free looking to do Beachbody programs such as P90X and Insanity. They are intense programs so it depends on your goals. P90X is more balanced in that it alternates strength with cardio every other day. I like creating “hybrid” programs for people where you do a mix of programs with your own cardio or strength work. It’s a lot of fun!

    If anyone has questions about Beachbody programs…email me! or stop by my blog. 🙂

  4. Loved your answer to the calorie question. While I know that calorie counting works great for some people, to me the idea of sticking to the same amount every day doesn’t make sense. Some days our bodies need more fuel than others, and some prescribed number can’t tell us that – only our bodies can!

  5. Great answers! The intensity of the p90x workouts kind of intimidates me! I agree with you– why push yourself like crazy if you can be just as fit with moderately intense exercise and a healthy diet?

  6. I’m not a P90X coach or anything, but I am doing it now (heading into 3rd week). It’s really not that bad, I promise! I actually think it’s really balanced, as you’re able to work all muscle groups, do different types of cardio and yoga throughout the week, plus you have a rest day every week, not to mention a slower recovery week after every 3rd week. In my opinion, it’s a great way to alternate weights days and cardio days, especially if you’re someone who’s already used to working out 5-6 days a week. 🙂 It’s definitely not balls to the wall every single day for 90 days though!

    Can’t comment on Insanity though – haven’t tried it, but I hear it’s exactly what it says – insane!

  7. I have enjoyed reading about your balanced approach to nutrition and exercise. You are a great role model for health! I read a couple of posts ago when someone asked a tactless question that was offensive and unkind. You handled it with such grace. I wanted you to know that you are a gorgeous person. I know that may sound strange coming from a complete stranger, but through what I have read I have been impressed. Congratulations of the restaurant! What a dream come true!

  8. I saw Valentine’s Day and Jessica Biel’s arms were fantastic! I couldn’t get over them. That being said…..I am trying to lift weights three times a week doing the HTTP Intro to Iron Pumping. I have to go to a crowded gym where it’s hard to get on machines or find space to lift free weights. I’m finding it the least enjoyable part of my training. I really want to stay with weights, but might try a strength training class. What do you think of bodypump clases?

  9. I mean ‘classes’:)

  10. The hubs is doing P90x but not to lose weight, he’s trying to gain weight and add muscle. I am choosing one or two days to do with him, mostly arms, shoulders, back and abs. I have legs with running and trail running! 🙂

  11. Do the raw food books you recommended require a dehydrator for most of their recipes?

    • Fitnessista says:

      most of them do, but also offer many recipes that don’t. ani pyho’s books rarely require dehydrator use, so i’d definitely start with those 🙂

  12. LAME salmon… i mean, it looks good, but i hate when i go out and pay for dinner and have it be tiny.
    If you want the Insanity workouts, I have the DVDs on my computer from a friend of mine… I can burn them for you! They’re INSANE…seriously nuts. I get tired just watching them.

  13. It seems like all restaurants like Longhorn have iceberg in their salads. I know it’s cheap but I’d pay more for a salad with romaine at least! That salmon does look a little slim, but it looks really good too.

  14. We saw Valetine’s Day last week. It was awesome! The American equivalent of the British ‘Love Actually’.

  15. Haha, love your answer to the last question!! I think everyone can tell when someone is good looking, but they have to have the personality too! So why be jealous?

  16. Jessica Biel for the win!

  17. I agree with you about P90x, I think it would be really hard for anyone with a full-time job to maintain that level of exercise indefinitely.

  18. Great answers! I have been interested in p90x but realized it’s not really sustainable for a daily workout long term! Week 4 workout was challenging but awesome, really gets your heart rate UP!

  19. I loved Valentine’s Day!! It kind of reminded me of The Holiday, one of my most favorite movies.
    Your salmon looks delicious.. salmon and a sweet potato is one of my most favorite food combinations ever.

  20. wow that salmon is pretty small. i would have devoured the whole thing too. aren’t restaurant portions known to be really large?

  21. Emilyeatsclean says:

    Glad to see that someone else thinks that iceberg lettuce is a waste.of.time!!! Blek! 🙂


  22. ahh yay i loved week 4’s supersets. haha 🙂

  23. That salmon is tiny! It does look like a salmon finger.
    I’ve always wondered about the P90x workouts, too. My boss did P90X twice through, and is now on insanity. So I guess as long as they jump on the next one that comes out, their intensity should be the same, haha.

  24. Gosh, that salmon looks heavenly! Yummm-yumm!

  25. Hubby and I haven’t seen V-Day yet, but we went this weekend to see “The Wolfman” and really liked it. Your dinner looked great, but…yes….small…he he!


  26. I fell off the wagon a little bit this past week with the Winter Shape-Up, but I’m excited to get back on track. Plus, since I’ve been doing the beginner work outs, I think I might start all over again and go through the intermediate/advanced workouts.

  27. Great comment about the Beachbody videos. I have P90X and have just ordered Insanity. I’ve done the P90X videos a couple of times/year and that’s it. I agree, that kind of high energy workouts are not for every day. However, it’s a good kick in the behind when I fall off track or want to look great for an upcoming event. For the most part, I alternate between zumba, yoga, pilates, weights, running and walking. I try to work out what I feel like working out depending on my schedule.

    I thik often people put too much emphasis on the exercising and not enough on the eating. Working out to extreme isn’t going to get you great results if a good eating habits are lacking.

    As always, awesome blog.

  28. I’d love to try insanity! The commercials look insane! If I got it, I would probably follow the program as instructed, and once finished, I’d drop down to doing it 1-2 days a week while integrating my less intense workouts back into the rotation. I love challenging my body, and I think it would be fun!

  29. i agree…i don’t know if p90x is completely necessary, but what it comes down to is does it get people moving? if so, then go for it in a safe way!

    sorry the salmon was so tiny…it still looks delish anyway 🙂

  30. I really enjoy adding the p90x workouts into my routine but yes it is really intense. Definitely not something I could do every day but I like having it as part of my workout arsenal. My husband is pretty good about sticking with the program and keeping up his intensity while still recovering a couple days a week.

  31. i’ve been wanting to see valentine’s day but didnt manage to find time to see it this weekend…glad to hear it was good!

  32. You’re the second person I know that recommends Eat, Drink and Be Vegan by Dreena Burton. I’m gonna get it! THanks for the tip. 🙂

  33. So any recommendations for those who don’t want to stop after this week? My girlfriends and I have loved doing your workouts together and we don’t want to lose momentum! We’re having a blast!

  34. It seems like you and the pilot have a really healthy relationship. Of course, I completely agree with you on Gerard Butler and Patrick Dempsey… and Jessica Biel!

  35. That is one tiny piece of salmon! {Maybe they thought cause you are a tiny girl that you had a tiny appetite – ha!}

    Glad to know that you and the pilot don’t jealous at all. You seem to have a really secure, healthy relationship!

  36. I didn’t do the shape up, but I am doing the intro to iron pumpimg! I love it so much and am already increasing the dumbell weights and seeing progress. My boyfriend saw my arms when I was stretching yesterday and he said wow, where did those come from? I love how strong I feel when I have a strength routine, I am just very add when it comes to dumbells and weight machines, so having a plan is helping tremendously! Thank you!

    • Fitnessista says:

      hey astrid (beautiful name!)
      that’s AWESOME- whoo hoo!! so glad you like it and are reaping the benefits already 🙂

  37. Yeah, my bf owns both P90x and Insanity and let’s just say that neither is in the workout rotation right now. Actually, I think he did like P90x a lot and he did use it for 90ish days, but like you said, it feels like a finite thing and he doesn’t want to do it consistently. As for Insanity I think that lasted a grand total of 1 day. Insanity indeed. The fact is that he loves going to the gym and working out with these particular 2 or 3 guys who are amateur or professional bodybuilders–he finds them inspiring and it makes him want to go, so I always have to wonder why he’d try this insanity nonsense! Plus he’s so “seksi” already. 😉

  38. I recently started doing Insanity because my other DVD’s got too easy and I wanted to bump up my cardio. What’s the point of working out if you aren’t going to push yourself.

  39. you didn’t get your shrimpies with double side of veggies 😉
    sweet potato looks yummay with that salmon!

  40. That salmon looks delicious. I have been craving salmon for so long now! I think I should just go buy some already. 🙂

    I never think to ask for a sweet potato in restaurants … or to ask for no sauce with a dish. I’ll have to try that next time! I’m good at getting salad dressings on the side, but maybe I should get a little more picky.


  41. My husband and I completed Insanity and yes, it was insane. The first week I felt like death and couldn’t imagine that I could keep this up but going into week 2, I started to get the hang of it. With the program you don’t use ANY equipment, only your body weight. So no extra purchases.

  42. I mean, you’re both super hot, so really what is there to be jealous about, right? Also, I’ve noticed this on your blog plenty of times before, but I just wanted to say that ithibk it’s awesome that on your nights at the movies, he boys see one and the girls see another. I hate having to sit through (and pay for!) movies I don’t really want to see, and i don’t really consider siting in a movie theater not talking to be a couply thing. Couples time can be much better spent, and this way everyone is happy 🙂

  43. thanks for the book mention! Ani’s Raw Food Essentials will be out April 1st. It’s a big book with over 250 recipes, and it’s my first hard cover. I hope you’ll enjoy it!! 🙂

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